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  • You cannot Design User Experience But you Can Design for User Experience: Tajriba Week One
    “You cannot design User Experience but you can design for User Experience.” This was one of the overriding points during the first week of Tajriba. The basis of this statement is that no one can determine how a user will experience a product, bu…
    20 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 12:16pm
    The Rockefeller foundation is funding 50 social entrepreneurs, aspiring social entrepreneurs and managers of social impact enterprises to one of AMI’s impact trainings. Designing for impact is one of the trainings that is open to scholarship and is…
    1 day ago 21 Oct 14, 4:40am
  • Intellectual Property Workshop
    Are you interested in learning more about licensing computer software and copyright law? Join us on 22nd Wednesday October 2014, from 2:00-4:00PM at the iHub 4th floor space. The workshop will cover a brief outlook on patents, what can be patented,…
    2 days ago 20 Oct 14, 1:26am
    The last week of August 2014 was an opportunity for the iHub Research team to explore the various ways in which ICT tools have/can successfully facilitate or hinder two way interaction between government and citizens towards effective public service…
    3 days ago 19 Oct 14, 3:03am
  • PIVOT East Finalist Chura, Shares Their Progress and Lessons Learnt
    Launched in December 2013 by a group of friends all alumni of the University of Nairobi,Chura makes it possible for subscribers to swap airtime for money. The startup dubbed Chura (Swahili for frog), is anchored on the idea of being able to leap fr…
    4 days ago 18 Oct 14, 8:34am
  • Sign up for the IT Savvy Competition
    Text Book Centre at Thika Road Mall is continuing to add value to our customers at large by bringing together the IT community along Thika Road. This rendezvous will bring together the leading IT brands and companies offering technology solutions and…
    5 days ago 17 Oct 14, 7:51am
  • Call for Participants: ICTs in Governance Focus Group Discussion in Nairobi
    iHub Research is carrying out a Focus Group Discussion with Nairobi Citizens this Friday (17th October 2014) at iHub, to find out what they think about general governance issues in Nairobi and in the country, and what they think about using ICT (inc…
    6 days ago 16 Oct 14, 1:29am
    On 27th September, Dr. Bitange Ndemo hosted a discussion on how innovation can influence rural SME development. John Kieti was a guest speaker. The conversation was centered around the need for dissemination of information, the regulatory maze and i…
    7 days ago 15 Oct 14, 3:21pm
  • #CommunityStories: I Turned My Back on Actuarial Science for Technology
    Meet Leo Korir, an actuary turned technologist and entrepreneur, and it all started with a visit to iHub, a few years back. Leo was a third year student in Maseno University when he came across one of his friends preparing for an entrepreneurship bo…
    7 days ago 15 Oct 14, 11:07am
  • TajRiba is here!
    The wait is over! TajRiba starts today! We have to weeks of UX planned for you with lectures starting this evening at 5.30PM and trainings starting tomorrow morning at 10.00AM. We shall start off week one focusing on the users and then move on to so…
    9 days ago 13 Oct 14, 6:30am
  • Digital Currency, Bitcoin and Kenya’s Vision 2030
    Guest Post By Michael Kimani On September the 16th, Tuesday evening the Bitcoin Kenya Meet Up held one of its regular meet ups at the iHub. The turnout was fantastic and more than I had anticipated. I was particularly thrilled that the crowd was a h…
    10 days ago 12 Oct 14, 12:25pm
  • Can mAgric Solutions Improve Productivity of the Agricultural Workforce – Wireless Wednesday
    The agricultural industry is seeing benefits from the growing incorporation of technology into farming. More and more farmers are using mobile technology to improve productivity. Mobile technology is already demonstrating its potential to provide fa…
    10 days ago 12 Oct 14, 11:11am
  • Slicing Pie: How to Split Equity Fairly Amongst Cofounders
    Picture this: You and a partner start a business. You both decided to split everything “50/50″. Your partner sits on his butt while you  do all the work. You   need to hire someone to help because your partner   is worthless, but he   own…
    10 days ago 12 Oct 14, 9:09am
  • ICT and Governance in East Africa : Preliminary Fieldwork Findings (Part 1) Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
    The ICT and Governance in East Africa study explores the various ways in which ICT tools can/have successfully facilitated or hindered two way interaction between government and citizens towards effective public service delivery, curbing corruption,…
    13 days ago 9 Oct 14, 12:15pm
    iHub is pleased to be a network coordinator for the new Open and Collaborative Science in Development Network (OCSDNet)! The aim of this new interactive network is to support researchers and practitioners from the Global South to carry out research…
    13 days ago 9 Oct 14, 10:15am
    AMI is offering the second part of Managing Customers and Markets here at the iHub on October 14th 2014. You don’t need to have attended the first one to attend this one as the content is independent. This training will cover Relationship marketin…
    13 days ago 9 Oct 14, 5:48am
  • How Consulting works and key dates for redraft exercise
    Have you applied to join iHub Consulting’s pool of consultants? If you haven’t below are three reasons why you should: You get paid competitively to work on interesting projects with the best talent in the community You get to learn a lot from…
    14 days ago 8 Oct 14, 8:19am
  • How Could Apple Miss Something Like The iPhone Bending?
