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  • The Underplayed Outcomes of Kenya Open Data Initiative
    Many reports have been written about The Kenya Open Data Initiative and how it has died. Many have questioned how government projects run and if Open Data in Kenya is facing the same fate. What a lot of people have not realized is that beyond the po…
    57 days ago 29 Jan 15, 10:17am
  • Nairobi Data Science Meet-up: Saving Lives with Living Data
    Since mid-2014, our  Data Science Lab has been honoured  to host local data scientists at informal monthly meet-ups. These have been fantastic ways for us to get to know the exciting projects going on in the community, provided new opportunities t…
    58 days ago 28 Jan 15, 5:38am
  • Announcing OCSDNet’s Round 1 Grant Awardees
    Open and Collaborative Science (OCS) is a movement that aims to change the traditional culture of research by making the production and dissemination of scientific evidence inclusive and publicly accessible. Open approaches to science include increa…
    59 days ago 27 Jan 15, 2:28pm
  • EADC Opens its doors to the Kenyan Tech Community
    Following last December’s  tour of the East Africa Data Centre (EADC) the following features and facilities of the dat  centre are being offered to Kenyan tech startups, developers and entrepreneurs. Floor Space: Tier 3 data centre with 2,000m ac…
    61 days ago 26 Jan 15, 1:07am
    Saturday, January 17th,  was an exceptional day at the iHub. With approximately 150 people in attendance, the very first Entrepreneurship Forum of the year kicked off. The theme for the forum was Energy and Energy Efficiency. The official speaker o…
    63 days ago 24 Jan 15, 4:02am
  • HTML/CSS workshop at Moringa School
    Guest Post By Moringa School  Have you ever dreamed of building your own website but don’t know where to start?  Come to Moringa School’s one-day workshop on the 31st of January  and we’ll teach you how!  We’ll take you from the very ba…
    63 days ago 23 Jan 15, 9:21am
  • Negawatt’s Challenge Definition Day
    iHub is proud to host the very first Challenge Definition Day of the World Bank’s Negawatt Challenge on January 29th (9:00 to 15:00). Negawatt is an open-innovation challenge competition that will leverage Nairobi’s rich ecosystem of entrepreneu…
    64 days ago 22 Jan 15, 1:30pm
  • Why Uber Will Be Africa Challenged
    The other day I was in Europe for the holidays and there, for the first time, I experienced the joys of the technology innovations Uber and AirBnB. Fascinating, interesting and definitely a must try. How with a mobile app, you have a place to stay,…
    64 days ago 22 Jan 15, 7:53am
  • The Ability to Fight; Able Wireless’ Resilience Pays Off as Things Take an Upswing
    For some time last year, the first thing you saw when you visited the website of a company called Able Wireless was a documentary titled The Internet’s Own Boy. The film tells the story of Aaron Swartz, who has been described as a programming prod…
    64 days ago 22 Jan 15, 6:50am
  • Applications open today- Tigo’s tech incubators
    Guest Post By think After a first successful intake, Tigo and Millicom’s tech incubator in Rwanda, think, opened applications for the 2nd cohort. think calls for high-potential, Africa-focused technology companies to apply for a 6-month accelerat…
    65 days ago 22 Jan 15, 4:29am
  • Syngenta Design challenge announcement
    Syngenta is one of the world’s leading companies with more than 28,000 employees in 90 countries dedicated to the purpose of bringing plant potential to life. Syngenta teamed up with Microsoft in 2014 to create a better way to train farmers in rur…
    65 days ago 22 Jan 15, 4:26am
  • Flat6Labs Abu Dhabi
            Guest Post By Flat6Labs Flat6Labs Abu Dhabi is a global hub for digital innovation that will support a generation of entrepreneurs from the UAE and abroad to launch digital businesses in Abu Dhabi and scale to regional and global markets.…
