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  • War and prostitution: Where there are soldiers, pimps follow
    Prostitution and war often go hand-in-hand. But this is perhaps most true of the First World War, where even the French government played a part in the sex industry – a legacy that continued...
    40 mins ago 22 Dec 14, 2:59am
  • Could wearing heels make your man more helpful?
    “Women’s shoe heel size exerts a powerful effect on men’s behaviour,” says study author Nicholas Guéguen of the Université de Bretagne-Sud in France, emphasizing how his study reveals men’s age-old penchant for attractive physical...
    57 mins ago 22 Dec 14, 2:42am
  • Rights group launches software to detect government spying
    Amnesty International has introduced software to help ordinary citizens find out if governments are monitoring their computer activity. However, new anti-snooping programmer is far from foolproof. Known as Detekt, the software was designed to...
    1 hour ago 22 Dec 14, 2:13am
  • Top 10 box office movies from this weekend
    Tolkien epic “The Hobbit” weaved its magic at the North American box office this weekend, signaling a farewell to the blockbuster fantasy franchise, industry estimates showed Sunday. The last of six films adapted from...
    3 hours ago 22 Dec 14, 12:49am
  • Is Adam Sandler really an “asshole”?
    Adam Sandler has been called an “a**hole” by a Sony executive. The ‘Anger Management’ star was criticised by embattled Sony Pictures executive Amy Pascal after he demanded $200 million for a new film and...
    3 hours ago 22 Dec 14, 12:27am
  • How often should you weigh yourself?
    Could weighing-in help you lose weight? A new study found that weight loss is related to how often individuals weighed themselves. So how often should you weigh in? Researchers analysed 2 838 weight measurements...
    3 hours ago 22 Dec 14, 12:20am
  • 9 tips on how to get a hot waitress’s attention
    Guys . . . how many times has this happened?  You’re out at a bar or a restaurant when a super-hot waitress comes up to take your order.  You want to ask her out,...
    3 hours ago 22 Dec 14, 12:15am
  • Miss World ditches swimsuit section in competition
    Miss World organisers have cancelled the pageant’s swimsuit section. Chris Wilmer, the director of the competition – which is the oldest of its kind in the world – has announced the segment will no...
    3 hours ago 22 Dec 14, 12:13am
  • Wiiitis: Can you get hurt playing Wii games?
    The Wii may be on your Christmas wish list, but did you know you could contract Wiiitis? Wiiitis is a sport injury contracted by playing too much Nintendo Wii. Injuries can include tennis-elbow to...
    3 days ago 19 Dec 14, 3:23am
  • Our2Cents Ep. 13: Mean comments (Hilarious!)
      In the spirit of keeping things fun and light, we bring to you the super hilarious, final episode of Our 2 Cents of 2014! Inspired by Jimmy Kimmel’s mean tweets, Sharon Mundia and...
    3 days ago 19 Dec 14, 3:08am

Case Files

Case files: mysterious death of the 2008 Olympic Marathon Champion Samuel Wanjiru part 1Well, it's Monday so you know that your weekly crime TV series casefiles comes immediately after this bulletin. In tonight's episode, Dennis Onsarigo investi...
6 days ago 15 Dec 14, 4:31pm
Case files: mysterious death of the 2008 Olympic Marathon Champion Samuel Wanjiru part 2Well, it's Monday so you know that your weekly crime TV series casefiles comes immediately after this bulletin. In tonight's episode, Dennis Onsarigo investi...
6 days ago 15 Dec 14, 4:25pm
Case files: mysterious death of the 2008 Olympic Marathon Champion Samuel WanjiruWell, it's Monday so you know that your weekly crime TV series casefiles comes immediately after this bulletin. In tonight's episode, Dennis Onsarigo investi...
6 days ago 15 Dec 14, 4:11pm
Case files: Who gunned down face of a community’s agitation for land rights Moses Ole Mpoe?Your weekly crime series casefiles is back and it is all about land matters. Moses Ole Mpoe was the face of a community's agitation for land rights in 2010 ....
13 days ago 8 Dec 14, 5:30pm
Case files: Who gunned down face of a community’s agitation for land rights Moses Ole Mpoe?Your weekly crime series casefiles is back and it is all about land matters. Moses Ole Mpoe was the face of a community's agitation for land rights in 2010 ....
13 days ago 8 Dec 14, 3:47pm
KTN Casefiles Mugabes HitmenWatch KTN Live Follow us on Like us on
25 days ago 26 Nov 14, 7:08pm