    It didn’t. If you have been on the internet in the last three weeks, then you’ve heard of#Bendgate or#Bendghazi, and most recently,#Hairgate. Some Apple customers claimed that their issues of iPhone 6 plus, the superior of the two latest devices…
    14 days ago 8 Oct 14, 5:56am
  • Become a Globally Competitive Programmer: Join Moringa School Today
    Finally! World-class technical education is arriving in Nairobi. Here is your chance to jumpstart your career as a globally competitive programmer. On January 12, Moringa School will open its doors for students to learn mobile and web development ski…
    15 days ago 7 Oct 14, 4:52am
  • #IncYOUbateIT Competition in conjunction with Making All Voices Count
    Guest post by Angela Oduor. As you have probably heard, AkiraChix is hosting it’s first annual Women in Technology Conference(Sign up, limited spaces available) on November 1st 2014, celebrating african women in computing and discussing some key…
    16 days ago 6 Oct 14, 4:29pm
  • The Cheetah Fund
    THE CHEETAH FUND CROWDFUNDING BOOTCAMP The 1%Club and the Dutch National Postcode Lottery is pleased to introduce you to The Cheetah Fund.  What is the Cheetah Fund?   A matching fund of €400,000 that aims to support 100 African pioneers with s…
    16 days ago 6 Oct 14, 9:12am
  • Say hello to the new community portal!
    Clean design? Check. Great feel? Check. All your favorite features in one easy to access place? Check. Great UX? We hope so! But you are gonna have to tell us that. The iHub is delighted and proud to present to our community of 15,000+ (and growing…
    17 days ago 5 Oct 14, 1:07pm
  • Port Your Android Apps to Windows and Win a Phone
    m:lab East Africa is giving you an opportunity to win one of 6 brand new Windows devices courtesy of Microsoft, for porting your Android apps to Windows. This is all part of a campaign to sensitize developers to develop for and take advantage of the…
    17 days ago 5 Oct 14, 11:53am
  • I Have A Crush On Israel

    17 days ago 5 Oct 14, 11:52am
  • TajRiba is back!
