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  • Mixed reviews for Google’s new look
    Google completes biggest redesign of its iconic logo since 1999 as web browsing shifts to phones and tablets.
    20 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 12:10am
  • Hollywood’s biggest tech investors
    Ashton Kutcher and Bono are just a couple of the growingnumber of Hollywood stars investing in Silicon Valley.
    1 day ago 1 Sep 15, 9:25am
  • The video game that sparked a R1.5m row
    A ship simulator, described as “fairly undramatic”, has raised the ire of taxpayers who object to its funding.
    1 day ago 1 Sep 15, 9:01am
  • Samsung unveils Gear S2
    Samsung hopes to challenge Apple’s dominance in the wearable-device market with its latest smartwatch.
    1 day ago 1 Sep 15, 8:05am
  • The R62 000-a-year social network
    Tired of the riff-raff on Facebook? Maybe you should join a social network for the well-heeled.
    2 days ago 1 Sep 15, 7:17am
  • YouTube champ tops 400m views a month
    The Diamond Minecart channel roars to the top of the YouTube charts, bypassing Buzzfeed, Taylor Swift and PewDiePie.
    2 days ago 1 Sep 15, 5:35am
  • Streaming video to the max
    Naspers’ recently launched ShowMax video streaming service will give Netflix a run for its money, says Alan Cooper.
    2 days ago 1 Sep 15, 4:43am
  • Tech to make your trailer invisible
    Land Rover working on technology that allows drivers to see through the caravan or trailer they're towing.
    2 days ago 1 Sep 15, 4:40am
  • Yahoo’s Mayer expecting twins
    Yahoo Chief Executive Marissa Mayer’s pregnancy comes at a critical time for the internet company.
    2 days ago 1 Sep 15, 4:19am
  • Netflix lets go of blockbusters
    A big shakeup of online streaming catalogues has Netflix losing major films to Hulu.
    2 days ago 1 Sep 15, 4:02am


