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  • Intel Tech Bonanza | 5-7 December, 2014
    Intel Corporation has a new and exciting initiative in Kenya. The company has brought together 7 leading PC vendors to sell under one roof and offer very attractive discounts. This event is the first of its kind where schools, consumers and business…
    24 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 9:06am
  • Digital Jobs in the Kenyan Tech Ecosystem
    To learn more about digital jobs in Kenya, read our full report here Kenya is known as “Africa’s economic powerhouse” and is now classified as a middle income country. The country is known as Africa’s “Silicon Savannah” and a succes…
    2 days ago 25 Nov 14, 1:26am
  • ICTs and Governance in East Africa: What Lies Beyond ‘The Hype’?
    For the past year, iHub Research has been conducting a study on the impact of ICTs on governance in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Specifically, we set out to assess how ICTs are facilitating interaction between governments and citizens in the areas of…
    3 days ago 23 Nov 14, 11:11pm
  • Minerva Schools at KGI: A new kind of higher education
    Guest Post:  Minerva Schools Based in San Francisco, Minerva was founded by a stellar team of educationists and entrepreneurs as the first Ivy-league Caliber University launched in 100 years. The Minerva Schools at KGI provide an extraordinary ed…
    4 days ago 23 Nov 14, 10:14am
  • TechTrend: Monetizing your apps and business with Bitcoin and BitPesa
    In this Thursday’s edition of TechTrend, BitPesa, a FinTech company offering international money transfers to Kenya through the use of the digital crypto currencies and Bitcoin Protocol, would like to demonstrate to Kenyan developers, startups an…
    4 days ago 23 Nov 14, 1:46am
  • Are we ready? #CashlessPSV
    With 10 days to go until the deadline for implementation of the Cashless PSV system in Kenya, we want to revisit the issues at play and inquire as to our readiness as a country. Have you found any cashless systems installed on your routes? What has…
    6 days ago 21 Nov 14, 12:00am
  • Startup Incubators 1776 and iHub Partner to Bring Challenge Cup 2015 to Nairobi
    Two of the world’s foremost incubators join forces to identify Kenya’s most promising startups as part of global competition Challenge Cup 2015, is a global competition that spans 16 cities in 11 countries to identify the most promising startups…
    7 days ago 20 Nov 14, 3:46am
  • Digital Currency Regulation in East Africa
    Guest Blog:  Michael Kimani  What is Bitcoin? – A puzzling question posed by everyone coming across Bitcoin for the first time. The Bitcoin Kenya Meet up group regularly convenes at the iHub for monthly open discussions on this subject. The disc…
    8 days ago 19 Nov 14, 3:55am
  • Announcing The Last UX Masterclass for 2014
    Early this year, the UXlab conducted a Practical UX Skills training. The three month programme was open to designers, developers and those involved in Product Development. The lab, which is almost two years old now has organized events and other a…
    9 days ago 18 Nov 14, 11:58am
  • Hardware Innovators Meetup in Nairobi!
    Guest Post By: Paul Birkelo Calling all inventors, engineers, entrepreneurs, hackers, and makers of things in the name of designing and building great stuff right here in Nairobi! Gearbox is hosting our first (of many) Hardware Innovators Meetups at…
    9 days ago 18 Nov 14, 7:05am
  • Lessons for start-ups from the world’s best orchestras
    Just last week, iHub Consulting announced its new batch of consultants. iHub Consulting coordinates teams to work on exciting projects. Orchestras, though certainly not the teams being referred to here, are some of the best-organized outfits, churni…
    10 days ago 17 Nov 14, 1:16am
  • Chamasoft Revolutionizing Chama Management
    Chamasoft is an investment group management software that aims at streamline the operations of chamas. The software enables Chamas to overcome challenges they face such as lack of transparency, poor communication and the lack of a simple system wher…
    11 days ago 16 Nov 14, 10:17am
  • The AMPION Startup Bus is coming to Nairobi!
    The AMPION Bus is coming to town and would like to meet the Nairobi tech community!AMPION is the start-up road trip, an entrenpreneurial boot-camp on wheels. The AMPION East Africa is taking place from November 15th to November 19th 2014 and will b…
    11 days ago 16 Nov 14, 4:29am
  • ICT and Governance in East Africa : Preliminary Fieldwork Findings in Kenya (Part 2) Nairobi.