    So it’s that TAJRIBA time of the year again! Only ONE WEEK to go! This time we start off with the Google UX Masterclass on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th October- which is fully booked! Don’t worry though because from Monday 13th October we kick…
    18 days ago 4 Oct 14, 3:40am


  • iPad Mini 3 Review: Apple’s Small Tablet Stays Mostly The Same
     Apple’s iPad mini 3 is one of two new tablets launched last week at a special event in Cupertino, and it is definitely the one that got the least attention from Apple’s product development team over the past year. The iPad Air 2 has an all-new…
    12 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 9:01pm
  • Carvey Is A Powerful CNC Machine For The Rest Of Us
     Robotic CNC machines – cutting systems that use spinning tools to swipe through metal, wood, and plastic – are cool but ugly. Most of them are as big as a fridge and designed to carve out objects in a few minutes but none will sit quietly on y…
    14 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 6:55pm
  • Our Four Favorite Companies From The 500 Startups Demo Day
     Time just keeps flying by, as it’s already demo day for 500 Startups’s tenth batch of companies. We spent the better part of this afternoon watching the 29 companies in the accelerator’s latest batch put their best face forward for a group o…
    14 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 6:43pm
  • Hands-On With The Nexus 6 And Android Lollipop
     Smack dab in the middle of last week, Google announced two new pieces of shiny: the Nexus 6 phone, and the Nexus 9 tablet. Alas, both announcements came by way of blog post, rather than the standard fanfare-filled physical event — meaning no on…
    15 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 5:14pm
  • Hands-On With The Nexus 9 Tablet
     The Nexus 9 in a nutshell: it’s big, and it’s beautiful. I got to spend a few fleeting minutes with the device this afternoon, and though we plan to have a full review in the coming days, I thought I’d share my initial thoughts. Like the jum…
    15 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 5:13pm
  • Yahoo Beats In Q3 With Revenue Of $1.09B, EPS Of $0.52
     With all eyes on what Yahoo will do with its $5 billion+ in Alibaba cash, Yahoo today reported its Q3 earnings after the close of trading, with sales of $1.09 billion excluding traffic acquisition costs and non-GAAP earnings per share of $0.52. R…
    16 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 4:07pm
  • On The Heels Of Apple Pay, Jumio Launches A Card-Scanning Mobile Checkout Product For Retailers’ iOS And Android Apps
     Computer vision startup Jumio, best known for its payment card and ID-scanning technologies which allow end users to hold up their cards to a mobile device’s camera to simplify the process of entering in that data on small screens, is rolling o…
    18 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 2:46pm
  • Apple Adds Guide On Browser Security In Wake Of China Hack
     Apple has released an updated iCloud security support document with instructions on how to avoid man-in-the-middle type attacks like those affecting customers in China reported over the past couple of days. The support site says that Apple is “d…
    18 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 2:15pm
  • BlaBlaCar’s CEO Shares The Company’s 10-Year Journey And Global Expansion Plans
     Taxi apps and ride-sharing companies may have gained mainstream appeal over the past couple of years, but their arrival has been a long time coming.That’s certainly the case for BlaBlaCar, a France-headquartered startup that was started 10 year…
    19 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 1:45pm
  • Google Acquires Firebase To Help Developers Build Better Real-Time Apps
     Google today announced that it has acquired Firebase, a backend service that helps developers build realtime apps for iOS, Android and the web that can store and sync data instantly. Firebase currently has almost 110,000 registered developers on i…
    19 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 1:30pm

IT News Africa

  • BCX & Telkom still awaiting regulatory approval
    Business Connexion (BCX) and Telkom are still awaiting regulatory approval, in a number of countries, for Telkom’s takeover of the company. According to a statement made to shareholders, the company revealed that it still needs approvals from the f…
    2 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 6:45am
  • Millicom & Deezer partner for Tigo Music in Africa
    Telecommunications and media company Millicom has extended its partnership with music streaming service Deezer to five Tigo markets in Africa. With Deezer, Tigo Music will launch in Ghana soon and roll out to Chad, DR Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania in th…
    3 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 5:59am
  • MTN Group sponsors GSMA Mobile 360-Africa
    The MTN Group has announced that it is the Platinum Event Sponsor for the GSMA Mobile 360-Africa event, which will be held in Cape Town from 5-7 November 2014. Mobile 360-Africa will attract key stakeholders from mobile and adjacent industries to exa…
    4 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 4:58am
  • Liquid Telecom to bolster research progress in Kenya
    Liquid Telecom Kenya has installed a Sh400m fibre optic network connecting 25 Kenya Agricultural And Livestock Research Organisation (KALRO) centres and enabling the country’s agricultural research institution to use technology to bolster its resea…