    65 days ago 22 Jan 15, 3:57am
  • University Students In Kenya: Apply Now for the Intel Student Partner Program
    We’ve had a very successful first year with the Intel Student Partner Program, which is an opportunity for students to act as liaisons between Intel and their universities. This program is designed to enable students at leading universities acros…
    66 days ago 20 Jan 15, 7:53am
  • Going Digital? The impact of the internet on Kenya’s Economic Growth
    World Bank World Development Report 2016 (WDR) Consultation Breakfast Hosted at the iHub, Bishop Magua Centre, Ngong Road, Wednesday 28 January, 0900-1100   It is unquestionable that the world has experienced a digital evolution over the last decad…
    67 days ago 19 Jan 15, 12:21pm
  • CopyrightX: 2015 – Call for Applications
    Guest Blog: CODE-IP Content Development & Intellectual Property (or “CODE-IP”) Trust is a Kenyan nonprofit organisation established to promote an enabling environment for local content development and its intellectual property protection. Among…
    67 days ago 19 Jan 15, 9:28am
  • Top 10 list of most disruptive technologies in Kenya in the last 5 years
    The technology scene in Kenya has grown rapidly over the 1st half of the decade.  Behind this steady growth lies the emergence of tech hubs, government support and of course the emergence of different technologies. The emergence of tech hubs and l…
    68 days ago 19 Jan 15, 1:00am
  • Get trained to be a Windows developer
    Last year, m:lab East Africa conducted a training sponsored by Microsoft 4Afrika on universal apps (Windows Phone and Windows 8) and Windows Azure development, which run for six weeks at the m:lab East Africa training facility. This year, from 9th…
    68 days ago 19 Jan 15, 12:07am
  • The Lessons I Learnt at Startup Sauna
    Late last year, two members from Totohealth, Felix Kimaru, the Founder and Executive Director, and Malele Ngalu, the Marketing Lead  traveled  to  Finland to take part in one month acceleration program under Startup Sauna. Startup Sauna is an ini…
    70 days ago 16 Jan 15, 11:43am
  • [Session] Wanna scale your business?
    Have you developed an app that solves a real world problem? Do you want the chance to make it grow for use beyond Kenyan borders? Then please sign up here and join us for a talk with Jessica Berlin, founder of Berlin Bridge, at iHub 4th floor at 5:…
    77 days ago 9 Jan 15, 11:07am
  • Take part in the BBC Connected Hackathon
    Guest post by Laura Harrison (BBC Connected Studio) xxx BBC Connected Studio have been working with BBC World Service on a project to help grow reach to young audiences in Africa. Our project is split into a few separate areas but all are looking a…
    77 days ago 9 Jan 15, 9:42am
    On Saturday, 29th November 2014 Dr. Ndemo hosted iCow‘s Su Kahumbu at our monthly entrepreneurs forum. According to Su, one of the biggest problems we’re having globally is that farming communities are ageing. In Kenya, the average age of the fa…
    78 days ago 8 Jan 15, 6:31am
  • Certificate in Mobile Development for the Android platform
    Guest Post iLabAfrica We have the pleasure to inform you that at @iLabAfrica, Strathmore University is organizing a 2 months Certificate in Mobile Development for the Android platform. The program will run from Jan 19–March 19 2015. The cour…
    78 days ago 8 Jan 15, 6:19am
  • Practitioners & Scholars together create Kenya’s first management book
    Guest Blog The editors, Dr. Bitange Ndemo and Tim Weiss, seek to enhance and invigorate together with practitioners and scholars the dialog surrounding business environments and entrepreneurship in Kenya. The book is strategically positioned to cont…
    79 days ago 7 Jan 15, 8:26am
  • Join the Umati Dev Group

    79 days ago 7 Jan 15, 6:24am
  • Who Wants to be a Tech Millionaire? Intel x She Leads Africa Workshop for Female Tech Entrepreneurs: Apply Now!
