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Second Liberation - K24

Second Liberation: Odungi Randa
31 days ago 24 Nov 14, 1:21pm
On Second Liberation
32 days ago 23 Nov 14, 10:27am
Second Liberation: Philip Tirop Arap Kitur Speaks OutPhilip Tirop Arap Kitur was among a group of students expelled from the University of Nairobi in 1985 but stayed put for one year until they were forced out ...
38 days ago 17 Nov 14, 1:51pm
On Second Liberation
39 days ago 16 Nov 14, 8:30am
Second Liberation: Oduor Ong'wen
45 days ago 10 Nov 14, 2:00pm
Tonight, on Second Liberation, Oduor Ong'wen speaks
45 days ago 10 Nov 14, 6:51am

The Star

  • Gold diggers prey on SGR new rich, fresh millionaires with thirst for illicit sex, meat and alcohol floods Emali
    THE release of billions of shillings to compensate owners of land that will be used to build the standard gauge railway has re-ignited social life in Emali, Sultan Hamud and Masimba. The towns, whose economy has for many years depended on truck driv…
    1 day ago 24 Dec 14, 2:00am
  • NIS won't get land in Kitui, says Swazuri
    THE National land Commission will allow the Kitui government to revoke the allocation of 400 acres to the National Intelligence Service. Chairman Mohamend Swazuri said: “I think we are going to listen to what the county says. We will write officia…
    1 day ago 24 Dec 14, 2:00am
  • Punish MPs, cleric urges Muturi
    SPEAKER Justin Muturi should discipline MPs who disrupted the debate on the security bill last week, Coast interfaith clerics chairman Bishop Paul Selel has said. Addressing journalists in Diani on Monday, Selel said their behaviour gives the Nation…
    1 day ago 24 Dec 14, 2:00am
  • MP, elders seek end to Embu leaders wrangles
    EMBU’S Mwariama Council of Elders and Manyatta MP John Muchiri have called for an end to the wrangles between politicians. Elders’ chairman Njagi Kumantha yesterday said residents are united and do not have animosity towards each other. He said…
    1 day ago 24 Dec 14, 2:00am
  • Questions linger over ports boss
    THE country’s largest parastatal, the Kenya Ports Authority, has been operating without leadership in its board for two months. Danson Mungatana’s term as chairman ended in October, but it is not known who will succeed him and when. “We do not…
    1 day ago 24 Dec 14, 2:00am
  • Maintain peace, lawmakers told
    BOMET A former Bomet Central parliamentary aspirant has urged leaders to stop displaying their political differences in public. Nicholas Rono said Cord and Jubilee leaders’ disagreements on critical issues are unhealthy and do not promote peace. H…
    1 day ago 24 Dec 14, 2:00am
  • Reject oil scan until firm cleared, Kilifi deputy speaker urges locals
    KILIFI deputy speaker Teddy Mwambire has urged residents to resist any plans by an energy firm to survey their farms. Speaking to the Star on phone yesterday, Mwambire said Camac Energy Kenya should await approval by the county government. “This c…
    1 day ago 24 Dec 14, 2:00am
  • 300 cops to guard town
    ELDORET More than 300 police officers have been deployed to prevent crime during the Christmas season. Eldoret East Police boss Nelson Taliti says more than 100 officers will patrol estates. Taliti says vehicles plying major highways in the town wil…
    1 day ago 24 Dec 14, 2:00am
  • Matatu owners slam delay in cashless fare
    THE cashless fare system at the Coast might not roll out in January as expected. Matatu Owners’ Association Coast coordinator Salim Mbarak yesterday said service providers are yet to supply cards to commuters. Speaking to the Star in Mombasa town,…
    1 day ago 24 Dec 14, 2:00am
  • Party expels ward rep for ‘demeaning’ it
    MAKINDU–KIBOKO MCA Bernard Musau has been removed from the Muungano party for allegedly undermining Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana. Musau is accused of demeaning the interests of the party by backing a motion that saw Kibwana impeached two month…
    1 day ago 24 Dec 14, 2:00am
  • 50 cattle stolen from ranch – Kwale official
    KINANGO deputy county commissioner Moses Ivuto has rejected claims that more than 200 cattle were stolen from Kuranze ranch, Kwale county, last week. Four people died last Monday after two pastoralist communities clashed over grazing land. “I was…
    1 day ago 24 Dec 14, 2:00am
  • Cop kills himself over wife's affair
    MWINGI An officer at Nguni police post killed himself at the altar of Nations Revival Church. Moses Maloi shot himself and left a note saying: “Joel huyo bibi nimekuachia. OCPD na OCS kwaherini. Tumefanya kazi vizuri (Joel, I have left that wife f…
    1 day ago 24 Dec 14, 2:00am
  • Cord divisions mar CDA meeting
    A meeting on Monday between the Coast Development Authority and regional MPs was spoiled by factional divisions in Cord. The rivalry pits perceived Cord rebels, led by Kilifi North MP Gideon Mung’aro, against staunch Cord supporters, especially th…
    1 day ago 24 Dec 14, 2:00am
  • Lawmaker backs security law
    CHUKA Igambang’ombe MP Muthomi Njuki has supported the new security law. He said the law will help fight terrorism. Njuki said the national government must be given more powers to deal with terror. “The tenure of the Inspector General of Police…
    1 day ago 24 Dec 14, 2:00am
  • Street lights to aid security
    MOMBASA More street lights have been installed in Mombasa ahead of the festive season. The lights are now at Kenyatta Public Beach, Nyali Bridge, Nyali Public Beach, and Mama Ngina Drive. They are meant to improve the safety of visitors and resident…
    1 day ago 24 Dec 14, 2:00am

Daily Nation

Bull’s Eye-NTV

Bull’s Eye: Dishonour redefinedThey are among the best paid in the world, their salary only equaling what rockstars earn and coincidentally, they too entertain. The 18th day of December 20...
6 days ago 19 Dec 14, 3:12pm
Bull's Eye: A BullsEye Christmas giftChristmas and New Year are around the corner. It's a time to be happy and exchange gifts. When not shouting at each other, our leaders too actually make time...
13 days ago 12 Dec 14, 3:40pm
Bull's Eye: The Lenku, Kimaiyo daysSuddenly they were out. Call it sudden impact, but the two men; Joseph Ole Lenku and David Kimaiyo certainly left an impact on the satirical side of things. ...
20 days ago 5 Dec 14, 5:08pm
Bull’s Eye: Dance of betrayalThe music is changing and so is the dance. While some are dancing to other people's music, others are moving to their own beat albeit sang by others. But the...
27 days ago 28 Nov 14, 2:45pm
Bull’s Eye: Mapambano Special Edition eyeWe celebrate the life of Gerald Otieno Kajwang a politician who turned political rallies into entertainment venues of sorts. He used humour to put across oth...
34 days ago 21 Nov 14, 4:26pm
Bull's Eye: Quest for power, window or the door?How does one get to power? Those who seek it will say the door, window or even the now famous kati kati move is just fine. Its that time again when quest for...
41 days ago 14 Nov 14, 3:04pm

Daily Nation: Counties

Capital FM Kenya-Opinion Leaders

Truthmeter - Citizen TV

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Mock the Week- KTN

Mock the Week Sunday 21st December, 2014If you want to see animals hunting down their prey, in all their wild glory, all you have to do is switch on the National Geographic Channel, However, this channel is not available to everybody!...
4 days ago 21 Dec 14, 4:17pm
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