    4 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 4:26am
  • Samsung donates 3000 smartphones in fight against Ebola
    Samsung Electronics South Africa has revealed that the company will donate 3000 smartphones, worth about USD 1 million (ZAR10,9 million) to support the ongoing fight against Ebola. The smartphones to be donated through the United Nations Office for t…
    5 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 4:03am
  • Infographic: 8 Biggest security breaches in history
    Over the years there has been many security breaches, with companies such as eBay being targets. The info graphic, which was submitted by, has visualised the 8 biggest security breaches in history —covering how and why we shoul…
    6 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 2:33am
  • MTN shortlisted for two AfricaCom Awards
    A service which is enriching the way small and large enterprises across Africa operate, and a powerful campaign about the impact of mobile technology, have garnered the attention of the 2014 AfricaCom Awards judging panel. MTN’s Global Multi-Protoc…
    23 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 9:17am
  • Gabon: Airtel partners with UNESCO for IT youth training

    24 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 9:04am
  • Social media reacts to Pistorius sentencing
    Oscar Pistorius has received a five year sentence for culpable homicide. The judgement came after a seven-month trial in the North Gauteng High Court for the death of Reeva Steenkamp at his luxury Pretoria home in February 2013. According to EWN, The…
    24 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 8:44am
  • Ebola SMS system set to launch in West Africa
    The SMS-based system used to advise people about Ebola in Sierra Leone is set to launch across seven additional West African nations. These countries include: Benin, Togo, Ghana, Mali, Guinea-Bissau, Gambia and Burkina Faso. According to the BBC, the…
    1 day ago 21 Oct 14, 3:52am
  • Nigeria: MTN claims USD 13 Billion investment
    According to MTN Nigeria, the company has invested USD 13 Billion in fixed assets and facilities nationwide in its thirteen years of operation in the country. MTN is set to renew its license by 2016 in Nigeria and currently has a 45 percent market sh…
    1 day ago 21 Oct 14, 3:34am


  • Ask "What Makes You Forget the World Around You?" to Find Your Passion
    A lot of people don't follow their passion because they simply don't know what their passion is . Steven Aitchison recommends asking yourself a simple question: what makes you forget the world around you?Read more...
    34 mins ago 22 Oct 14, 8:00am
  • Borderless Gaming Fixes Alt+Tab Issues in Full Screen Games
    Windows only: Games are best when played full screen, but many won't play nice with Alt+Tab in full screen mode—which means you can't look at your browser for a guide or change the music playing in the background. Borderless Gaming fixes that pro…
    1 hour ago 22 Oct 14, 7:30am
  • What Are Some Things That Are Legal, But People Think Are Illegal?
    At a glance, the laws of the United States seem pretty straightforward. After all, you probably can't keep a flamethrower around or have a pet tiger, right? Actually, in some states, you can. With that in mind, let's make a list of some of the thin…
    2 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 7:00am
  • How to Plant Ideas in Someone's Mind
    If you've ever been convinced by a salesperson that you truly wanted a product, done something too instinctively, or made choices that seemed entirely out of character, then you've had an idea planted in your mind. Here's how it's done.Read more..…
    12 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 8:30pm
  • The Foggy Lake Desktop
    Sometimes customized widgets are the way to go, and sometimes minimal is the best approach—and we've definitely seen a trend in the minimal direction. Flickr user Imminient Fate submitted this good-looking desktop a while back, but it still caugh…
    13 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 8:00pm
  • Eat and Drink for Free All Day by Pretending It’s Your Birthday
    A lot of restaurants will give you something for free on your birthday, and with the right approach so will a lot of bars. The thing is, your birthday only comes around once a year, so this video shares some social engineering maneuvers to ensure y…
    14 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 7:02pm
  • 10 WordPress Themes for Your Online Store
    If you've set up your own online store and are looking for a professional theme to accompany it, reader Barbora Prostredná has you covered with 10 different WordPress themes.Read more...
    14 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 6:40pm
  • You Can Book Hotel Rooms Through the Yelp App and Site with Hipmunk
    Starting today, Yelp users can book hotels through the Hipmunk travel booking service without ever leaving the Yelp app or web site.Read more...
    14 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 6:20pm
  • Isaac Asimov on Finding New Ideas: Embrace Your Alone Time
    Isaac Asimov, the science fiction author and essayist, had a pretty good grasp on creativity. Here's one of his best tips on finding new ideas and nurturing creativity from one of his previously unreleased essays.Read more...