    The ICT and Governance in East Africa study explores the various ways in which ICT tools can/have successfully facilitated or hindered two way interaction between government and citizens towards effective public service delivery, curbing corruption,…
    13 days ago 14 Nov 14, 10:39am
  • Announcing iHub Consulting’s new consultants
    iHub Consulting is pleased to announce its new batch of consultants. It has been a long journey selecting this new group. The applicants had to go through the following steps: Application – we did a call for application on the 2nd of October 2014.…
    13 days ago 14 Nov 14, 7:21am
  • Swiss Innovation Challenge

    13 days ago 14 Nov 14, 6:43am
  • Waza Kids Go Tech on Security
    The Waza Experience Program closed off this year with a bang, some puffs of smoke and tons of excitement. This year saw the Waza students grow in leaps and bounds, with the kids learning and working through exciting social challenges they face and h…
    13 days ago 14 Nov 14, 4:34am
  • Open-Sourcing Umati
      It’s been a whole year since we launched our Data Science Lab at iHub Research and we have been working hard to surface information on innovative research approaches using data. You can imagine how excited we are to finally share with you some o…
    13 days ago 14 Nov 14, 3:54am
  • Building a Bug that Listens
    Our inaugural buildathon was held on the 25th of October, and we think it was a great success. The theme for this quarter is DIY PCB Methods and Techniques with the sessions focused on putting together an FM Spy Bug. What’s this FM Spy Bug you ask…
    13 days ago 14 Nov 14, 3:44am
  • Testing Your Apps 101: AppThwack Demystified
    Guest post by Frank Tamre, Intel Applications Engineer “Nobody sets out to create an app that doesn’t work, but the reality of the situation makes testing extremely difficult. We’re applying our knowledge of system automation and general testi…
    15 days ago 12 Nov 14, 4:05am
    Join us onThursday,13th November 2014 for this month’s Nairobi Research Buzz (NRBuzz) taking place at the iHub, 4th Floor Bishop Magua building from 5.30 – 7.00 pm We are pleased to announce that Dr. Laura Mann, the first speaker at the inaugu…
    20 days ago 7 Nov 14, 4:02am
  • Consulting redraft exercise: Shortlisted applicants
    We are pleased to announce that we have successfully completed reviewing applications received for the Consulting redraft call.  The scoring was based on the following: Basic information – scored out of 5. The aim was to get general information…
    20 days ago 7 Nov 14, 2:32am
  • ICT and Governance in East Africa : Preliminary Fieldwork Findings in Kenya (Part 1) Nakuru
    By Varyanne Sika and Albert Otieno The ICT and Governance in East Africa study explores the various ways in which ICT tools can/have successfully facilitated or hindered two way interaction between government and citizens towards effective public se…
    21 days ago 6 Nov 14, 10:36am
  • [RECAP] Entrepreneurs Forum with Gem Argwings-Kodhek
    On Saturday, 25th October, 2014, Dr. Ndemo hosted a discussion on agriculture value add. The guest speaker was Gem Argwings-Kodhek, an agricultural economist. In his introductory remarks, Gem talked about how Kenyans are under pressure to do somethi…
    21 days ago 6 Nov 14, 4:10am
  • #CommunityStories: A young Kenyan’s Journey to Being Part of a Team That’s Building an Offline Version of The Internet
    The beauty of the internet is that it has its own life. It supports its own ecosystem where business relationships are initiated, developed and mature. One of the people who know this well is Kenneth Kinyanjui, part of the team that makes up a compa…
    21 days ago 6 Nov 14, 3:27am


  • European Parliament Backs Investigation To Split Google Search From Its Other Businesses
     A little Thanksgiving message from the European Parliament today: they support the idea of breaking up Google. While the search giant was not mentioned by name, members voted 384 to 174 (with 56 abstentions) in favor of a set of measures encourag…
    56 mins ago 27 Nov 14, 7:54am
  • Zano Is A Sky Selfie Micro-Drone That Flies Itself
     Holy autonomous micro-drones batman! Wondering how you’re going to line up your next dronie? Aka a selfie taken from up high by a passing UAV so you don’t get a photo of yourself remote controlling a drone… Well, never fear: a U.K.-based fir…
    2 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 7:02am
  • Le Wagon Is An Impressive French Coding Bootcamp For Entrepreneurs
     Coding bootcamps are nothing new, but they have always been more popular in the U.S. than in Europe. Last year, when Le Wagon started, it was a breath of fresh air. The team not only wanted to bring the concept back to Europe, but also wanted to a…
    2 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 6:51am
  • Goldman Sachs Invests $36M In Korean Food Delivery App Baedal Minjok
     Seoul-based startup Woowa Brothers, which operates food delivery app Baedal Minjok, has announced that it has raised a 40 billion won (about $36 million) round led by Goldman Sachs. The capital will be used to improve Baedal Minjok’s technology…