    Got a cool idea? Interested in technology? Want to upgrade your business skills? Intel Corp has just signed a partnership with She Leads Africa to host educational workshops for tech  entrepreneurs in cities across the continent. The series of work…
    81 days ago 5 Jan 15, 7:52am


  • 15 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week
     This week’s tech news included big announcements from Facebook and Y-Combinator, a sighting of the Tesla Model X on the road, a controversial Indiana bill that has tech leaders up in arms, and the launch of Periscope, a Twitter app that has pote…
    47 mins ago 27 Mar 15, 5:20pm
  • This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Smartphone Stuff And Smart Home Stuff
     It was a big week for phones and homes. John Biggs has been reviewing the new Galaxy S6 Edge from Samsung, while the HTC One M9 recently went on sale in certain markets. And speaking of things that just went on sale, Indiegogo darling Canary recen…
    58 mins ago 27 Mar 15, 5:09pm
  • No Verdict Yet: Pao Vs. KPCB Jury Sent Back To Deliberations Due To Math Error On Fourth Claim
     Updated: After several days of deliberations, a San Francisco Superior Court jury has come to a conclusion in Ellen Pao Vs. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, the gender discrimination trial that began with a lawsuit filed in May 2012 and has culmi…
    1 hour ago 27 Mar 15, 4:40pm
  • Thou Shalt Not Google
     At every break during the high-profile Pao versus Kleiner Perkins trial these past couple of weeks, judge Harold Khan reminded the jurors, “Do not form or express any opinions about the case. Do not do any research. Do not read any news reports.…
    2 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 4:18pm
  • Gillmor Gang LIVE 03.27.15
     Gillmor Gang – Steven Levy, John Taschek, Erick Schonfeld, Keith Teare, and Steve Gillmor. LIVE recording session 1pmPT/4pmET today. Our FriendFeed chat during the show broadcastGillmor Gang on FacebookOur sister show, G3 , on Facebook (ple…
    2 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 4:02pm
  • These Brutally Honest Push Notifications Will Make You Rethink Your Life
     This is hilarious, and sad. We didn’t evolve to live with phones in our hands. We’re still getting the hang of managing our instincts and odd behaviors in the face of instant communication. This set of humorous push notifications proves that…
    2 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 3:51pm
  • ElecFreaks Is Selling (And Giving Away) A DIY VR Drone
     A new 3D-printed drone called the ELF VR Nano is available for pre-order on Indiegogo and for download on Thingiverse. That’s right: you can either buy the product and receive pre-printed parts or you can simply print it yourself. It’s one of…
    3 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 3:16pm
  • Join Ron Conway And Fred Wilson At Disrupt NY
     It’s no secret that the incredible wealth of the technology industry has attracted critics in recent years. In this country’s two capitols of capital, San Francisco and New York, influxes of tech workers are reshaping neighborhoods, and acc…
    3 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 2:53pm
  • Vine Courts The Embed With High Res Video
     Vines just got bigger with a higher quality video upgrade today. A new post on the company blog announced a technical change that allows Vine users to upload the higher-resolution 720p HD video to the app. That’s a significant improvement from t…
    3 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 2:46pm
  • Tumblr’s Mobile App Will Now Add ‘Buy,’ ‘Pledge,’ And ‘Get Involved’ Buttons To Select Posts
     Tumblr today introduced a change to its service that will encourage users to purchase or fund products and campaigns on other websites, including Etsy’s online marketplace and Kickstarter, for example. With an update to its mobile application fo…
    3 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 2:43pm
  • Slack Got Hacked
     Slack, the super-slick team chat-room service, is getting popular fast. Word around the rumor mill is that they’re currently raising funds at a $2.8 billion valuation. And in the words of the late, great Biggie Smalls: Mo Money, Mo Problems. In…
    4 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 2:11pm
  • Meerkat Strikes Back At Periscope With New Ways To Follow
     With Twitter’s much more polished live-streaming app Periscope now on the market, Meerkat needs to strengthen its own social graph to keep users from straying to its new competitor. So today Meerkat for iOS was updated with recommendations of pe…
    5 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 1:36pm
  • Tech Titans Blast New Anti-Gay Law In Indiana
     It’s hard to believe, after how far the gay rights movement has come, that we’re still doing this. But here we are. Republican Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has signed into law a bill that allows private businesses to discriminate against gay and le…
    5 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 1:10pm
  • The Live Stream Goes Mainstream
     In early 2011, Skype bought a mobile video startup called Qik, which had developed an app that let mobile users record and stream videos in real-time which others could be alerted to and then view. If that description sounds similar to the newly h…
    5 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 1:02pm
  • SEC Greenlights Equity Crowdfunding, So Anyone Can Invest In Startups
     Earlier this week, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced a new set of rules implementing Title IV of the JOBS Act. The release of these final rules further advances one of the core principles and goals of the 2012 law: to create a…
    6 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 11:39am
  • Facebook Is Down For Many Users Right Now (Update: It’s Back!)
