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  • Mama Hope: African Men, Hollywood Stereotypes: Why Challenging the Status Quo Went Viral
    We were tired of seeing the stereotypes: helpless children sifting through garbage with distended bellies and flies in their eyes or bloodthirsty warlords toting AK-47s, and not much in between. We saw how these stereotypes hurt everyone.…
    18 hours ago 31 Jul 15, 2:00pm
  • Brian Dooley: In Cairo, Kerry Should Reinforce Obama's Remarks in Kenya
    President Obama's strong words in Nairobi about civil society haven't been matched during similar trips to Riyadh, despite the Saudi Arabian government's violent repression of human rights. This double standard does immense damage to the U.S. governm…
    2 days ago 30 Jul 15, 3:54pm
  • Antony Blinken: A Global Partnership Against Violent Extremism
    Today in Rome and every day into the future, we can show violent extremists that their efforts to divide us have not only failed, but have inspired new unity, agility, and resolve to defeat them. Read more: Countering Violent Extremism,…
    3 days ago 29 Jul 15, 3:52pm
  • Nida Khan: Yes, We Live in a Place Called the World
    We are at an interesting crossroads right now. For a country that was founded on the slaughter of natives and the brutal enslavement of innocents, we have obviously made progress and strides in society. But our biggest challenge now -- that is in s…
    3 days ago 29 Jul 15, 12:43pm
  • 4 Huge Ways Obama Spoke Up For Women On His Historic Kenya Trip
    In keeping with his theme of encouraging Kenyans to "choose the path to progress,” President Obama called upon the nation during his first ... Read more: Obama, President Obama, Barack Obama, Barack Obama Kenya, Kenya, Kenya Women, W…
    3 days ago 29 Jul 15, 10:17am
  • Jack Leslie: Obama's Speech In Kenya: More Than A Personal Journey
    I sat there and watched the rapt attention every Kenyan in the arena was giving this man they claimed as one of their own. And I came to understand the extraordinary contribution this president has made to Africa. Read more: Kenya, Obam…
    4 days ago 28 Jul 15, 4:47pm
  • China's State Media Pour Scorn On Obama's Africa Trip
    BEIJING (AP) -- China's state media are pouring cold water on President Barack Obama's visit to Africa, saying U.S. attention to the continent is lar... Read more: Barack Obama, US, China, Africa, Ethiopia, China Africa Relations, US…
    5 days ago 27 Jul 15, 7:16am
  • Washington Osiro: Kenya at a Crossroad: Can the Country Learn From President Obama's Visit And The Trajectory of His Life?
    Overlooked in the frenzied excitement over President Obama's visit to his father's birthplace is the inconvenient reality: That long after the sheen from hosting the world's most powerful man is gone, Kenyans will return to the hustle and bustle of t…
    6 days ago 26 Jul 15, 11:43am
  • Obama Closes Out Historic Visit To Kenya
    President Barack Obama speaks during a meeting with civil society leaders at the YALI Regional Leadership Center, on Sunday, July 26, 2015, in Nairob... Read more: Obama, Barack Obama, Kenya, Barack Obama Kenya, Africa, Obama Kenya Tr…
    6 days ago 26 Jul 15, 7:44am
  • Obama Speaks Out For LGBT Rights In Kenya
    (function(){var src_url=" Read more: Obama LGBT Rights Kenya, Obama Kenya Trip, Kenya LGBT Rights, Uhuru Ke…
    7 days ago 25 Jul 15, 11:00am

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