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Mock the Week 12th April 2015Mock the Week 12th April 2015. Watch KTN Live Follow us on Like us on
7 days ago 12 Apr 15, 5:45pm
Mock the Week: 5th April 2015Mock the Week with Wilson Mburu and Jeri Muchura Watch KTN Live Follow us on Like us on
13 days ago 6 Apr 15, 9:24am
Mock the Week 29th March 2015Mock the Week 29th March 2015. Watch KTN Live Follow us on Like us on
21 days ago 29 Mar 15, 5:55pm
Mock the Week 22nd March 2015Mock the Week 22nd March 2015. Watch KTN Live Follow us on Like us on
28 days ago 22 Mar 15, 5:31pm
Mock the Week 15th March 2015Mock the Week 15th March 2015. Watch KTN Live Follow us on Like us on
35 days ago 15 Mar 15, 5:43pm
Mock the Week with Wilson Mburu 8th Feb 2015The Oxford Dictionary defines friendship as a state of mutual trust and support. But as teachers found out, does anybody really use the dictionary any more? Well, maybe only where money matters...
70 days ago 8 Feb 15, 5:01pm

Daily Nation

Bull’s Eye-NTV

BULLS EYE 27th MarchSo , if lawyers are the only learned friends, what then should we say of members of county assemblies? we ask that because the learned friends all of a sudden appear keen on taking lessons...
23 days ago 27 Mar 15, 3:41pm
Bull’s Eye: Of political births and deathsYou won't believe what William Ruto plans to do when he retires from politics. He has been sharpening his skills ahead of the big switch and that's why he preaches fervently against corruption....
30 days ago 20 Mar 15, 4:32pm
NTV Weekend Edition BullsEye PromoFor more news visit Follow us on Twitter Like our FaceBook page
34 days ago 16 Mar 15, 7:28pm
Bull’s Eye: #WrestlersOfNakuru and the hustlers of parliamentIt wasn't me, that was the catchphrase of the week amid claims of yet another round of chicken eating this time within the precincts of parliament. MPs hustled on while in Nakuru a new sport,...
37 days ago 13 Mar 15, 5:37pm
Bull’s Eye: Wonders of chicken and fishIf necessity is the mother of invention, then Kenyan cops have perfected this adage. From chicken to fish and more recently quails, sources of millions are many and in their own words, they...
44 days ago 6 Mar 15, 3:47pm
Bull’s Eye: Why a man can’t live on chicken aloneChicken is a good meal but when taken in excess it could lead to indigestion. The cure for that according to Raila is ironically a bowl of beans taken within the confines of a prison. Its all...
65 days ago 13 Feb 15, 4:15pm

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Truthmeter - Citizen TV

Truthmeter 17th April 2015
2 days ago 17 Apr 15, 4:02pm
Truthmeter 10th April 2015
9 days ago 10 Apr 15, 4:56pm
Truthmeter 27th March 2015If wishes were horses, then Kazungu Kambi would be a dead man and President Uhuru Kenyatta would take responsibility for it. Well, this week, the labour minister publicly challenged the president...
23 days ago 27 Mar 15, 4:34pm
Truthmeter 20th March 2015
30 days ago 20 Mar 15, 4:20pm
TRUTHMETER 27th March 2015
34 days ago 16 Mar 15, 7:19pm
Truthmeter March 13th, 2015
37 days ago 13 Mar 15, 3:54pm

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