  • Clips Offers Easy Video Editing On Your iPhone
     I could try to tell you about Clips. I could explain how it was created by startup Fly Labs, or I describe how it makes it easy to combine clips on your iPhone into a single video, then add music, voiceover and effects. But you know what sounds mo…
    1 hour ago 2 Sep 15, 6:27pm
  • Three Tips For Worker Classification For The Next On-Demand Startup
     While Uber and TaskRabbit have become household names, and the on-demand economy continues to boom, the problem of worker classification continues to bedevil companies in the on-demand marketplace. For new startups looking to enter this exciting l…
    3 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 5:00pm
  • Tesla’s $35,000 Model 3 Sedan To Start Production In 2 Years, Preorders Next March
     It’s happening! You, yes you (and me!), might be able to afford a Tesla sometime soon. On Twitter today, Musk shared that the Holy Grail of Teslas, the lower cost Model 3 sedan, will officially be unveiled next March (along with taking preorders…
    3 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 4:42pm
  • Google Maps Adds Curated Restaurant Recommendations In NYC, San Francisco And London
     Google Maps on Android is getting an upgrade today that will make the app, often used for getting directions or accessing business information, a better guide to local restaurants, too – at least in select cities. With an expanded feature set t…
    3 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 4:18pm
  • Lyft Line’s Express Re-Route Feature Aims To Get You Where You’re Going Faster
     Lyft has quietly added a new feature to Lyft Line, its service that lets passengers share rides with other people heading their same direction for a lower price, called Express Re-route. With this new feature, which officially rolled out exactly o…
    4 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 4:07pm
  • Verizon Is Changing Its Logo, Too
     According to AdAge, our corporate overlord Verizon will be introducing a new logo this week. Proving that we have little or nothing to do with AOL or Verizon really, this was also news to us. Read More
    4 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 4:01pm
  • The Weirdness Of The Huawei Watch
     As a watch obsessive you can’t help but look at the new Huawei Watch and chortle knowingly. Announced a few months ago at MWC, the product lay dormant until now and our poor brothers at Engadget, forced to go to IFA, have some shots. They are ve…
    4 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 3:42pm
  • Snapchat Hires A New Growth Lead
     Snapchat has hired a new growth lead from Facebook as it continues its trek to becoming one of the most valuable social networking companies in the world. Anthony Pompliano, a product manager that led growth and engagement for Facebook pages,…
    5 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 3:01pm
  • Windows 10 Picks Up Global Market Share Following Debut, Finds Quick Adoption By Gamers
     Windows 10 has completed a full month in the market following its formal release, meaning that we have new data to parse regarding its in-market performance. There are several figures to consider: Adoption by gamers, a power-user subset; usage sha…
    6 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 2:06pm
  • Google Classroom Launches Chrome Extension So Teachers Can Instantly Share Links With The Entire Class
     Google calls Classroom a “mission control for teachers,” allowing them to access all of Google Apps for Education within one central place. Teachers can use the product to chat with students, help students with their work and keep track of the…
    6 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 2:00pm
  • Google Docs Gets Voice Typing, Templates, Smart Sheets And More
     “Get ’em while they’re young” is a battle cry for every company. The younger your users are, the more you can evolve with them over time and keep them locked in to using your products. When I was in school (old person voice), Apple had a h…
    6 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 2:00pm
  • Bubl’s Spherical Video Camera Gets Samsung Backing
     Canadian startup Bubl, maker of a 360-degree camera for capturing spherical panoramas, has closed a $3.5 million (CDN$4.6 million) seed round, led by Samsung Ventures and J-Tech Capital, with other unnamed investors also participating in the round…
    6 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 1:26pm
  • Mayfield Fund’s Navin Chaddha On The Road From Entrepreneur To Investor
     Many folks in the tech industry dream of making the jump from entrepreneur to investor, but few actually succeed in taking the leap. Navin Chaddha is one of those lucky few and in this podcast discussion, hear him talk about his history as an entr…
    7 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 1:12pm
  • A Look At Open Bionics’ 3D-Printed Robotic Hands For Amputees
     Open Bionics, a startup out of the U.K. that makes bionic hands, figured out how to dramatically lower the cost of prosthetics using a combination of open-sourced 3D printing software and robotic sensors. Nearly 2 million people live with the loss…
    7 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 1:05pm
  • Tumblr Finally Makes “Reblogs” More Readable, Especially On Mobile Devices
     One of blogging site Tumblr’s flagship features, the reblog – meaning the reposting of another person’s content onto your own site – is getting a significant makeover starting today. The company is introducing a change as to how these rebl…
    7 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 12:49pm
  • Microsoft Azure Cuts Some VM Prices, Brings Premium Storage Options To G-Series VMs
     Microsoft is announcing a couple of updates to its Azure cloud computing service today that, among other things, include the launch of a new variant of its performance-optimized G-type virtual machines (VMs) and price cuts for its compute-centric…
    7 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 12:43pm
  • Coinbase Expands To Singapore
     Coinbase has added Singapore to the list of countries where you can buy and sell bitcoin using their platform. This is Coinbase’s first foray into Asia and it will allow users with Singapore Dollars to buy bitcoin. “As one of the fastest-growi…
    7 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 12:26pm
  • Don’t Buy Into Acer’s LEGO-Like Modular Computer
     Acer just debuted this adorable computer. Called the Revo, it’s tiny and modular and cute and a waste of your money. The thought process is that owners can easily upgrade their systems with different components that snap into place. It’s a ser…
    7 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 12:24pm
  • Scaleway Now Provides Crazy Cheap VPS-Like Servers For $3.40 Per Month’s Scaleway is an interesting beast in the cloud hosting world. Instead of building a virtual cloud hosting infrastructure that competes directly with Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean and other VPS providers, the company designed its…
    8 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 12:16pm
  • Pitch Your Startup In The TC Radio Pitch-Off On Sirius XM
     I’m often told I have a face for radio, which works out well given that TechCrunch has its own radio show on Sirius XM each week. On Tuesdays, John Biggs and I head to midtown to host TechCrunch Radio on Sirius XM Insight 121, which includes the…
    8 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 12:11pm

