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  • MTN SA confirms Farroukh’s resignation
    MTN Group has announced the resignation of Ahmad Farroukh, CEO of MTN South Africa, which is effective 31 July 2015. “This was a difficult decision to take for Ahmad, but unavoidable due to personal and family reasons,” says MTN Group President a…
    5 hours ago 6 Jul 15, 8:23am
  • MTN South Africa CEO throwing in the towel?
    MTN South Africa has taken quite a few blows these past few months. In May 2015, MTN was struck down by an ongoing strike being led by the Communication Workers Union (CWU), which crippled its call and service centres as well as its distribution offi…
    6 hours ago 6 Jul 15, 7:56am
  • MTN Nigeria to host Tech+ conference in Lagos
    MTN Nigeria is cooperating with Connect Marketing Services to hold the Tech+ technology conference and exhibition, which will take place at Eko Hotels and Suites in Victoria Island – Lagos. The event will be held between 24 & 25 July 2015, and w…
    8 hours ago 6 Jul 15, 5:55am
  • Understanding the legal side of E-signatures in South Africa
    The world is moving toward greater levels of digitisation, and organisations are increasingly implementing electronic and automated solutions in an effort to reduce paper-based processes. The signatory process is one of the last barriers toward the i…
    9 hours ago 6 Jul 15, 4:51am
  • How to help victims of online cyberbullying
    Cyberbullying, which is bullying that takes place using digital technology, has become a serious issue including within Africa. The consequences can be serious: children become withdrawn and secretive, their schoolwork suffers and they may become agg…
    10 hours ago 6 Jul 15, 3:49am
  • Kenyans will need ID number to login to Wi-Fi hotspots
    According to a report via, the Communications Commission of Kenya (CA) is in the process of drafting regulations which will require anyone accessing the internet through public hotspots to log in using their personal credentials and de…
    10 hours ago 6 Jul 15, 3:20am
  • IT News Africa: Top Tech Stories of the Week
    Making waves in the headlines this week was MTN South Africa. The mobile operator has allegedly filed criminal charges against a group of striking Communication Workers Union (CWU) members, who on 27 June 2015 allegedly attacked an MTN retail outlet.…
    3 days ago 3 Jul 15, 10:21am
  • Review: Payday 2 – Crimewave Edition
    The original Payday 2 was launched on the Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3 in August 2013; however, developer Overkill Software and publisher 505 Games have finally brought Payday 2 to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in the form of the Crimewave Editio…
    3 days ago 3 Jul 15, 8:15am
  • Kenya: Schools in Nairobi get free internet
    Wananchi Group, owner of Pay Tv company Zuku, is installing free, unlimited, high-speed fixed internet to over 2,000 public and private schools in Nairobi County. Through a partnership with Kenya Education Network (KENET) and the County Government of…
    3 days ago 3 Jul 15, 4:40am
  • Airtel rakes in USD 1.3 bln from tower sale in Africa
    Bharti Airtel has revealed that it has raised USD 1.3 billion with the sale of various mobile towers in five African countries. According to the company, the total proceeds from the transactions will be utilised to reduce the debt of the company. In…
    3 days ago 3 Jul 15, 3:58am
  • Orange connects Benin to ACE submarine cable
    Orange together with the other members of the ACE consortium, have announced the launch of the ACE cable in Cotonou, Benin and Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. The connection of these two stations is part of the second phase of deployment of the ACE…
    3 days ago 3 Jul 15, 3:35am


  • Discuss These Financial Topics With a Spouse to Prepare for the Worst
    It’s no fun thinking about what happens when you die. It’s a pretty big downer, but it’s important to discuss this matter with your spouse. In case of the worst, you want everything to be in order. Being prepared can alleviate some stress duri…
    18 mins ago 6 Jul 15, 1:30pm
  • How to Support a Distressed Coworker While Respecting Their Privacy
    When you spend over 40 hours a week with the same group of people, you can’t help but form bonds. Shared experiences at office, dealing with tough bosses, and frequenting favorite lunch spots can turn colleagues into personal friends. But when a c…
    48 mins ago 6 Jul 15, 1:00pm
  • Amazon's Dedicated Cloud Drive App Comes to iOS
