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  • AMI SELF-MANAGEMENT TRAINING, Tuesday, August 12, 2014
    I have been organizing trainings for iHub Consulting for the past year. This unique vantage point enables me to appreciate the inner workings of each training as well as assess the value that each brings to the individual participant. Admittedly, we…
    18 hours ago 27 Jul 14, 9:57pm
  • Safari Tales: The App that Tells Stories
    By Sidney Ochieng  It’s been a while since I did an app review, probably because I haven’t explored that scene; I should probably look into that or something. Nonetheless, the app I’ll be reviewing today is called Safari Tales and it’s a…
    1 day ago 27 Jul 14, 3:14pm
  • [Meetup] Tech Meets Conservation 07
    On the 12th day of June this year, a passionate and curious group of individuals from different fields gathered together to talk about tech and conservation. Themed On The Ground, the 6th edition of the Tech Meets Conservation series uncovered and o…
    1 day ago 27 Jul 14, 12:41pm
  • Wireless Wednesday – How can mobile technology encourage information sharing within agricultural value chains
    Agriculture is critical to global stability and development. It accounts for a third of the gross domestic products and three-quarters of employment in sub-Saharan Africa. (World Bank 2008). But most farmers still remain poor and out of touch with b…
    3 days ago 25 Jul 14, 12:55pm
  • Why the Maker Movement
    You may have heard of the rise of The Maker Movement, otherwise known as the Techie-DIY Movement or the Maker Culture. It’s a movement born of idyllic principles and centered around empowering communities around the world to actualize into thrivin…
    3 days ago 25 Jul 14, 5:07am
  • The Age of the Whiz Kids
    “I didn’t even know my phone could do that!” Well, news flash, your 4 year-old daughter/niece/sister/aunt knew it could. In addition, they mysteriously – at least to you – managed to bypass your pattern/passcode lock. You’re amazed, are…
    3 days ago 25 Jul 14, 5:00am
  • Register now for the Kenya Lean Series
    Guest post by OKhi The aim of running a Kenyan Lean series is to bring more startups in the Kenyan startup space together to share their learnings on product development and increase the speed of learning in the ecosystem. We believe there is a weal…
    4 days ago 24 Jul 14, 5:34am
  • think Incubator looking for Innovative startups!
    Are you running a startup, scaleable across Africa,  that you believe would benefit from incubation? Do you fancy spending 6 months in the serene city, Kigali Rwanda, growing your startup while enjoying the cultural experience and making great netw…
    4 days ago 24 Jul 14, 5:18am
  • Success Through Failure – Third Time’s The Charm!
    Guest Blog by Benadatte Kaggwa When it comes to business, or one’s career for that matter, no one likes to hear the dreadful word ‘failure’; everyone likes a success  story, even though the greatest stories of triumph come from repeated fail…
    6 days ago 22 Jul 14, 9:15am
  • August Kids Hacker Camp: Maker-Breaker Day
    By Wachira Ndaiga Kids Hacker Camp is a week-long camp hosted at *iHub_ – Nairobi’s Innovation Hub for the technology community. The camp is aimed at kids and teens aged 7 – 18 years, who are drawn to and interested in crafting, hacking, dis…
    8 days ago 21 Jul 14, 12:36am
  • < Job hunting for techies 101 > – How it went down
    What an evening! From the whole team at Duma Works, we thank the members of the iHub community who joined us for our event of Wednesday, “Job Hunting for Techies 101.” We had a great time discussing the most effective job hunting strategies, wha…
    9 days ago 19 Jul 14, 5:44am
  • Wireless Wednesday- Opportunities and Challenges for Adoption of mHealth Solutions in Kenya
    Mobile technologies are making a significant contribution in addressing the challenges of healthcare provision in Kenya. mHealth, is seen as a complementary strategy for strengthening health systems and could significantly cut costs, increase the re…
    10 days ago 18 Jul 14, 1:07pm
  • 6 Things A Nairobi Matatu Tout Can Teach You About Business
    Guest Blog By: Huston Malande Matatu touts may not be the most cherished group of people in the country, but there’s no denying that there’s much to learn from how they handle a highly unpredictable and competitive market. About two years ago, I…
    11 days ago 17 Jul 14, 5:41am
  • #FailFaire Nairobi
    Guest Blog by Amani Institute When is the last time you learned the most from failing? After last year’s wildly succesful #FailFaire we are excited to invite you to a second #FailFaire in Nairobi, featuring leading and emerging voices from organiz…
    14 days ago 14 Jul 14, 4:37am
  • A Glimpse of What Happened at PIVOT East 2014 – Urban TV Footage
    On 24th – 25th June, PIVOT East, East Africa’s most prestigious startup pitching competition and conference went down at the Panari Hotel. The competition was hotly contested with the region’s 25 innovative mobile startups fight it out to win…