    6 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 3:19am
  • Tiger Global Raises $2.5 Billion For New Deals
     Investment firm Tiger Global has aggressively pursued new deals this year, and now it has a lot more cash to do so. According to an SEC filing, the firm closed $2.5 billion in new funding, that comes a little more than 6 months after it raised a $…
    7 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 1:51am
  • Mobile Marketplace Carousell Raises $6M Series A Led By Sequoia Capital
     Carousell, a mobile app marketplace that lets sellers upload items with a few taps on their smartphones, has raised $6 million in Series A funding led by Sequoia Capital. The Singaporean startup’s existing investors, Rakuten Ventures, Golden Gat…
    10 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 10:32pm
  • Microsoft Appears To Pre-Announce Its Purchase Of Email Startup Acompli
     Whoops. Welcome to literal fait accompli.A short, unfinished blog listed as written by Microsoft corporate vice president Rajesh Jha hit the RSS wires earlier today. Here’s what it looked like: It led to the following URL: http://blogs.mi…
    12 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 8:34pm
  • 9 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week
     It’s been a shorter week because we’re heading out early for Thanksgiving festivities, but a newsworthy one nonetheless. We give you our best stories of the week (11/22-11/26). Read More
    14 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 6:54pm
  • The Snowden Effect, Quantified
     The failure of the USA Freedom Act in the Senate earlier this month was a disappointment to many in favor of reforming the National Security Agency. The bill, far from perfect, and certainly incomplete in its scope was thought of by some as a poss…
    16 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 5:09pm
  • Jigglist Lets You Find Places For Meetups Without Leaving Your Group Chat
     Jigglist is a group chat app centered around finding places to go that are appropriate for the group that will attend. Read More
    16 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 5:00pm
  • How To Opt Out Of Twitter’s New Thing That Tracks Which Apps You Install
     Twitter is now keeping track of which apps you have on your phone, and sending that data back to the mothership (birds nest?) Here’s how to turn it off. Read More
    17 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 4:07pm
  • Twitter’s New App Tracking Capabilities To Help Personalize User Experience, Benefit Advertisers
     Starting today, Twitter users on iOS and Android devices will be alerted to a change in the type of data the social network is collecting on them, and will be offered the option to opt-out by adjusting their settings. The data in question is a li…
    17 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 3:56pm
  • Gift Guide: The Razor Crazy Cart
     While I did say that the Razor Crazy Cart was, well, crazy, it’s well worth a closer look if you have the space and safety equipment to send your kids careening around your driveway at about twenty miles per hour. That’s right: this is your dr…
    17 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 3:40pm
  • Cooling Tablet Market Turns To Low-End Devices For Growth
     Never in tech history have so many bought so much in such a short time. There was a memorable tweet sent in the final days before the first iPad was released: Someone in tech — and I forget their name and can’t find the tweet, sadly — noted…
    17 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 3:26pm
  • Quikkly Wants To Be A Better QR Code
     You’ve all used a QR code, right? Those weird-looking barcodes you’re supposed to scan using a mobile to open a related web link. Nope? I thought not. For one reason or another, the technology, which was originally developed for the automotive…
    17 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 3:23pm
  • Applause Raises $765K From Salesforce CEO For Its Revamped Weight Loss App
     If you’re worried about blowing your diet over the holidays – or perhaps, thinking about making a New Year’s resolution to “eat healthy” (you know, again) – an app called Applause, now seed funded by Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, may h…
    19 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 1:54pm
  • Expressiv Is An Irish MIDI Guitar With Some Groovy Light Effects, Man
     Hey, man, is that a MIDI guitar with amazing internal lighting effects? Well turn it up! Hot on the heels of the GTar and the Jamstik we present the Expressive, a guitar designed by Rob O’Reilly. The Kickstarter, which ends today, sold the guita…
    19 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 1:21pm
  • GoPro Could Go Robo With Consumer Drones Launching Next Year