    iOS: Amazon’s Cloud Drive is a solid alternative to Dropbox . Android users have had access to the standalone app since late June, but iOS users can use it, too, thanks to Amazon’s newly released Cloud Drive for iOS.…
    1 hour ago 6 Jul 15, 12:30pm
  • Build Your Own Pro-Style Poker Table at Home
    Hosting game night on your dining room table isn’t always the ideal situation. Up your game and build this dedicated poker table to seat 8 players for around $300. It’ll work for other card games too, and it’s way cheaper than buying a table w…
    2 hours ago 6 Jul 15, 12:00pm
  • How to Improve Your Photos and Videos with Affordable Lighting
    The big difference between good looking photos and video and bad ones comes down to how well things are lit. Whether you’re an amateur photographer building a home studio or a budding YouTube star, here are some simple tricks for casting the right…
    3 hours ago 6 Jul 15, 11:00am
  • What You Should Know About “Credit Builder” Loans
    Strong credit can help you buy a car or get a decent mortgage rate. If you’re looking to boost your score, you might consider a “credit builder” loan. Here’s a quick rundown of what they are and how they can help improve your credit.Read mo…
    3 hours ago 6 Jul 15, 10:30am
  • Today's Best Deals: Backup Power, Belkin WeMo, Flash Storage, and More
    Here are the best of today’s deals. Get every great deal every day on Kinja Deals, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to never miss a deal, join us on Kinja Gear to read about great products, and on Kinja Co-Op to help us find the best.Read more..…
    4 hours ago 6 Jul 15, 10:06am
  • Use Silken Tofu to Make Creamier, Healthier Salad Dressing
    A rich, creamy dressing can take a salad from boring to delicious. However, most creamy dressings are pretty heavy. If you want something lighter and healthier, use silken tofu instead. Its texture is perfect for a homemade creamy dressing.Read mor…
    4 hours ago 6 Jul 15, 10:00am
  • Ditch the Microwave Line and Make a Delicious Lunch with Hot Water
    The most frustrating part of eating lunch at work is dealing with the microwave. Unless you time it exactly right, there is always a line and it usually smells strongly of popcorn. I’m here to tell you that you don’t need that microwave in your…
    4 hours ago 6 Jul 15, 9:30am
  • Treat Rejection Like Losing a Game to Handle It Better
    Getting rejected feels like crap. How you respond to it, though, can make all the difference. To handle rejection better and move on to your next opportunity, treat it like a game. When you lose once in a game, you just shrug and start over.Read mo…
    5 hours ago 6 Jul 15, 9:00am
  • Shop More Frequently, Rather Than Buying Perishables in Bulk, to Save
    When it comes to saving money at the grocery store, “buy in bulk” is common sense. However, this can backfire if you’re buying perishables. Many Americans don’t realize just how much food they end up throwing away.Read more...
    5 hours ago 6 Jul 15, 8:31am
  • Give Your Home a Brain With Big Discounts on Popular WeMo Devices
    If you’re smart home-curious, Belkin’s WeMo line of outlet and light switches is a great gateway drug into the world of home automation, and several of the most popular models are on sale right now.Read more...
    5 hours ago 6 Jul 15, 8:20am
  • This Video Gives You a Primer On How to Take Criticism
    Learning to take criticism isn’t a skill most of us want to learn, but it’s essential to getting an objective view of your strengths and weaknesses. This video gives you a start-to-finish primer on how to take, filter, clarify, and apply critici…
    6 hours ago 6 Jul 15, 8:00am
  • Go Shoe Shopping In the Evening for the Best Possible Fit
    Whether you’re planning to buy a pair of hiking boots or just everyday sneakers, try to go shopping for them in the evening. You’ll end up with a better fit, and a more comfortable pair of shoes as a result. Here’s why, and it makes perfect se…
    6 hours ago 6 Jul 15, 7:30am
  • The Best App Uninstaller for Android
    Installing apps is easy on Android. So easy that you can end up with a ton that you don’t need over time. Rather than tediously paging through every app to uninstall them one by one, we recommend Easy Uninstaller. This app allows you to uninstall…
    7 hours ago 6 Jul 15, 7:00am
  • Learn the Basics of Working with Epoxies In This Video
    Epoxy can be a handy tool for all kinds of home projects. This video explains what epoxy is and some basic tips for how to use it.Read more...