IT News Africa

  • Top 5 Big data trends revisited
    As we head deeper into the second half of 2015, Wayne Dick, Pre-Sales Manager at Hitachi Data Systems, Sub-Saharan Africa, revisits this year’s big data trends and considers how a streamlined data refinery architecture can help businesses to better…
    13 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 6:57am
  • Ghana’s Top 12 eCommerce Websites
    Ghana’s Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS) has launched an internet payment gateway to enable holders of domestic Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cards to make payments and purchases online. The launch of the ‘gh-link e-Commerce’…
    13 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 6:38am
  • Nigeria: Yudala launches e-commerce store
    With e-commerce growing within Africa, Yudala has now launched its very own online shopping platform in Nigeria. According to the online retailer, the launch of its e-commerce platform follows the opening of four additional physical stores in Lagos.…
    16 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 3:51am
  • CA insists that Airtel Kenya must pay to stay in business
    According to a report via TelecomPaper, Airtel Kenya is in a stalemate with regulators over the renewal of its operating licence. The report reveals that the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) is insisting that the operator must pay KES 2.1 billi…
    16 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 3:22am
  • Africa’s Invisible Sector: Caught up in Complexity
    Having faced nasty bill shocks at month end, or struggled to get out of onerous mobile contracts, many consumers have long since made the switch to prepaid SIM cards. From high-powered executives to cash strapped students, prepaid has proved a popula…
    17 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 2:44am
  • 5 Must have apps for video calling in Nigeria
    Since their initial release, Smartphones have changed the way we communicate with each other. These days, people around the world can instantly interact and bridge the distance via text messages, instant messages, emails and voice chats or calls with…
    1 day ago 1 Sep 15, 9:29am
  • Maximising revenue in the telecoms industry requires intelligent data analytics
    Telecom service providers across the globe are faced with challenging market conditions, coupled with declining revenue. High subscriber churn rates as a result of network congestion, increased competition from Over-The-Top (OTT) services, and a shif…
    2 days ago 1 Sep 15, 6:00am
  • Samsung reveals Gear S2 smartwatch
    Samsung has revealed new details regarding its new Gear S2 smartwatch. According to Samsung, the 11.4 mm smartwatch will run the Tizen operating system. Additionally, the smartwatch will come with a 1.2-inch circular Super AMOLED 360-by-360 display.…
    2 days ago 1 Sep 15, 5:27am
  • Nigeria: Broadband penetration to increase by 2017
    MTN Nigeria and the Nigeria Information Technology Reporters Association (NITRA) have predicted a sharp rise in broadband penetration by 2017, this is according to a report by This Day. In the report, NITRA says Nigeria is struggling to grow its broa…
    2 days ago 1 Sep 15, 3:34am
  • Isaac Mophatlane looks back at two decades of ICT excellence
    24 August 2015 marked a historic day in the history of Business Connexion Group and in particular for Isaac Mophatlane, Group CEO, as the company delisted from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, following the successful acquisition by Telkom and after…
    2 days ago 1 Sep 15, 2:42am
  • Lower data costs will boost e-commerce in Kenya
    Speaking at The National Forum on sustainable Data for Development held at the Laico Regency hotel in Nairobi this August, deputy president William Ruto asked mobile firms to reduce the cost of data bundles, he noted that while the cost of mobile pho…
    2 days ago 1 Sep 15, 2:29am


  • Make More Nutritious Salads by Paying Attention to Water Content
    If you’re on a diet or just trying to eat healthier, salads are likely a staple of your meal plan. While they’re great for filling you up with fiber, to create truly nutritious salads you should also consider the water content of each ingredient…
    47 mins ago 2 Sep 15, 7:00pm
  • Gizmodo Physicists Discover “Hidden Chaos” Lurking Everywhere | Jalopnik You’re Gonna Want To Watch
    Gizmodo Physicists Discover “Hidden Chaos” Lurking Everywhere | Jalopnik You’re Gonna Want To Watch This Car Video Again | Jezebel Was Banning Tyler, the Creator, the Victory International Feminism Needed? | Kotaku Rocket League Is Better W…
    2 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 6:08pm
  • Fight Off Secondhand Stress From Your Colleagues With a "Power Lead"
    Stress can be spread to other people , just like an infection. If you find that your colleagues are always spreading their stress to you, you might be able to prevent it next time by opening your conversation with a positive comment.Read more...
    2 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 6:00pm
  • Be Ready for Anything In the Wilderness With This DIY Survival Watch
    It’s always good to be prepared when you’re trekking out into the wilderness, but survival gear can take up all of your space that’s better served for tasty things like sandwiches. This custom five-in-one survival watch has you covered.Read m…
    2 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 5:30pm
  • Fix a Warped Wood Cutting Board With a Damp Cloth and an Iron
    Wood cutting boards can easily warp if you let too much moisture get to them for extended periods of time. Fortunately, you can fix it by warping it back with a couple household items.Read more...
    3 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 4:30pm
  • Top 10 Ways to Break Into and Out of Almost Anything
    Breaking into an electronic safe may seem nefarious...unless it’s your own safe and you forgot the combination. Sometimes, you need to do a little evil to do a little good. Today, as part of Lifehacker’s 10th anniversary celebration , we’re sh…
    4 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 4:05pm
  • Build a Smartphone-Controlled Garage Door Opener
    If you have an older garage door, you probably have a bunch of obnoxious large remotes sitting around. If you’re prefer something a bit more sleek (and secure ), Make shows you how to build a garage door opener you can control with your smartphone…
    4 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 4:00pm
  • School Nurses Are Bad At Diagnosing Head Lice
    If a school nurse says your kid has head lice, they’re probably wrong—and if you got the news from a doctor, be even more suspicious. Head scratching and white dots in the hair are usually not lice—but they’re mistaken for lice more often th…
    4 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 3:30pm
  • Google Docs Adds an In-App Research Mode, Dictation, and More
    Google Docs is rolling out a slew of updates today, including a new research mode for the Android app, voice typing in Chrome, and more.Read more...
    5 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 3:00pm
  • How to Do Your Own Yearly Home Inspection
    Before you buy a home, it’s always a good idea to get a professional home inspector—but that shouldn’t be the only time you give your home a thorough look. Here’s a checklist of what to look for when performing a yearly visual inspection on…
    5 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 2:30pm
  • Gluru Shows You Files, Emails, and More Right When You Need Them 
    Web/Android/iOS (Coming Soon): One of the best things about Google Now is that it floats useful information right when you need it. Gluru is a new app and web service that wants to do the same, just for your productive life, by pulling from Dropbox,…
    6 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 2:00pm
  • Update Your Graphics Drivers: It Can Make a Big Difference in Games
    We’ve told you before that you should keep your graphics drivers up-to-date if you’re a PC gamer. But how much do they actually increase performance? Linus Tech Tips does a little experiment to find out.Read more...
    6 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 1:30pm
  • Five Best Ballet Flats
    Your ballet flat nominations could fill many a closet, but these five were the clear favorites, and now it’s time to find a winner. Try them on for size and cast your vote.Read more...
    7 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 1:00pm
  • Five Best Desktop Mice
    Logitech swept the nominations round , but will its trackballs, gaming mice, new flagship models, or budget performers win out? It’s time to vote.Read more...
    7 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 1:00pm
  • Chromebooks Have Come a Long Way
    Chromebooks have come a long way since they were first introduced. While they used to be laptop-shaped browser machines, they’ve grown capable enough to actually stand up to other laptops. I didn’t expect to love my Chromebook, but it’s replac…
    7 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 12:45pm
  • Build a Wall-Mounted Battery Organizer (and Flex Your Woodworking Skills)
    I don’t know about you, but digging through half-opened battery packages buried in a drawer isn’t an easy way to get what you need. This simple battery organizer makes it easy to grab and go.Read more...
    8 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 12:15pm
  • Hulu Is Adding a New $11.99 Plan Without Commercials (Mostly)
    Hulu is the only place where you can legally watch the newest episodes of many shows online—but its incessant commercials have always been pretty annoying. Today, Hulu is launching a new tier of service priced at $11.99 a month, without commercial…
    9 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 11:15am
  • Plan Your Free Online Education at Lifehacker U: Fall Semester 2015
    Your education doesn’t have to stop once you leave school. We’ve put together a curriculum of some of the best free online classes available on the web this fall for the latest term of Lifehacker U, our regularly-updating guide to improving your…
    9 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 11:00am
  • Citymapper Tells You Where to Sit on the Subway so You Can Exit Faster
    (Web/iOS/Android): Subway stations can be big and complicated. Depending on where you get off, you could end up walking a bit to the right street exit or to your next platform. Citymapper will tell you the best spot to hop on and off your train for…
    9 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 10:30am
  • Today's Best Deals: Cheaper Shoes, Nest Closeout, Bike Gear, and More
    Here are the best of today’s deals. Get every great deal every day on Kinja Deals, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to never miss a deal, join us on Kinja Gear to read about great products, and on Kinja Co-Op to help us find the best.Read more..…
    10 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 10:09am