    15 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 5:30pm
  • Deadspin Yes, It’s OK To Hate Russell Wilson | Gizmodo Ask Mythbusters' Adam Savage Anything You Wan
    Deadspin Yes, It’s OK To Hate Russell Wilson | Gizmodo Ask Mythbusters' Adam Savage Anything You Want | Jezebel Ebola Panic Really Shows How Clueless Folks Are About African Geography | Kotaku The 12 Best Games For The PlayStation 4 | Kinja Po…
    15 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 5:22pm
  • The Always Up-to-Date Guide to Building a Hackintosh (OS X 10.10)
    Building a hackintosh—that is, installing Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware—used to require extremely restricted hardware choices and quite a bit of know-how. Now your options are vast and the installation process is fairly simple. With that in m…
    16 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 5:00pm
  • Trigger Yosemite's Dark Mode with a Hidden Keyboard Shortcut
    Yosemite's Dark Mode is a nice way to darken your screen a bit so it isn't as bright, but you have to dig into the System Preferences to enable or disable it. Redditor abspam3 figured out a way to do that with a keyboard shortcut. Read more...
    16 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 4:30pm
  • Give Yourself a Cool Off Period Before Replying to Frustrating Texts
    When you get a text message or email that makes you a little pissed off, it's easy to just reply as quickly as possible without really thinking about it. Chances are, you'll say something stupid here. Instead, The Wall Street Journal suggests givin…
    17 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 4:00pm
  • F.lux for Mac Adds Yosemite Support
    Mac: F.lux, the app that automatically dims your screen at night, has released a beta version that includes OS X Yosemite support. This includes a few new integrations with Yosemite's Dark Mode. Read more...
    17 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 3:30pm
  • How Do You Use Your Breaks Productively?
    Taking regular breaks throughout the day is important for your health and your productivity . But what do you actually do on those breaks? What are the most productive uses of your break time? Read more...
    18 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 3:00pm
  • Ask Mythbusters' Adam Savage Anything You Want
    Being a genuine, card-carrying mythbuster is just about the best job anyone can hope for. And since most of us probably haven't managed to become one, we've got the next best thing—living vicariously through one. We're lucky enough to have Adam S…
    18 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 2:45pm
  • Ignore No More Remotely Locks Phones, Forces Kids to Call You Back
    Android: File this under the "manipulative apps for parents" category. Ignore No More was developed to prevent kids (or even your significant other) from ignoring your repeated calls or text messages. Until they call you back, their phones are loc…
    19 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 2:00pm
  • Label Packages as "Glass" Instead of "Fragile" for Better Handling
    Ever get a package marked "fragile" that was obviously handled not so delicately? When shipping fragile items, you might have a better chance of it surviving intact by using a "glass" or "liquid" label.Read more...
    19 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 1:30pm
  • Four Ways to Use Your Dark Side for Good (and Fight Evil in Others)
    Everyone has a dark side, but that's not a bad thing–you just need to know how to use it for good . Think of it this way: Batman has more anger issues than any therapist can cure, but he channels those to make the world a better place. There's n…
    20 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 1:00pm
  • Must-Have Gadgets for Frequent Travelers, and More Deals
    Here's a handy deal for any frequent travelers. This one small device is a 6,000mAh external charger, an 802.11n travel router, and a wireless USB media server all in one. Not bad for $36. [ HooToo TripMate 6000mAh External Battery with Wireless N…
    20 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 12:45pm
  • Google Play Music Gets Curated Playlists, Updated Interface
    Android/iOS/Web: Today, Google announced a new version of its Play Music service. In addition to the standard Material Design update , Google has added curated playlists. A trick it learned from Songza.Read more...
    20 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 12:30pm
  • You Have a Finite Number of Dollars to Spend in Life, Use Them Wisely
    Splurging on meaningless things is too easy to do. Determine which transactions are really important by remembering you have a finite number of dollars to spend in your lifetime.Read more...