    19 hours ago 5 Jul 15, 7:00pm
  • Build Your Own Aerial Photography Rig with a Kite
    Aerial photography is a lot of fun and you have a ton of options for doing it. These days drones are certainly one of the most popular , but balloons work too . If that’s all too much of an investment, Make shows you how to do it with a kite.Read…
    20 hours ago 5 Jul 15, 6:00pm
  • Keep Condiments From Dripping in the Fridge With Containers
    Over time, dripping condiments can cause a sticky mess in your fridge. To keep your fridge clean and its contents organized, try corralling your condiments in containers.Read more...
    22 hours ago 5 Jul 15, 4:00pm
  • Google May Offer "Did You Mean" Suggestions While Searching on Android
    Google’s “Did you mean” feature is a handy way to avoid having to remember how to spell things. Now, Google seems to be spreading its reach to autocomplete suggestions on Android, before you’ve even completed your search.Read more...
    23 hours ago 5 Jul 15, 3:00pm
  • Today's Best Deals: Cheap Hot Tub, Pet Treats, Kitchen Scale, and More
    Here are the best of today’s deals. Get every great deal every day on Kinja Deals, follow us onFacebook and Twitter to never miss a deal, join us on Kinja Gear to read about great products, and on Kinja Co-Op to help us find the best.Read more...…
    1 day ago 5 Jul 15, 11:28am

news24 Kenya Sci-Tech


  • The Underplayed Outcomes of Kenya Open Data Initiative
    Many reports have been written about The Kenya Open Data Initiative and how it has died. Many have questioned how government projects run and if Open Data in Kenya is facing the same fate. What a lot of people have not realized is that beyond the po…
    29 Jan 15, 10:17am
  • Nairobi Data Science Meet-up: Saving Lives with Living Data
    Since mid-2014, our  Data Science Lab has been honoured  to host local data scientists at informal monthly meet-ups. These have been fantastic ways for us to get to know the exciting projects going on in the community, provided new opportunities t…
    28 Jan 15, 5:38am
  • Announcing OCSDNet’s Round 1 Grant Awardees
    Open and Collaborative Science (OCS) is a movement that aims to change the traditional culture of research by making the production and dissemination of scientific evidence inclusive and publicly accessible. Open approaches to science include increa…
    27 Jan 15, 2:28pm
  • EADC Opens its doors to the Kenyan Tech Community
    Following last December’s  tour of the East Africa Data Centre (EADC) the following features and facilities of the dat  centre are being offered to Kenyan tech startups, developers and entrepreneurs. Floor Space: Tier 3 data centre with 2,000m ac…
    26 Jan 15, 1:07am
    Saturday, January 17th,  was an exceptional day at the iHub. With approximately 150 people in attendance, the very first Entrepreneurship Forum of the year kicked off. The theme for the forum was Energy and Energy Efficiency. The official speaker o…
    24 Jan 15, 4:02am
  • HTML/CSS workshop at Moringa School
    Guest Post By Moringa School  Have you ever dreamed of building your own website but don’t know where to start?  Come to Moringa School’s one-day workshop on the 31st of January  and we’ll teach you how!  We’ll take you from the very ba…
    23 Jan 15, 9:21am
  • Negawatt’s Challenge Definition Day
    iHub is proud to host the very first Challenge Definition Day of the World Bank’s Negawatt Challenge on January 29th (9:00 to 15:00). Negawatt is an open-innovation challenge competition that will leverage Nairobi’s rich ecosystem of entrepreneu…
    22 Jan 15, 1:30pm
  • Why Uber Will Be Africa Challenged
