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  • Kate Grant: A Stranger World
    In the end, I am moved that a bunch of strangers from all over the world came together like this to change the lives of women suffering needlessly. Aren't you? Read more: Fistula, Obstetric Fistula, The Listserve, Astellas Pharma EMEA,…
    12 days ago 14 May 15, 5:54pm
  • Erik Solheim: Countering Violent Extremism -- Put Youth at the Center of the Narrative
    Kenya is preparing to host a summit to counter violent extremism in June 2015. A timely and vital initiative by a country reeling from tragic terror attacks. Read more: Youth, Youth Unemployment, Youth Bulge, Counter-Violent-Extremism,…
    12 days ago 14 May 15, 9:45am
  • Washington Osiro: Counterpoint: Sir Richard Branson's 'Love' for Kenya
    This "wonderful" Kenyan does not want you to support and enable, by your silence, leaders who are selfish and act with an impunity Kenya, the "beautiful country," has endured since her independence from your own Britain! Read more: Afri…
    13 days ago 13 May 15, 12:46pm
  • Daniel Wagner: China's Growing Global Military Presence: Walk Softly and Carry a Small Stick
    The alarm bells that are ringing among various governments and in the press with respect to China's growing global military presence are overdone. Read more: China, Great Powers, String of Pearls, Asia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, P…
    13 days ago 13 May 15, 12:35pm
  • Josephine d'Allant: Two Birds With One Stone: Transforming Waste Into Biofuel
    Around the global south, cities struggle to provide electricity and energy to all their residents, and unsurprisingly, the poorest residents are most likely to remain disconnected from formal power systems. Many of the same cities also face an immens…
    15 days ago 11 May 15, 3:04pm
  • UN Women: A Seat At The Table For Caregivers In Kenya
    When people become ill, sometimes they need medicine or certain supplies. Sometimes they need a hospital stay or an operation. Other times they simply need bed rest. But there's one thing that's needed by everyone, everywhere: good care.…
    15 days ago 10 May 15, 10:33pm
  • Ari Nessel: Food Matters: This Week in Daily Giving
    This week, The Pollination Project and our community of Daily Givers supported projects that strengthen our food supply by caring for bees, helping people find culturally-relevant ways to access and enjoy vegan food, encouraging people grow food and…
    17 days ago 9 May 15, 12:04am
  • David J. Olson: New Development Goal Falls Short of Protecting Those Most at Risk
    The only way to make HIV prevalence go down and end AIDS once and for all is to ensure that the needs of such groups are addressed explicitly in health policies, especially with the Sustainability Development Goals which will guide international deve…
    18 days ago 8 May 15, 2:33pm
  • Ivy Nyayieka: Kenyan Fashion Blogger Thisisess Dreaming us up
    Kenya's Internet club went up this Tuesday. Renowned fashion blogger Thisisess (Sharon Mundia) announced her engagement, and, as many have pointed out, she might as well have handed Kim Kardashian a pocket book titled: "How to break the Internet: A s…
    19 days ago 7 May 15, 2:08pm
  • 'No Room' For Gays In Kenya, Deputy President Says
    * Homosexuality is illegal in socially conservative Kenya * Comments likely to irk Kenya's liberal Western donors * US S... Read more: Reuters, Kenya, Kenya Gay Rights, Kenya Gays, Kenya LGBT Rights, Kenya…
    21 days ago 5 May 15, 11:20am
  • Havelock Nelson: Kenyan Hip-Hop Queen: Back and Still Xtatic
    Xtatic is a trailblazer when it comes to African emcees, becoming the first Kenyan artist signed to a multi-album/publishing deal with a major label, Sony. She took the continent by storm. Then she went silent. Read more: Kenyan Artist,…
    22 days ago 4 May 15, 6:16pm
  • John Kerry Just Took Selfies To A Whole New Level
    Secretary of State John Kerry took a selfie with an adorable elephant while on a trip to Kenya on Sunday.Kerry, who is known for showing some more... Read more: Video, John Kerry, John Kerry Secretary of State, John Kerry Travels, Nair…
    22 days ago 3 May 15, 8:31pm
  • Ed Gragert: The Bridge to Nowhere?
