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Newsmakers: The Ogari TwinsFocus on France-based twin brother athletes.
25 days ago 5 Jan 15, 2:34pm
Newsmakers: Teddy Omondi
26 days ago 4 Jan 15, 3:08pm
NewsMakers 2014 Kalonzo Musyoka
26 days ago 4 Jan 15, 1:44am
Sports Newsmakers Jane Wacu
26 days ago 4 Jan 15, 1:44am
NewsMakers 2014: Attorney General Githu Muigai
27 days ago 3 Jan 15, 6:45am
Sports Newsmakers Caroline Gatimu
27 days ago 3 Jan 15, 5:46am

The Star

  • MP Awiti in court tussle over Sh6 million NHIF arrears
    NYALI MP Hezron Awiti failed to appear in a Mombasa court on Wednesday in a Sh6 million case. The money was to be remitted to the National Hospital Insurance Fund. Awiti is charged alongside Wilfred Oluga for failing to pay standard contributions an…
    11 hours ago 30 Jan 15, 2:00am
  • Joho warns land grabbers
    Governor Hassan Joho has said private developers who have grabbed any land should vacate it. He said legal processes have been started to reclaim grabbed land, especially school land. Joho was speaking during the opening of new classes in Changamwe…
    11 hours ago 30 Jan 15, 2:00am
  • Wajir students protest over lack of teachers
    HUNDREDS of parents and students in Wajir county yesterday protested against absense of teachers in schools. Protestors in public primary and secondary schools carried placards and tree branches as they marched to the Teachers Service Commission. Fi…
    11 hours ago 30 Jan 15, 2:00am
  • Farmers urged to diversify
    Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Felix Koskei has urged farmers not to rely on the same traditional crops and animals year in year out. He said diversifying will cushion them against losses that result from crop failure and prolonged dry seasons. Koske…
    11 hours ago 30 Jan 15, 2:00am
  • Koskei asks millers to reduce flour prices
    Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Felix Koskei has accused millers and retailers of "holding the government hostage" by not reducing prices of maize flour. He wondered why millers have not reduced prices of maize flour after the drop in costs of fuel an…
    11 hours ago 30 Jan 15, 2:00am
  • Two charged with calling man witch
    Two people have pleaded guilty to calling another a witch. Karisa Baya and Mishi Wamaitha called Charo Karisa a witch on January 18 in Mambrui village, Magarini subcounty. The court heard that the two had sticks and threatened to burn Karisa’s hou…
    11 hours ago 30 Jan 15, 2:00am
  • Koskei impressed with progress at Galana-Kulalu
    The Israeli company working on the first phase of the Galala-Kulalu project has said it will transform the arid area into a major food basket through irrigation. The Green Arava Company has been on the ground for three months. Agriculture Cabinet Se…
    11 hours ago 30 Jan 15, 2:00am
  • NLC saves 300 from eviction
    The National Land Commission on Wednesday directed 300 families living on disputed land in Mtongwe not to move out. NLC vice chair Abigael Mukolwe said private developer Abdulbasit Saleh cannot explain how he acquired the 33 acres. Mukolwe was speak…
    11 hours ago 30 Jan 15, 2:00am
  • DPP wants chief charged for sex assault on boy
    The Director of Public Prosecution has directed Changamwe OCS to write a letter explaining his delay in charging a chief accused of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old boy. In a letter dated January 26, which was seen by the Star, assistant DPP Alexan…
    11 hours ago 30 Jan 15, 2:00am
  • Don't ignore MRC concerns, Muslim council tells state
    A Muslim council has urged the government to listen to the Mombasa Republic Council, instead of harassing its members. The Kenya National Muslims’ Advisory Council secretary Hamisi Mwachirumu said the secessionist group has a big following and its…
    11 hours ago 30 Jan 15, 2:00am
  • Matuga family asks for financial help seeks help after parents death
    A family whose parents and their two grandchildren were burnt in their house by an unknown person in Matuga on September 23 last is seeking for help. Suleiman Mwamtsumi, 60, his wife Mwanahamisi Mwamtsumi, 50, and their two grandchildren died after…
    11 hours ago 30 Jan 15, 2:00am
  • Kajembe quits ODM, joins TNA
    Politician Ramadhan Kajembe has ditched ODM for TNA. County TNA chairman Matano Chengo said they are excited to receive the veteran politician. Speaking to the Star on the phone on Tuesday, he said Kajembe’s defection is a plus and a big catch for…
    11 hours ago 30 Jan 15, 2:00am
  • Devise growth plan, says Kiambu senator
    THE Kiambu county government has been urged to draft a three-year development plan factoring national allocations into local revenue. Speaking during a burial in Lari constituency yesterday, Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi said he has obtained funds…
    12 hours ago 30 Jan 15, 1:30am
  • Kabogo bans construction on Umoja land
    THE Kiambu county government has banned construction on a disputed 10-acre parcel in Umoja Estate, Thika. Two weeks ago, hired goons and cops demolished all houses in the slum, rendering hundreds of residents homeless. The demolition was facilitated…
    12 hours ago 30 Jan 15, 1:30am
  • Take babies for jabs, Lari told
    kiambu The government has urged residents of Lari constituency to take their babies for immunisation. Subcounty health medical officer Caroline Mwangi said locals shun immunisation because they “join churches which don’t believe in medicines”.…
    12 hours ago 30 Jan 15, 1:30am