    The other day I was in Europe for the holidays and there, for the first time, I experienced the joys of the technology innovations Uber and AirBnB. Fascinating, interesting and definitely a must try. How with a mobile app, you have a place to stay,…
    22 Jan 15, 7:53am
  • The Ability to Fight; Able Wireless’ Resilience Pays Off as Things Take an Upswing
    For some time last year, the first thing you saw when you visited the website of a company called Able Wireless was a documentary titled The Internet’s Own Boy. The film tells the story of Aaron Swartz, who has been described as a programming prod…
    22 Jan 15, 6:50am
  • Applications open today- Tigo’s tech incubators
    Guest Post By think After a first successful intake, Tigo and Millicom’s tech incubator in Rwanda, think, opened applications for the 2nd cohort. think calls for high-potential, Africa-focused technology companies to apply for a 6-month accelerat…
    22 Jan 15, 4:29am
  • Syngenta Design challenge announcement
    Syngenta is one of the world’s leading companies with more than 28,000 employees in 90 countries dedicated to the purpose of bringing plant potential to life. Syngenta teamed up with Microsoft in 2014 to create a better way to train farmers in rur…
    22 Jan 15, 4:26am
  • Flat6Labs Abu Dhabi
            Guest Post By Flat6Labs Flat6Labs Abu Dhabi is a global hub for digital innovation that will support a generation of entrepreneurs from the UAE and abroad to launch digital businesses in Abu Dhabi and scale to regional and global markets.…
    22 Jan 15, 3:57am
  • University Students In Kenya: Apply Now for the Intel Student Partner Program
    We’ve had a very successful first year with the Intel Student Partner Program, which is an opportunity for students to act as liaisons between Intel and their universities. This program is designed to enable students at leading universities acros…
    20 Jan 15, 7:53am
  • Going Digital? The impact of the internet on Kenya’s Economic Growth
    World Bank World Development Report 2016 (WDR) Consultation Breakfast Hosted at the iHub, Bishop Magua Centre, Ngong Road, Wednesday 28 January, 0900-1100   It is unquestionable that the world has experienced a digital evolution over the last decad…
    19 Jan 15, 12:21pm
  • CopyrightX: 2015 – Call for Applications
    Guest Blog: CODE-IP Content Development & Intellectual Property (or “CODE-IP”) Trust is a Kenyan nonprofit organisation established to promote an enabling environment for local content development and its intellectual property protection. Among…
    19 Jan 15, 9:28am
  • Top 10 list of most disruptive technologies in Kenya in the last 5 years
    The technology scene in Kenya has grown rapidly over the 1st half of the decade.  Behind this steady growth lies the emergence of tech hubs, government support and of course the emergence of different technologies. The emergence of tech hubs and l…
    19 Jan 15, 1:00am
  • Get trained to be a Windows developer
    Last year, m:lab East Africa conducted a training sponsored by Microsoft 4Afrika on universal apps (Windows Phone and Windows 8) and Windows Azure development, which run for six weeks at the m:lab East Africa training facility. This year, from 9th…
    19 Jan 15, 12:07am
  • The Lessons I Learnt at Startup Sauna
    Late last year, two members from Totohealth, Felix Kimaru, the Founder and Executive Director, and Malele Ngalu, the Marketing Lead  traveled  to  Finland to take part in one month acceleration program under Startup Sauna. Startup Sauna is an ini…
    16 Jan 15, 11:43am
  • [Session] Wanna scale your business?