    15 days ago 13 Jul 14, 4:44am
  • The Art of International Business
    Guest Blog By: Dave Landry jr With global economies constantly fluctuating and businesses struggling more than ever to thrive with a purely domestic presence, it’s more viable than ever to have a business presence on multiple shores. But in order…
    17 days ago 11 Jul 14, 6:30am
    What initially began as an interesting discussion has quickly blossomed into a series of great forums where entrepreneurs from various backgrounds and fields get to interact. Dubbed the entrepreneurship forum these stimulating discussions from vario…
    19 days ago 9 Jul 14, 6:04am
  • Kenya’s BRCK raises $1.2M to connect the last mile to the internet
    Published on Invested Development  by Christina Tamer Ushahidi spinout BRCK Inc. announced today that it has closed a $1.2 million seed round. BRCK is solving last-mile connectivity problems with a device that can bring seamless internet connect…
    19 days ago 9 Jul 14, 5:12am
  • Invitation to Second Data Science Meet-up
    After a successful initial data science meet-up two months ago, iHub Research’s Data Science Lab is welcoming you to the second data science meet-up this Friday 11th July ,2014 at the iHub Research space second floor Bishop Magua Building from 5 p…
    20 days ago 9 Jul 14, 4:13am
  • She Leads Africa Launches Female Entrepreneurs Pitch Competition , $10,000 Cash Prize for 1st Place
      Lagos, Nigeria – She Leads Africa has announced the launch of a business pitch competition exclusively for female entrepreneurs, which will give the most promising female entrepreneurs in Africa a platform to connect to prominent mentors, busin…
    20 days ago 8 Jul 14, 4:53am
  • Q&A with Alec Ross, Former Senior Advisor for Innovation to Hillary Clinton
    Guest Blog By: John Sinden Alec Ross, one of today’s leading thinkers on innovation, has spent his career helping investors, corporations, and government leaders better understand the implications for technology in the public sphere. I asked Ross…
    22 days ago 6 Jul 14, 10:48am
  • PIVOT East 2014 Winners Announced – High hopes for 2015
    PIVOT East an innovative startups competition geared towards nurturing the growing ICT talent in East Africa unveiled the winners of the 2014 competition. The unveiling was during a cocktail award ceremony at the Panari Hotel on 25th June. The compe…
    22 days ago 6 Jul 14, 10:45am
  • Information Security meetup
    The Information Security meetup is a forum that brings professionals and curious minds in the industry to network as we highlight the challenges present and opportunities available for exploitation. The theme is “Demystifying Information Security…
    25 days ago 3 Jul 14, 9:31am
  • ICT and Governance in East Africa: Study Sites
    By Varyanne Sika There might be unanimity in the excitement about ICTs in Africa but there remains little empirical evidence on the ways of actual use of ICT and in particular, for our study, in governance. Governance, as we approach it in this stud…
    26 days ago 3 Jul 14, 3:46am
  • Job Hunting 4 Techies 101
    Guest Blog By: Christine Blauvelt Tech is the new hot scene in Nairobi, so developers should find it easy to land a job, right? Wrong. There is a huge gap between the number of openings employers are looking to fill and the number of qualified candi…
    26 days ago 2 Jul 14, 1:59pm


  • Rising Share Prices Could Ignite A New Tech Acquisition Spree
     In early 2014, a number of high-profile acquisitions were locked in at prices that many found confusing. The good times are probably coming back.Companies that compete across numerous technology strata like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook…
    11 mins ago 28 Jul 14, 4:03pm
  • Fleet Unveils An App For Late Night Rides Between Silicon Valley And San Francisco
     Newcomers to Silicon Valley are often shocked at how appallingly bad the transit options between San Francisco and the rest of the region can be. It’s a legacy of fragmented regional governance where nine different counties created at least 10 d…
    23 mins ago 28 Jul 14, 3:51pm
  • Jonathan Teo And Justin Caldbeck Raise $125 Million For Binary Capital
     Former General Catalyst managing director Jonathan Teo and former Lightspeed Venture Partners managing director Justin Caldbeck have closed their first fund together. Back in March, we reported that the two had started a new investment firm named…
    54 mins ago 28 Jul 14, 3:20pm
  • Beats Music Mobile App Gets Recommendation Tweaking, Verified Profiles And More
     Beats Music has updated its iOS, Android and Windows Phone applications with a few new features, including a way to tune the Beats recommendation engine manually for better suggestions, a new history view for The Sentence, the Songza-like Madlibs…
    1 hour ago 28 Jul 14, 2:51pm
  • Going The Distance With A Smart Shoe Made In India