    21 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 12:00pm
  • ​Make the Switch from iOS to Android with Google's New Guide
    If you're not excited about the new features in iOS 8, you might consider switching to Android. Thankfully, Google just released a guide to help make the switch easier.Read more...
    21 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 11:30am
  • How to Settle Debts When You Can't Pay Them Back
    Being in debt isn't great. Being unable to pay your debt is even worse. While no one likes dealing with debt collectors, doing so can help make your debt more manageable—and maybe even reduce how much you owe through the process of debt settlemen…
    22 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 11:00am
  • Google Adds a USB Key Option to Two-Factor Authentication
    Google has already been pretty great about supporting two-factor authentication. Now, the company is adding another option: authentication with a secure USB key.Read more...
    22 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 10:40am

Daily Nation


  • Death of the landline
    A study found 28 percent of people cannot recall their home number, while a third ignore their landline when it rings.
    4 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 4:28am
  • Apple issues security warning
    Apple has posted a new security warning for users of its iCloud online storage service amid reports of a concerted effort to steal passwords.
    4 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 4:27am
  • Google’s music service adds mood to mix
    Google's music-subscription service will try to anticipate its listeners' mood swings as it amplifies its competition with other popular services.
    4 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 4:27am
  • Russia ruled out in JPMorgan breach
    The Russian government has been ruled out as sponsor of a cyber attack on JPMorgan Chase & Co, say officials.
    4 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 4:26am
  • Wozniak to mentor at Aussie university
    Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has accepted an adjunct professorship at a Sydney university.
    4 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 4:26am
  • Battle of the celeb blogs gets serious
    Competition heats up as actresses flock to lifestyle guru trade to promote their online identities, writes Stephanie Merry.
    21 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 12:00pm
  • Apple’s OS collects location data by default
    The change is the latest by a major technology company hoping to more closely integrate individual devices with remote cloud services.
    23 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 9:30am
  • App a ‘game changer for commuters’
    Cape Town is the first city in Africa to offer commuters a free mobile application that gives them real-time information on public transport.
    1 day ago 21 Oct 14, 3:23am
  • Microsoft to provide tools for tackling Ebola
    Microsoft will provide free cloud-computing and research applications to qualified medical researchers working on the Ebola virus.
    1 day ago 21 Oct 14, 3:22am
  • China 'directly attacking Apple users’
    Apple's iCloud storage and backup service in China was attacked by hackers trying to steal user credentials, a web monitoring group said.
    1 day ago 21 Oct 14, 3:21am


There's Already an iOS 8.1 Jailbreak For the iPhone 6There's Already an iOS 8.1 Jailbreak For the iPhone 6
27 mins ago 22 Oct 14, 8:08am
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How London's Amazing New Subway Trains Were DesignedHow London's Amazing New Subway Trains Were Designed
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Report: Solar Is Way Worse Than Other RenewablesReport: Solar Is Way Worse Than Other Renewables
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How to Make Sure You're Visiting the Real iCloud PageHow to Make Sure You're Visiting the Real iCloud Page
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This Disgusting Pink Plume Could Help Us Clean Up Oil SpillsThis Disgusting Pink Plume Could Help Us Clean Up Oil Spills
3 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 5:20am
A Look at How NASA Tests Its Craft For the Deep Freeze of SpaceA Look at How NASA Tests Its Craft For the Deep Freeze of Space
4 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 4:30am
This Old Cassette Recorder Actually Plays SpotifyThis Old Cassette Recorder Actually Plays Spotify
5 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 3:45am
El Día de los Muertos and other fun animations about Mexico holidaysEl Día de los Muertos and other fun animations about Mexico holidays
7 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 1:11am
iPad Air 2 Meta-Review: Great, But No Must-Have UpgradesiPad Air 2 Meta-Review: Great, But No Must-Have Upgrades
9 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 11:37pm
Honest trailer reveals how X-Men: Days of Future Past is Terminator 2Honest trailer reveals how X-Men: Days of Future Past is Terminator 2
10 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 11:02pm
8-bit video game version of Silence of the Lambs is still creepy8-bit video game version of Silence of the Lambs is still creepy
10 hours ago 21 Oct 14, 10:40pm

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