    Have you developed an app that solves a real world problem? Do you want the chance to make it grow for use beyond Kenyan borders? Then please sign up here and join us for a talk with Jessica Berlin, founder of Berlin Bridge, at iHub 4th floor at 5:…
    9 Jan 15, 11:07am
  • Take part in the BBC Connected Hackathon
    Guest post by Laura Harrison (BBC Connected Studio) xxx BBC Connected Studio have been working with BBC World Service on a project to help grow reach to young audiences in Africa. Our project is split into a few separate areas but all are looking a…
    9 Jan 15, 9:42am
    On Saturday, 29th November 2014 Dr. Ndemo hosted iCow‘s Su Kahumbu at our monthly entrepreneurs forum. According to Su, one of the biggest problems we’re having globally is that farming communities are ageing. In Kenya, the average age of the fa…
    8 Jan 15, 6:31am
  • Certificate in Mobile Development for the Android platform
    Guest Post iLabAfrica We have the pleasure to inform you that at @iLabAfrica, Strathmore University is organizing a 2 months Certificate in Mobile Development for the Android platform. The program will run from Jan 19–March 19 2015. The cour…
    8 Jan 15, 6:19am
  • Practitioners & Scholars together create Kenya’s first management book
    Guest Blog The editors, Dr. Bitange Ndemo and Tim Weiss, seek to enhance and invigorate together with practitioners and scholars the dialog surrounding business environments and entrepreneurship in Kenya. The book is strategically positioned to cont…
    7 Jan 15, 8:26am
  • Join the Umati Dev Group

    7 Jan 15, 6:24am
  • Who Wants to be a Tech Millionaire? Intel x She Leads Africa Workshop for Female Tech Entrepreneurs: Apply Now!
    Got a cool idea? Interested in technology? Want to upgrade your business skills? Intel Corp has just signed a partnership with She Leads Africa to host educational workshops for tech  entrepreneurs in cities across the continent. The series of work…
    5 Jan 15, 7:52am


Here's a Real-Time Map of All the Objects in Earth's OrbitHere's a Real-Time Map of All the Objects in Earth's Orbit
32 mins ago 6 Jul 15, 1:16pm
Does Safely Ejecting From a USB Port Actually Do Anything?Does Safely Ejecting From a USB Port Actually Do Anything?
1 hour ago 6 Jul 15, 12:20pm
This Humble Cactus Could Help Fuel Our Drought-Stricken WorldThis Humble Cactus Could Help Fuel Our Drought-Stricken World
2 hours ago 6 Jul 15, 12:00pm
You Can Customize These Cardboard Pinball Machines However You WantYou Can Customize These Cardboard Pinball Machines However You Want
2 hours ago 6 Jul 15, 11:47am
Drone of the Day: S-100 CamcopterDrone of the Day: S-100 Camcopter
2 hours ago 6 Jul 15, 11:35am
The Army Built a Robot To Help Soldiers Shoot Guns BetterThe Army Built a Robot To Help Soldiers Shoot Guns Better
2 hours ago 6 Jul 15, 11:25am
Gawker “Fuck That Alligator”: Man Killed Seconds After Mocking Gator Warning | io9 Spaghetti WesternGawker “Fuck That Alligator”: Man Killed Seconds After Mocking Gator Warning | io9 Spaghetti Western
3 hours ago 6 Jul 15, 11:05am
This Bacteria-Slaying Light Fixture Is Perfectly Safe For HumansThis Bacteria-Slaying Light Fixture Is Perfectly Safe For Humans
3 hours ago 6 Jul 15, 11:00am
I Want to Live In This Colorful Maze Made From Sheets of PlasticI Want to Live In This Colorful Maze Made From Sheets of Plastic
3 hours ago 6 Jul 15, 10:40am
Lock and Unlock Your Android Device Automatically with Gravity ScreenLock and Unlock Your Android Device Automatically with Gravity Screen
4 hours ago 6 Jul 15, 10:11am
Today's Best Deals: Backup Power, Belkin WeMo, Flash Storage, and MoreToday's Best Deals: Backup Power, Belkin WeMo, Flash Storage, and More
4 hours ago 6 Jul 15, 10:06am
Data-Collecting Planes Are Counting Africa's Elephants to Curb PoachingData-Collecting Planes Are Counting Africa's Elephants to Curb Poaching
4 hours ago 6 Jul 15, 9:45am

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