     GoPro is working on a lineup of consumer drones to supplement its action camera lineup, according to the Wall Street Journal. The new product category would offer aerial drones like the Parrot Bebop and DJI Phantom and Inspire 1. The drones would…
    20 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 12:52pm
  • Firefox Redesigns Its Search Interface Ahead Of Yahoo Switch
     Last week we learned that Mozilla had made a pact with Yahoo to switch Firefox’s default search engine to a yet-to-be launched new version of Yahoo’s Bing-powered search experience. At that time, we already noted how easy it is to switch betwe…
    20 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 12:23pm
  • Unity Finally Releases Its Long Promised User Interface Creator
     At long last, Unity has shipped version 4.6 of its visual game development system — and with it, the long promised UI editor. Read More
    21 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 12:05pm

IT News Africa

  • West Africa: Sonatel reveals digital education project
    Senegalese operator Sonatel has launched the Orange Foundation’s digital education project for Africa in the presence of the country’s minister of education, Serigne Mbaye Thiam. According to the operator, the project is expected to cover Senegal…
    7 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 2:00am
  • Kenya: Safaricom reveals USD 1 Million venture fund
    To qualify for the fund, start-ups must have a working product or service with an active user base that demonstrate their ability to create transformative solutions (Image source: Google/[/caption] Kenyan operator, Safaricom,…
    8 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 1:08am
  • IS & Etisalat to extend MPLS network in Africa
    Internet Solutions (IS) and Etisalat have signed a bilateral partnership agreement which will extend the reach of both companies’ Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network coverage across the Middle East Region and Africa. According to both com…
    8 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 1:00am
  • Zimbabwe: Avelgood Apps announces 10 millionth download
    Avelgood Apps is a mobile apps development firm based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. According to the company, its apps have now been downloaded a cumulative 10 million times. Avelgood published its first app, a flashlight app, on Nokia Ovi Store in August 2…
    1 day ago 26 Nov 14, 7:43am
  • MTN & GIBS partner for Spirit of Youth & Career Expo 2015
    MTN Group has partnered with the Gordon Institute of Business Sciences (GIBS) to roll out the Spirit of Youth initiative, the institution’s leadership development programme. This is a three year partnership that will commence in 2015. The objective…
    1 day ago 26 Nov 14, 5:25am
  • Uganda: URA slams shut mobile device smuggling route
    The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has not only discovered a route used by individuals who smuggle mobile devices into Uganda, but it has also impounded a number of mobile devices to the value of UGX 34 Million. According to The Monitor, the smuggler…
    1 day ago 26 Nov 14, 2:47am
  • Top 3 ICT trends to watch out for in 2015
    2015 is only a few weeks away and it promises to be yet another exciting and eventful year for the telecoms industry. Here are the three most expected trends that could make an impact in 2015 as predicted by David King, CEO of leading data centre and…
    1 day ago 26 Nov 14, 2:09am
  • Choose the future of making money online, choose Bebuzee
    For years, people have struggled to make money online. Are you tired of countless surveys and no-ending questionnaires? Do you work full time? Do you have responsibilities? Do you want to share revenue with an up and coming social network by posting…
    2 days ago 25 Nov 14, 9:38am
  • Africa: Orange Business Services appoints Giorgio Heiman as VP
    Orange Business Services, the Orange branch dedicated to B2B services, has announced the appointment of Giorgio Heiman as Vice President of Africa, effective this month. Giorgio will share his time between Geneva and Johannesburg and takes over the l…
    2 days ago 25 Nov 14, 4:39am
  • Google & Unitel to build submarine fibre network
    Isabel dos Santos, CEO of Unitel, revealed that the Angolan operator has entered into a partnership with Google to launch a fibre optic submarine cable that will connect Africa to Brazil and Brazil to America, according to Diario Economico. According…
    2 days ago 25 Nov 14, 4:00am
  • Nigeria: Airtel to sell Nigerian towers to ATC
    American Tower Corporation and Airtel have inked an agreement for the sale of over 4,800 of Airtel’s communications towers in Nigeria. According to the agreement, Airtel will be the anchor tenant on the portfolio under a lease with a ten-year initi…
    2 days ago 25 Nov 14, 3:44am


  • Monitor Your Home With Dropcam, Only $100 for Black Friday
    Dropcam is a dead-simple solution for home video monitoring, and you can own one today for an all-time-low $100. What's your Benjamin get you?Read more...