     Update: Service is now fully restored according to Facebook.Facebook has been down for at least an hour for some users, according to reports on social media and downrightnow. The outage has affected some but not all users of the platform, with…
    6 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 11:38am
  • Cisco Backs Video Ad Startup Innovid In New $10M Round
     Innovid, a startup that helps advertisers create, target, and measure video ad campaigns, is announcing that it has raised $10 million in new funding. As part the round, the startup is bringing on Cisco Investments as a new investor. (Previous bac…
    7 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 11:07am
  • Spear-Phishing Could Enable Cyberterrorism Attacks Against The U.S.
     If terrorists ever orchestrate a violent cyberattack against the U.S., the odds are 9 in 10 that spear-phishing will be the first step of their assault. The same technique that has breached Sony, Anthem, Target, the Pentagon and thousands of organ…
    7 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 11:00am
  • Anonymous Social App Cloaq Lets You Secretly Comment On Anything
     The trend toward anonymous social applications may be on the downswing for some, but others believe there’s still a place for online discussions where users don’t have to reveal their real identity. Case in point: Cloaq, the anonymous app wher…
    8 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 10:33am
  • A Super Angel’s View On Venture Capital In 2015
     As the first quarter of 2015 draws to a close, it’s clear that the venture capital industry is evolving.Since 2005, thousands of new millionaires have been minted by the IPOs of Alibaba Group, Lending Club, Go Pro, Box, Zendesk, Facebook, Pando…
    8 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 10:30am

IT News Africa

  • IT News Africa: Top Stories of the Week
    This week in tech has seen quite a few surprising occurrences. Not only has Gilat Satellite’s CEO stepped down, but South African telecom operator, Telkom, has been struck down by illegal industrial action. Also making the headlines this week was N…
    8 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 10:31am
  • Nigeria to receive Election updates on 10 channels
    As Nigerians prepare to exercise their right to vote during the upcoming elections, MultiChoice has assured its subscribers that they can stay connected to the election updates through 10 local and international news channels on DStv and GOtv. In a p…
    9 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 8:55am
  • Top 10 tips to keep data safe in the cloud
    If you choose a credible cloud software provider, it will essentially host your payroll applications and data in a secure data centre underpinned by world-class technology. This will free you from doing backups, buying and installing new versions of…
    11 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 7:25am
  • Research survey set to track FTTH/B penetration in Africa
    52 African countries are now connected to submarine cables, either directly or by terrestrial cross-border fibre optic networks. 44% of Africans live within a 25-km reach of a fibre node. The key question now is which cities and suburbs are taking th…
    11 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 6:53am
  • Security issue found in wearable fitness wristband
    Fitness trackers of all kinds have become extremely popular, helping people to manage their physical activity and calorie intake and stay in shape. However, such devices also process important personal data about their owners and it is important to k…
    12 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 6:09am
  • Top Tech Tips to lock down your social media account
    With mobile devices becoming more prominent in our day-to-day lives, as tech-savvy Africans, we are constantly accessing social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. While these platforms are secure in their own right, t…
    13 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 5:28am
  • Nigeria: Lagos Chamber of Commerce Unveils ICT Expo
    The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) on Friday, 13th march 2015, unveiled the ICT and Telecommunications Expo tagged ‘ICTEL EXPO’. The ICTEL Expo is scheduled to hold at the Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos between 15th and 18th of April,…
    1 day ago 26 Mar 15, 11:13am
  • MTN Group reveals latest Sustainability Report