news24 Kenya Sci-Tech


Turbulence May Help Moths Figure Out Which Way They're FlyingTurbulence May Help Moths Figure Out Which Way They're Flying
27 mins ago 2 Sep 15, 7:20pm
Heroic Scientists Invent Ice Cream That Won't Melt as FastHeroic Scientists Invent Ice Cream That Won't Melt as Fast
1 hour ago 2 Sep 15, 6:45pm
Google "Fun Facts" Right Now For a Random Fun FactGoogle "Fun Facts" Right Now For a Random Fun Fact
1 hour ago 2 Sep 15, 6:30pm
Verizon Introduces New Logo But Can't Be Bothered to Update Its Own Site With ItVerizon Introduces New Logo But Can't Be Bothered to Update Its Own Site With It
1 hour ago 2 Sep 15, 6:25pm
Deadspin U.S.Deadspin U.S.
2 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 6:07pm
You Can Now Type With Your Voice in Google DocsYou Can Now Type With Your Voice in Google Docs
2 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 5:40pm
How To Shoot A ShotgunHow To Shoot A Shotgun
2 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 5:21pm
Obama's Running Wild Through Alaska With a Selfie StickObama's Running Wild Through Alaska With a Selfie Stick
3 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 5:05pm
California's New Website Shows Numbers of People Killed by Police, and Their RaceCalifornia's New Website Shows Numbers of People Killed by Police, and Their Race
3 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 4:45pm
15 Common English Words That You Probably Didn't Know Were Still Trademarked15 Common English Words That You Probably Didn't Know Were Still Trademarked
4 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 4:07pm
Physicists Discover "Hidden Chaos" Lurking EverywherePhysicists Discover "Hidden Chaos" Lurking Everywhere
4 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 3:45pm
Humans Have Eliminated Half the World's TreesHumans Have Eliminated Half the World's Trees
4 hours ago 2 Sep 15, 3:30pm

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