Daily Nation

Bull’s Eye-NTV

Bull's Eye: Making of a land-grabbing musicalSinging is a beautiful thing, but when sing is a name especially of a grabber, then confusion sets in. But confusion is a political weapon and that's why Cha...
7 days ago 23 Jan 15, 3:04pm
Bull’s Eye: Why Baba never walks aloneDemocracy or not, you don't dare Baba, that is the gospel according to one Junet who would rather his party leader remained Juu always. It's all about the Ho...
14 days ago 16 Jan 15, 2:16pm
Bull’s Eye: Laughter and lies, political extremes, the best of Bull’s Eye 2014They made us laugh, lied and shamelessly contradicted themselves all in a bid to win favour with the public. Kenyan politicians as usual went through the two...
27 days ago 3 Jan 15, 6:26am
Bull’s Eye: Dishonour redefinedThey are among the best paid in the world, their salary only equaling what rockstars earn and coincidentally, they too entertain. The 18th day of December 20...
42 days ago 19 Dec 14, 3:12pm
Bull's Eye: A BullsEye Christmas giftChristmas and New Year are around the corner. It's a time to be happy and exchange gifts. When not shouting at each other, our leaders too actually make time...
49 days ago 12 Dec 14, 3:40pm
Bull's Eye: The Lenku, Kimaiyo daysSuddenly they were out. Call it sudden impact, but the two men; Joseph Ole Lenku and David Kimaiyo certainly left an impact on the satirical side of things. ...
56 days ago 5 Dec 14, 5:08pm

Daily Nation: Counties

Capital FM Kenya-Opinion Leaders

Truthmeter - Citizen TV

Truthmeter 23rd January 2014Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu unveiling of the alleged grabbers behind Langata road primary school land was meant to calm public anger over the matte...
7 days ago 23 Jan 15, 5:41pm
Truthmeter 16th January 2015It may be a new year but it seems little has changed in the local political arena. The usual suspects are taking on each other over the same issues and in th...
14 days ago 16 Jan 15, 7:55pm
Truthmeter 9th January 2015
20 days ago 10 Jan 15, 10:22am
#Truthmeter: Kanyari Ft DJ KhaleedTune in Friday on Citizen TV for more Original Songs: DJ Khaleed hold you down & Dr. Kanyari:auuuuwiii Made for satirical purposes only Follow: @WillisRaburu...
31 days ago 30 Dec 14, 11:23pm
TRUTHMETER parody versionthis is the truthmeter parody version , fan video , the opening and closing intro all belong to citizen television Kenya , original truth meter no copyright ...
32 days ago 30 Dec 14, 12:40am
Truthmeter 19th December 2014
42 days ago 19 Dec 14, 9:46pm

Mock the Week- KTN

Mock the week, 26th January 2015 (Guess The Grabber)Mock the week 1pm 26th January 2015 (Guess The Grabber) Watch KTN Live Follow us on Like us on
4 days ago 26 Jan 15, 7:28am
Mock the week 25th Jan 2015Mock the week 25th Jan 2015 Watch KTN Live Follow us on Like us on
5 days ago 25 Jan 15, 4:08pm
Mock the Week Sunday 21st December, 2014If you want to see animals hunting down their prey, in all their wild glory, all you have to do is switch on the National Geographic Channel, However, this c...
40 days ago 21 Dec 14, 4:17pm
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46 days ago 15 Dec 14, 3:51pm
Mock the Week 14th December 2014Mock the week 14th December 2014 Watch KTN Live Follow us on Like us on
46 days ago 15 Dec 14, 8:01am
Mock the week 7th Dec 2014Watch KTN Live Follow us on Like us on
54 days ago 7 Dec 14, 4:53pm

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