    MTN Group’s efforts to advance social development in its markets through the integration of sustainable business practices into day-to-day activities, is yielding positive outcomes, according to the company. The company’s Sustainability Report fo…
    1 day ago 26 Mar 15, 8:41am
  • Akamai reveals global Q4 2014 State of the Internet Report
    For the third consecutive quarter, the global average connection speed remained above the 4 Mbps “broadband” threshold, increasing a nominal 0.7 percent to 4.5 Mbps, according to Akamai’s Fourth Quarter, 2014 State of the Internet Report. Quart…
    1 day ago 26 Mar 15, 7:53am
  • Facebook reveals open source augmented traffic control tool
    Along with the announcement of Facebook’s This Day feature, the social media platform has announced the release of its Augmented Traffic Control tool under an open source licence. The move is intended in order to give developers access as well a th…
    1 day ago 26 Mar 15, 6:46am
  • Nigeria: NCC to pay USD 2.5 million in damages to APC
    According to a report by the Vanguard, the Federal High Court in Lagos has ordered the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to pay the All Progressives Congress (APC) USD 2.5 million in damages for unlawfully banning its presidential campaign fun…
    2 days ago 26 Mar 15, 5:42am


  • Spend Less on Food by Starting Your Budget at $0 and Working Up
    It's always a good idea to make a budget for your food spending, but you might be shooting yourself in the foot by only setting a spending cap. If you work your way up from $0 and focus on the things you need first, you might be able to save a few b…
    37 mins ago 27 Mar 15, 5:30pm
  • How (and Why) I Stopped Waiting for Others and Started Traveling Solo
    Adventuring alone sounds exciting, but it's also scary. Like most people, I’ve done the majority of my traveling with friends and family. That is, until I realized that I had places I wanted to go and no one wanted to go with me. I struck out on…
    1 hour ago 27 Mar 15, 5:00pm
  • Filters for iPhone Adjusts Photos with Over 800 Different Tweaks
    iOS: You have a billion options for different photo editing apps on iOS, but Filters might be one of the simplest to use. It comes packed with over 800 different photo filters, but still manages to be friendly to use. Read more...
    2 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 4:30pm
  • Build a Raspberry Pi-Powered Secret Spy Camera
    Want to make your own little spy camera that fits on your shirt? Make put together a guide using a Raspberry Pi and a small camera. Read more...
    2 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 4:00pm
  • ​Compete with Others in Virtual Races, Even If You Work Out Alone
    Can't wait for that weekend race or that date with your slightly-faster cycling buddy? You can fire up your competitive spirit right now with apps and virtual races. Here are some fun ones.Read more...
    3 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 3:31pm
  • This Week's Most Popular Posts: March 20th to 27th
    This week we returned to the dating pool , wrote our first book , counted some calories , and found the most overrated superfoods . Here's a look back. Read more...
    3 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 3:00pm
  • Paperwork Is an Evernote Alternative You Can Host Yourself
    If you're not a big fan of storing your notes on a third-party service like Google Keep or Evernote, Paperwork is similar software that's open-source that also allows you to host it yourself. Read more...
    4 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 2:30pm
  • Store Your Emergency Food Supply in Water Bottles
    When setting up your emergency food supply, proper storage is critical to make sure insects and other creatures don't get to your stash. This simple solution keeps your dry goods safe and portable.Read more...
    4 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 2:00pm
  • What's the Weirdest Food You've Ever Eaten?
    Some of us are more adventurous when it comes to food than others, and across every cuisine there are "delicacies" that might seem bizarre to others around the world. What have you tried?Read more...
    5 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 1:30pm
  • Stop Thinking and Start Doing: The Power of Practicing More
    We all have goals that we want to achieve in our lives. These goals may include learning a new language, eating healthier and losing weight, becoming a better parent, saving more money, and so on. But there's a point when you need to stop planning t…
    5 hours ago 27 Mar 15, 1:00pm

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