    5 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 4:01am
  • At $23, You Have No Excuse to Not Buy a Chromecast
    Even at full price, the $35 Chromecast is one of the best deals in tech, so when it's a full 1/3 off, it'd almost be criminal not to buy it. And when you factor in the two free months of Hulu+, you're really only paying about $10 for the hardware.…
    5 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 3:28am
  • Here's a Bonkers Promotion on the Nikon D7000, Plus More Camera Deals
    Amazon has been fairly quiet up to this point for Black Friday, but if this camera deal is any indication, they're ready to bring out the big guns.Read more...
    6 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 3:10am
  • Here's Your Once-A-Year Nest Thermostat Discount
    By now, the Nest Learning Thermostat needs no introduction. You probably already know that it almost never gets a meaningful discount outside of Black Friday, so if you've been waiting to get your hands on one, it's officially time to strike.Read…
    6 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 3:00am
  • Amazon's Thanksgiving Kindle Sale Serves Up Some Tasty Discounts
    Amazon's kicking off Thanksgiving with solid discounts on a number of Kindle ereaders and tablets. It's not wholly uncommon to see similar deals throughout the year, but it's nice to have them all occurring at the same time, instead of ad hoc.Rea…
    9 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 11:40pm
  • The Distraction-Free Desktop
    It may look like just a wallpaper, but reader DeviousDog put some work into making sure that it had just the right tools at hand and that all of the tempting distractions of his computer were far away while he was trying to work or study. Here's ho…
    13 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 8:00pm
  • Freeze Your Tights to Make Them More Durable
    Tights can be very delicate and easy to ruin with a single snag. If you dampen them with water, then freeze before wearing them for the first time, they'll last longer.Read more...
    14 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 7:00pm
  • Several of the Best Black Friday Action Cam Deals are Live Right Now
    No matter your budget, you have some great opportunities to score a new action cam this holiday season.Read more...
    14 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 6:40pm
  • Leave on a Jet Plane with These Travel Wallpapers
    Many of us are hitting the road this week to visit family and friends for Thanksgiving, or just to go home for the holidays in general. Whether you're headed out or staying in, here are some scenic vistas you can use to dress up your desktop. Read…
    15 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 6:00pm
  • These Occupations Could Offer the Most Satisfying Careers
    We generally look for dream jobs that aren't overly stressful or pay really well, but there's another factor that should be considered: feeling like you make a difference. This list ranks over 200 different occupations not on how big the salary is,…
    15 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 5:30pm
  • Most Popular Android Phone of 2014: OnePlus One
    There are so many great Android phones on the market right now that no list could contain them all, but when we asked you for your picks , you gave us a great selection. We looked at the five best Android phones of the year based on those picks, a…
    16 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 5:15pm
  • How to Build a Handheld, Raspberry Pi-Powered Game Console
    The Raspberry Pi is a great little mini-computer for playing classic video games from your childhood. But, thanks to its small size, it's also possible to turn it into a portable handheld game console that plays your favorite titles, from NES to N…
    16 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 5:00pm
  • C.S. Lewis on Reading Literature: Those Who Don't Inhabit a Tiny World
    It should come as no surprise that C.S. Lewis, the world-renowned author of The Chronicles of Narnia series, believes that everyone should read books. Reading gives you the ability to see an infinite number of perspectives all while remaining yours…
    16 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 4:30pm
  • Make a Simple Stock While You Do the Dishes After a Holiday Meal
    After a big holiday meal there's usually some leftovers from your main dish and even more dishes. You can kill two birds with one stone by cooking up a simple stock with the leftover parts of the ham or turkey while you're taking care of all those…
    17 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 4:00pm
  • Fix Yosemite Wi-Fi Issues with a Terminal Command
    OS X Yosemite has had a slew of issues with Wi-Fi , namely that connections are randomly dropping out or slowing down. If you're affected by this, developer Mario Ciabarra has a Terminal command that'll fix the issue.Read more...