    These are some of the oft-repeated rationales for "low-cost" private, for-profit schools when confronted with the question of how best to provide sustained and quality education to young people in Kenya, Ghana and other countries in which they are im…
    25 days ago 1 May 15, 5:06pm
  • Kenyan Minister Admits Intelligence Warned Of Bloody College Attack
    Kenya's interior minister admitted on Thursday that serious mistakes were made in the lead up and response to the bloody terrorist attack at a college... Read more: Worldpost Africa, Kenya, Kenya Garissa Attack, Garissa Attack, Garissa…
    25 days ago 1 May 15, 12:53pm
  • Great News For Kenya's LGBT Community
    NAIROBI, Kenya (RNS) In a move that has stirred the anger of Kenya’s anti-gay Christian groups and sparked celebration by pro-gay clergy, the nation... Read more: Kenya, Kenya Gay Rights, Kenya Gays, Kenya LGBT Rights, Kenya LGBT Issu…
    27 days ago 29 Apr 15, 3:10pm
  • Elizabeth L. Littlefield: Why the Earth Is an Investment Opportunity
    Clean water, clean air and the steady access to food are all in limited supply, and are being depleted at alarming rates. And a rapidly growing, urbanized global middle-class is living and working in ways that are accelerating consumption of those al…
    32 days ago 24 Apr 15, 3:44pm
  • Reed Alexander: The Art of Drinking Tea
    English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Chamomile -- give me a pot with boiling water, a strainer designed to catch the excess leaves, a cup and a macaron or scone on the side, and I'm set for life. Read more: Tea, Ceremony, Earl Grey, English Br…
    32 days ago 23 Apr 15, 9:24pm
  • Jonha Revesencio: This Organization Helps Kenyans Accelerate their Careers
    This is part of the #CareerAdvice series - featuring successful professionals who share their advice to people who would want to take their career to... Read more: Careers, Career Advice, Career Advice Series, Kenya, Nonprofits, Non-Pr…
    33 days ago 23 Apr 15, 5:09am
  • How Eco-Friendly Cookstoves Are Saving Lives And Solving A Gender Rights Problem
    Household air pollution from cooking with solid fuels caused about 4.3 million deaths, most of them women and children, in 2012. And to Phil Ferranto,... Read more: Whatsworking, Clean Cookstoves, Cooking, Open Fire Cooking, Ecozoom, Ge…
    34 days ago 22 Apr 15, 9:11am
  • Mary Ellen Harte: Goldman Prize Winners 2015: When Art Empowers Society, and So Much More!
    Once again, Goldman Prize awardees embody how single, determined individuals across the world can mobilize enough groundswell to conquer industrial Goliaths. Hailing from diverse backgrounds, these 2015 superheroes form a fountain of inspiration for…
    35 days ago 21 Apr 15, 11:14am
  • Siddharth Chatterjee: Sexual Violence in South Sudan -- A Tactic of War
    The women and children of South Sudan, are amongst the most vulnerable. The protracted emergencies and complete absence of social services is destroying the human capital base and potential of the youngest country in the world. Read mor…
    36 days ago 20 Apr 15, 2:33pm
  • Hibaaq Osman: Somalis Become Victims of Al-Shabaab's Violence Twice Over
    The attacks of Al-Shabaab have been portrayed as a fight between Kenyans and Somalis. Though perhaps politically convenient, characterising Al-Shabaab as a Somali problem that can be solved through actions that target the Somali population ignores th…
    39 days ago 17 Apr 15, 1:54pm
  • Françoise Girard: When Girls Lead The Charge
    To be sure, we have a long way to go to achieve true gender equality. Yet as I work side by side with young feminist activists from all over the world, I am inspired, energized, and yes even optimistic about the future for which this new generation o…
    39 days ago 17 Apr 15, 1:15pm
  • Simeon Ogonda: What Kind of Children Are We Leaving Behind for Our Planet?
    Promoting change for the long term requires patience and hard work. Kofi Annan says no one is born a good citizen or a good businessman, but that it is through education that we can become these things. Read more: Whatsworking, Earth Da…
    39 days ago 17 Apr 15, 11:31am
  • Getrude Matshe: An Extraordinary Tale of a Child Whose Mother Warns Him Never to Be Ordinary... and Above All Never to Own a Merc!
    Tuan Marais' Painted Devils and the Land of Ordinary Men is a beautifully written multidimensional memoir of an unusually extraordinary upbringing by an unconventional mother precisely recalling the young boy's journey through childhood to early adul…
    39 days ago 16 Apr 15, 11:08pm

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