     Forget Google Glass or Jawbone Up, the next wave in wearable tech might just be a smart shoe from India. The Lechal, meaning “take me along” in Hindi, has a Bluetooth enabled shoe insert that hooks up with Google Maps and buzzes to let you kno…
    1 hour ago 28 Jul 14, 2:45pm
  • The Most Important Factor Of Startup Success
     Whenever you think of startups, you very likely think of young people brimming with ideas sitting in garages and dorm rooms and solving problems with technology. We are conditioned in a way to consider the idea even over the person who came up w…
    2 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 2:01pm
  • Vinod Khosla To Speak At Disrupt SF
     We’re excited to announce that Vinod Khosla will once again take the Disrupt SF stage and give attendees an inside look at his investing approach. Khosla is the founder of Khosla Ventures, a venture capital firm that focuses on funding environme…
    2 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 1:59pm
  • Brings On CEO To Raise Funding For Its Social Shopping App
     Back in 2012, London and New York based Shopa launched as a “social marketplace” where users were rewarded for promoting products they like. The company raised $1.4 million from Notion Capital and Octopus. Another in the arena is Shopcade, whi…
    3 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 1:03pm
  • Thinknum Raises $1M Seed Round To Give Financial Analysts Better Tools
     Thinknum, a financial tech startup that develops tools for analysts, announced today that it has raised $1 million in seed funding led by Pejman Mar Ventures (an investment firm that has also seeded companies like Dropbox, Zoosk, and Lending Club)…
    3 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 1:00pm
  • Senate Expected To Unveil Broad NSA Reform Bill Tomorrow
     U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy is expected to introduce a version of the USA FREEDOM Act (UFA) tomorrow that is far stronger than what the enfeebled House of Representatives managed to pass earlier this year. According to the New York Times, the bill…
    3 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 12:46pm

IT News Africa

  • Geospatial data – retailers’ little-known competitive advantage
    There’s an old axiom that suggests you should always be aware of your surroundings. It’s good advice that can be applied to every aspect of your life – including your business. Let’s say you have the opportunity to open up a coffee shop in a…
    5 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 10:47am
  • Get help with Rising DDoS threats
    The number of cyber threats are growing, but most enterprises still feel unprepared to deal with them. The answer lies in expert assistance and formalised plans, says Networks Unlimited. Anton Jacobsz, Managing Director of Arbor Networks distributor…
    6 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 10:14am
  • Top 10 songs on iTunes
    Music is an integral part of life. Not only do we listen to it during our personal time, but we also tend to listen to it during our commute to work, while at work and whenever the need arises. With music playing a huge part in our lives, we have dec…
    7 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 9:25am
  • Swaziland: Users bypass censored media with Social Media
    Tech savvy individuals have turned to social media websites like Facebook and Twitter in order to access news that is not censored or governed in any way. Individuals also utilise the service in order to bypass mainstream media which includes: televi…
    7 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 8:51am
  • SureSwipe Move receives P2PE certification
    SureSwipe has launched SureSwipe Move – the first Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS) solution in South Africa, according to the company, to achieve Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) certification from the PCI Security Standards Council. According to the co…
    11 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 5:29am
  • Airtel launches Celebrity Connect
    Airtel Nigeria and Kirusa have announced the launch of Celebrity Connect, a mobile service that attempts to connect Nigerians with celebrities and famous personalities. According to the company, the service enables fans to reach out and connect with…
    12 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 4:31am
  • Nigeria: Security forces nab $6 million Facebook fraudster
    Nigerian security forces have allegedly arrested a suspected internet fraudster. The fraudster has been accused of stealing $6 million from people who thought were paying fees to apply for government jobs. This is according to Accord…
    13 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 3:31am
  • Nigeria embracing e-commerce
    The Terragon Group Research Report released for the second quarter of 2014, has revealed growth in the state of digital media and users’ online behaviour in Nigeria over the past twelve months. The report, which was compiled after a recent survey f…