    17 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 3:30pm
  • I'm Will Young, Director of Zappos Labs, and This Is How I Work
    Zappos, of course, may be your online destination to peruse a plethora of shoes, among other things, but there's a bit more to it than that. At Zappos Labs, a research and development unit in San Francisco, they are exploring the future of online…
    18 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 3:00pm
  • How Long Will I Be Stuck in This Airport? A Thanksgiving Travel Forecast
    If you're one of the tens of thousands of people who are trapped in one of the United States' many fine airports on this Thanksgiving Eve, you may find yourself wondering when the hell you're going to get out of here and on to your destination. He…
    18 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 2:41pm
  • Music Center Adds Your Music Library to Notification Center
    iOS: Music Center is a widget for iOS 8 that lets you browse your entire music library from the Notification Center. Once it's enabled, you can start playing music without having to open and browse through the Music app. Read more...
    18 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 2:30pm
  • What's The Best Custom PC Builder? 
    Building your own computer is one of the most fun and personal projects you can take on. We've shown you how , and offered up specific builds to get you started . But if you don't have the time or inclination, there are custom, boutique PC builders…
    19 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 2:00pm
  • Steam's Holiday Sale is Live Now Through December 2nd
    Like clockwork, Valve launches a big holiday sale and 2014's has just begun. Top deals right now include Watch Dogs, Goat Simulator, and The Evil Within. With more sure to come.Read more...
    19 hours ago 26 Nov 14, 1:36pm

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This Is What Astronauts Will Eat For ThanksgivingThis Is What Astronauts Will Eat For Thanksgiving
50 mins ago 27 Nov 14, 8:00am
The DOJ Used 225-Year-Old Law to Bypass a Phone's PasswordThe DOJ Used 225-Year-Old Law to Bypass a Phone's Password
2 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 7:00am
Report: Foxconn Is Building a Display Plant to Make Sapphire GlassReport: Foxconn Is Building a Display Plant to Make Sapphire Glass
2 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 6:30am
Opera Wants to Make All Apps Subscription ServicesOpera Wants to Make All Apps Subscription Services
3 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 6:00am
The EU Wants to Extend Its 'Right To Be Forgotten' Around the WorldThe EU Wants to Extend Its 'Right To Be Forgotten' Around the World
4 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 5:00am
Your Future Gadgets Won't Have Those Strange Logos on the BackYour Future Gadgets Won't Have Those Strange Logos on the Back
5 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 4:07am
Monitor Your Home With Dropcam, Only $100 for Black FridayMonitor Your Home With Dropcam, Only $100 for Black Friday
5 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 4:01am
At $23, You Have No Excuse to Not Buy a ChromecastAt $23, You Have No Excuse to Not Buy a Chromecast
5 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 3:28am
Here's a Bonkers Promotion on the Nikon D7000, Plus More Camera DealsHere's a Bonkers Promotion on the Nikon D7000, Plus More Camera Deals
6 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 3:10am
Here's Your Once-A-Year Nest Thermostat DiscountHere's Your Once-A-Year Nest Thermostat Discount
6 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 3:00am
Xbox One Unity Bundle for $330 with a Free Game of Your ChoiceXbox One Unity Bundle for $330 with a Free Game of Your Choice
8 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 12:31am
The $330 Black Friday PlayStation 4, and a PlayStation Plus DealThe $330 Black Friday PlayStation 4, and a PlayStation Plus Deal
8 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 12:22am

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