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Second Liberation - K24

Second Liberation: Odungi Randa
3 days ago 24 Nov 14, 1:21pm
On Second Liberation
4 days ago 23 Nov 14, 10:27am
Second Liberation: Philip Tirop Arap Kitur Speaks OutPhilip Tirop Arap Kitur was among a group of students expelled from the University of Nairobi in 1985 but stayed put for one year until they were forced out ...
10 days ago 17 Nov 14, 1:51pm
On Second Liberation
11 days ago 16 Nov 14, 8:30am
Second Liberation: Oduor Ong'wen
17 days ago 10 Nov 14, 2:00pm
Tonight, on Second Liberation, Oduor Ong'wen speaks
17 days ago 10 Nov 14, 6:51am

The Star

  • Free maternity services at risk over lack of funds
    The free maternity service which was one of the Jubilee government flagship project is under threat due to failure by the government to refund millions of shillings to hospitals. Under the free services, the government was to refund Sh5,000 to publi…
    6 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 3:00am
  • Trans Nzoia to issue maize funds
    THE Trans Nzoia county assembly yesterday passed a motion on maize production. The motion compels the county government to allocate money to purchase maize from farmers. It calls for the establishment of Trans Nzoia County Cereals and Produce Board,…
    6 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 3:00am
  • Israel ambassador lauds Kisumu project
    Israel Deputy Ambassador to Kenya Nadav Peldman has lauded a project started at Joel Omino Secondary School in Kisumu last year. Education for Sustainable Development was started by the Israel government to conserve the environment and improve the r…
    6 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 3:00am
  • Couple sued over FGM
    NAROK A couple was yesterday charged in a Kilgoris court with abetting female genetal mutilation. Nolkirimat ole Musokon and his wife Lillian Musokon were charged with helping their daughter, 12, to undergo FGM at Masurura Village in Trans Mara on N…
    6 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 3:00am
  • Bungoma to spend Sh205 million on farm inputs
    The Bungoma government will spend Sh205 million on farm inputs to increase food and cash crop production, Governor Kenneth Lusaka has said. Lusaka said the county government will buy fertiliser and maize seeds before the next planting season to guar…
    6 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 3:00am
  • Pastors start welfare unit
    ELGEYO MARAKWET Pastors and their spouses in the county will soon have a savings and credit cooperative society to advance their economic and social welfare. At a meeting in Kapsowar AIC on Tuesday, the pastors said they encounter financial challeng…
    6 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 3:00am
  • Cool political temperature ahead of Kajwang burial, ODM leaders say
    Three ODM chairmen want leaders to cool the political temperature in the county ahead of the burial of Homa Bay Senator Otieno Kajwang’. Kennedy Marembo (Rangwe), Evans Ndege (Kasipul) and Narkiso Tuko (Mbita) expressed concerns that some people a…
    6 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 3:00am
  • Bandits take fight to Turkana South
    RESIDENTS in Eldoret town say bandits fleeing from a military crackdown have moved to Turkana South and started causing mayhem. The Kenya Defence Forces have been flushing out bandits on the border of Baringo and Turkana counties since November 3. M…
    6 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 3:00am
  • Your jobs are safe - Speaker
    KITALE Speaker David Sifuna has assured workers at the Trans Nzoia assembly their jobs are safe. A number of workers allegedly colluded with MCAs to impeach him three months ago, before a Kitale court reinstated him. While resuming duties in the ass…
    6 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 3:00am
  • Eldoret campus set for graduation
    The University of Eldoret will host its second graduation ceremony tomorrow. Vice Chancellor Teresia Akenga says they are expanding facilities to accommodate an increasing number of students. "Our Eldoret town campus is now fully operational, and we…
    6 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 3:00am
  • Construction of ablution block starts in Budalang'i
    The construction of a modern toilet at Budalang'i trading centre, Bunyala North ward, started on Tuesday. The project, funded by NGOs Umande Trust, will cost Sh1.5 million. Busia county Department of public health had threatened to close the market…
    6 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 3:00am
  • Back Nyumba Kumi - judge
    AN outgoing judge has urged Kenyans to adopt the Nyumba Kumi initiative to fight crime. “If it works, it will reduce court cases and prison convicts,” former Naivasha chief magistrate Stephen Githinji said. He was speaking to the press on Tuesda…
    6 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 3:00am
  • Kisii Governor James Ongwae's wife to host anti-FGM camp
    KISII Governor James Ongwae’s wife Elizabeth has organised a weeklong female genital mutilation camp for young girls. Elizabeth said the camp, to be held in Kisii town from December 6, will educate the girls on the health effects of the practice.…
    6 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 3:00am
  • Sell land to developers - Baringo official
    BARINGO North subcounty commissioner Joshua Ogango has asks residents to sell part of their land in Kabartonjo town to give room for the town's expansion. Ogango said the town is the headquarters for Baringo North subcounty, but land scarcity compli…
    6 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 3:00am
  • Former Raila's aide terms new ODM team of officials illegitimate
    FORMER aide to Cord leader Eliud Owalo has criticised the newly appointed ODM leadership line-up. He termed the appointments as “irregular and illegitimate.” In a statement yesterday, Owalo said the decision by the party's National Executive Cou…
    6 hours ago 27 Nov 14, 3:00am