    13 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 2:48am
  • IT News Africa: top stories of the week
    The week has come to an end; however, it almost the end of the month. Yip, that’s right in a few days we will be heading into the month of August 2014. This week in tech, we saw Telkom suspending its attempt to cut a multitude of jobs at the compan…
    3 days ago 25 Jul 14, 10:45am
  • MTN South Africa extends on WOW promotion
    MTN South Africa launched its WOW promotion on 21 June 2014, targeting MTN customers who spend R6 airtime and get R60 FREE airtime back. Now MTN has increased its reward. Starting today 25 July, MTN customers will get R120 FREE airtime when they spen…
    3 days ago 25 Jul 14, 10:22am
  • Cell C to ask bondholders for debt extension
    South African mobile operator Cell C said that it would extend the maturity date of Euro 160 million of senior debt. As a part of the transaction, Cell C has offered to buy back debt from any bond holder who does not wish to extend. The expected exte…
    3 days ago 25 Jul 14, 8:40am


  • "Diligence Isn't a Personality Type. It's a Skill You Learn"
    We like to think that certain skills are innate, but as writer Shawn Blanc reminds us, most skills needed to be creative and successful are learned over time.Read more...
    14 mins ago 28 Jul 14, 4:00pm
  • Leave Your Future Self Notes to Reinforce Gratitude or Lessons Learned
    We know that our memories are, unfortunately, pretty crap . While there are ways to exercise your memory and improve it, blogger Joe Reddington suggests a simple alternative: send yourself notes from the past.Read more...
    44 mins ago 28 Jul 14, 3:30pm
  • Ask an Expert: All About Staying Fit for Busy People
    Admit it: at the end of a nine hour workday, you're more likely to plop down on the couch and watch some TV instead of going to the gym. How do people find the time to stay healthy while leading a busy life? Here to help answer that is Dick Talens…
    1 hour ago 28 Jul 14, 3:00pm
  • Floatify Adds Customizable Pop-Up Notifications to Android
    Android: The notification shade is easily one of the best innovations that Android brings to mobile. However, it's not perfect for everyone. Floatify offers an alternative: pop up notifications that are even available in immersive mode.Read more..…
    2 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 2:30pm
  • This Chart Shows Which Companies Have the Best 401(k) Benefits
    Not all 401(k) plans are created equal. Some companies won't offer a match, some companies will match more than others. Bloomberg compared 401(k) options for 250 of the biggest U.S. companies to see which one offers you the best options for your mo…
    2 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 2:00pm
  • ​Check Your Restaurant Bill On Vacation to Avoid Double-Tipping
    It's great to travel to other countries, but different cultures handle tipping slightly differently . Double-check your bill to make sure you don't unwittingly tip your waiter twice.Read more...
    3 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 1:30pm
  • How to Be More Interesting When Meeting New People
    You might think that being interesting is an innate talent, or that it means you have to be the "life of the party." Neither of those things are necessarily true. If you want to leave a good impression, you don't have to make sure all eyes are on y…
    3 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 1:00pm
  • Deals: $10 off $40 at Target, Optoma Projector, Ergonomic Keyboard
    If you don't mind running to your nearest Target store, you can take $10 off a $40 order today when you buy online, but pick up in-store. You can use this deal four times per account, giving you up to $40 in savings on video games, electronics, gr…
    3 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 12:46pm
  • ​Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies Cards Break Down Creative Blocks
    We all encounter creative blocks from time to time. Writers suffer with writers' block, but people in all fields of work hit a wall every now and then. Oblique Strategies is a set of cards that offer a little creative inspiration when you need it m…
    4 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 12:30pm
  • ​Paint Grass to Avoid Crazy Homeowners Associations' "Brown Lawn" Fees
    Everyone wants a great-looking lawn, but things like the weather and a lack of time can get in the way. You can avoid fees from an overzealous homeowner's association with a quick paint job until you have time to deal with things properly.Read mor…
    4 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 12:00pm
  • Four Uses for Your Printer (Beyond Basic Paper)
    You can find a printer in almost every household that has a computer, but these machines are capable of printing on things beyond plain copy paper. Here are some of the best non-plain copy paper things you can do with your printer.Read more...
    5 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 11:00am
  • This DIY Wine Glass Rack Saves Space, Is Easy to Build
    If you're looking for a place to keep your wine glasses that doesn't take up space in your cabinets, this DIY wine glass rack was made from scrap wood, holds your wine glasses firmly, and looks great at the same time. Here's how to build one yourse…
    6 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 10:30am
  • Three Quick Ways to Declutter in 10 Minutes
    Often "decluttering" comes with the connotation that the process will take all day (or days), and be mentally and physically exhausting. Apartment Therapy's Fay Wolf has three easy ways to declutter in just a couple of minutes: look over your towel…
    7 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 9:30am
  • Build a Wearable UV Alarm that Reminds You to Apply More Sunscreen
    Going outside and soaking up some sun and warm weather is a joy, but remembering to reapply sunscreen can be a pain. It's still necessary though, and Adafruit's Becky Stern has an ingenious solution you can wear on a hat or other piece of clothing…
    7 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 9:00am
  • Tabs Board Switches Google Chrome Tabs by Voice
    Windows/Chrome: If you have a lot of tabs open in Chrome and want to quickly find one without clicks or Ctrl+Tab, just say the site's name in your microphone and Tabs Board will locate it for you.Read more...
    8 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 8:30am
  • Poach Eggs in a Skillet and Cook Many Together with Teacups
    You probably reach for a saucepan when you need to poach eggs. America's Test Kitchen (ATK) recommends a skillet instead, in this video guide on how to poach eggs perfectly.Read more...
    8 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 8:00am
  • Book Hotels Contradicting Business Travellers to Save Money
    The next time you're travelling for pleasure, book a hotel outside of the business district on weekdays, and in the business district on weekends, to get the best rates.Read more...
    9 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 7:30am
  • Are Glass Screen Protectors Better Than Plastic Ones?
    Dear Lifehacker, I scratched the screen of my last phone and I want to avoid that on my new one. I'm not a fan of plastic screen guards, but I have been hearing a lot about glass screen protectors. Are they better than plastic?Read more...
    9 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 7:00am
  • Find Out Your Uber Passenger Rating with this Script
    Uber is a great way to get a ride without having to hail a cab. When you finish a ride, you get a chance to rate your driver and your experience. However, the drivers get to rate you too. Here's how to find out your rating, which is normally a clo…
    14 hours ago 28 Jul 14, 1:48am
  • ​Try "Tabless Thursdays" for Better Single Tasking
    Tabs are a great way to keep many browser windows open at once. The Atlantic recommends going tabless one day a week to stay focused.Read more...
    21 hours ago 27 Jul 14, 7:00pm
  • All the Places You Can Get a Military Discount
    We're always grateful to our women and men in the armed forces for keeping us safe. Our country shows its gratitude by giving some discounts to former and current members of the armed forces. Rather Be Shopping has compiled a list of all the discou…
    22 hours ago 27 Jul 14, 6:00pm
  • Check Out the Best From This Week's Open Thread
    How can I prevent an end-user from changing Google contacts on multiple devices? How can I listen to my iPhone audio through my car speakers? What can I do to prevent soggy pizza? Where can I find a tutorial on Android contact management?…
    23 hours ago 27 Jul 14, 5:00pm
  • Know the Warning Signs of a Job Scam
    If you've been looking for a job, you've seen ads that offer great pay for entry level positions. Lots of scams exist out there, and one way to detect a scammer is by paying attention to who does the talking at a job interview.Read more...
    1 day ago 27 Jul 14, 4:00pm
  • ​Use Your Audience to Prove Your Point Instead of a Slide
    Often, when giving a presentation, we have to show statistics to illustrate our point. Instead of using a slide, consider getting the audience involved to help them understand the numbers.Read more...
    1 day ago 27 Jul 14, 3:00pm
  • Learn Which Towns Are a Match for Your Political Beliefs
    Picking where to move in a state can be a difficult decision. One thing you may consider is the political opinions of others in the area. Clarity Campaign Labs helps you decide.Read more...
    1 day ago 27 Jul 14, 2:00pm

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The Steam Achievement That Nobody UnlockedThe Steam Achievement That Nobody Unlocked
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