Daily Nation

Bull’s Eye-NTV

Bull’s Eye: Mapambano Special Edition eyeWe celebrate the life of Gerald Otieno Kajwang a politician who turned political rallies into entertainment venues of sorts. He used humour to put across oth...
6 days ago 21 Nov 14, 4:26pm
Bull's Eye: Quest for power, window or the door?How does one get to power? Those who seek it will say the door, window or even the now famous kati kati move is just fine. Its that time again when quest for...
13 days ago 14 Nov 14, 3:04pm
Bull's Eye: Art of political actingThey have perfected the art of acting, putting on a show when needed. They were at it again, calling each other brother and we are talking about the men who ...
20 days ago 7 Nov 14, 3:30pm
Bull’s Eye: The Orange eviction partyIn Kenyan politics it seems one is only safer among enemies, at least you know what to expect. One Magerer thought he was among friends until tables were tur...
27 days ago 31 Oct 14, 4:04pm
Bull's Eye: Police reforms, revisiting sights and sounds of changeWho says you can't teach old dog new tricks? It's happening in the police force. The reforms are catching on mainly in the area of language use. Sadly though...
34 days ago 24 Oct 14, 4:32pm
Bull's Eye: The Kibue briefsLanguage and how words are pronounced maketh a policeman at least in the case of the Nairobi top cop. He is the sheriff with what some may call a tweng and s...
41 days ago 17 Oct 14, 4:04pm

Daily Nation: Counties

Capital FM Kenya-Opinion Leaders

Truthmeter - Citizen TV

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Mock the Week- KTN

Mock the week 23rd Nov. 2014Watch KTN Live Follow us on Like us on
4 days ago 23 Nov 14, 6:02pm
Mock the Week 17th November 2014Watch KTN Live Follow us on Like us on
9 days ago 18 Nov 14, 4:46am
KTN Morning Express: Wilson Mburu Talks about Mock the weekMock the week is a KTN political comedy Show that runs every sunday During KTN Prime, The producer and the Presenter joins KTN morning Express to tell more o...
12 days ago 15 Nov 14, 3:46am
Mock the week 9th Nov. 2014Chemistry is not the easiest of subjects to master but as it turns out, in this very harsh economy, it can also make you very rich, due to these challenging ...
18 days ago 9 Nov 14, 4:42pm
Mock the week 2nd November 2014Remember councilors? Remember the good old days of city hall chair throwing elections? Well, they are back in the name of MCAs. Watch KTN Live http://www.ktn...
25 days ago 2 Nov 14, 3:43pm
MOCK THE WEEK 26th October 2014 ExtendedMOCK THE WEEK 26th October 2014 Extended. Watch KTN Live Follow us on Like us on http://www.faceb...
30 days ago 28 Oct 14, 4:11am

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