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XYZ Show - Kiss TV

'Act a Fool' Police Remix #Political Hits'Act a Fool' Police Remix #Political HitsWatch the full episode here: XYZ ShowViews:671224ratingsTime:04:03More inComedy
4 days ago 17 Dec 14, 11:11pm
Bruno Mars - Lazy song presidents remixBruno Mars - Lazy song presidents remixCatch the full episode here XYZ ShowViews:1000448ratingsTime:03:16More inComedy
4 days ago 17 Dec 14, 11:09pm
Loyal Remix | The XYZ ShowLoyal Remix | The XYZ ShowCatch the full episode here XYZ ShowViews:289124ratingsTime:01:51More inComedy
5 days ago 16 Dec 14, 5:52pm
Nishike | The XYZ ShowNishike | The XYZ ShowCatch the full episode here: XYZ ShowViews:129713ratingsTime:03:20More inComedy
7 days ago 14 Dec 14, 5:25pm
Nairobi Love | The XYZ ShowNairobi Love | The XYZ ShowCatch the full episode here: XYZ ShowViews:162512ratingsTime:02:35More inComedy
7 days ago 14 Dec 14, 5:08pm
Kenya National Anthem #XYZRenditionKenya National Anthem #XYZRenditionCatch the full episode here XYZ ShowViews:1308255ratingsTime:02:40More inComedy
8 days ago 14 Dec 14, 8:52am

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  • Fallout From Ferguson: The Biggest Opportunity For Our Society
    In times of struggle many seasoned leaders remind the parties involved of the Chinese symbol for the word "crisis." This symbol combines two words: danger and opportunity. The aftermath of the Ferguson situation presents both a dangerous reescalation…
    10 hours ago 21 Dec 14, 5:30pm
  • Chris Christie Wants Obama To Demand That Cuba Return Cop Killer To U.S.
    TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie disagrees with President Obama's decision to normalize relations with Cuba and wants the president to demand the immediate return of a convicted cop killer from the country "before any further con…
    11 hours ago 21 Dec 14, 4:50pm
  • David Schwimmer Will Play Robert Kardashian In O.J. Simpson Miniseries
    Ryan Murphy's real-crime anthology series "American Crime Story" has finally found its lawyer.David Schwimmer is the latest actor to join "The People v. O.J. Simpson," the first season of the upcoming series that will follow Simpson's 1995 murder tr…
    12 hours ago 21 Dec 14, 4:00pm
  • Homeless Persons Memorial Day Honors Dignity, Worth Of People Without Shelter Whom We've Lost
    Sunday marks National Homeless Person's Memorial Day, commemorated on the longest night of the year. The event and awareness day honors the thousands of homeless people who have died and serves as a reminder of the innumerable hardships and risks pe…
    14 hours ago 21 Dec 14, 2:04pm
  • Nicki Minaj's 'The Pinkprint Movie' Will Make Your Heart Ache
    Nicki Minaj's new breakup film has arrived. In "The Pinkprint Movie," the artist combines tracks off her new album "Pinkprint" to tell the story of a relationship holding on by its last threads. The video -- which is divided into parts "The Crying Ga…
    14 hours ago 21 Dec 14, 2:01pm
  • A Definitive List Of Holiday Candles, Ranked
    Every season has its definitive, nostalgia-inducing scent. In summer, it's the balmy combination of warm air, sunscreen and barbecue; come spring you're likely to get a whiff of fresh air and fresh laundry. It's harder, though, to pinpoint winter's s…
    14 hours ago 21 Dec 14, 1:30pm
  • New Ray Rice Video Shows Aftermath Of Domestic Assault
    A new video showing the aftermath of Ray Rice's assault on his then-fiancee Janay at an Atlantic City, N.J. casino emerged this week. In the security camera footage, obtained by ABC News and released on Friday, Janay Rice (then Palmer) refuses to ta…
    15 hours ago 21 Dec 14, 1:06pm
  • Ray Kelly: Bill De Blasio Ran 'Anti-Police Campaign'
    Former New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio had contributed to police officers turning against him by running an "anti-police campaign" for mayor in 2013. Kelly appeared on ABC's "This Week" Sunday to discus…
    15 hours ago 21 Dec 14, 1:05pm
  • Rudy Giuliani Accuses Obama, Black Leaders Of Stoking 'Anti-Police Hatred'
    WASHINGTON -- Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) blamed this weekend's killing of two NYPD officers on anti-police "propaganda," for which he said President Barack Obama bears some responsibility."We've had four months of propaganda, start…
    15 hours ago 21 Dec 14, 12:42pm
  • The False Choice of Protesting for Justice and Supporting Our Police
    I'm one of the millions of New Yorkers who woke up heartbroken today thinking of NYPD officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos who were shot dead yesterday while sitting in their car in Brooklyn by Ismaaiyl Brinsley. As the news unfolded, we learned…
    16 hours ago 21 Dec 14, 11:46am
  • Ismaaiyl Brinsley, Alleged Cop Killer, Had Criminal History, 'Estranged Relationship' With Family
    The man whom police say murdered two NYPD officers as they ate lunch in their patrol car Saturday had a long criminal history.Court documents show that Ismaaiyl Brinsley, 28, had been arrested in Ohio for theft and robbery, and in Georgia for robber…
    16 hours ago 21 Dec 14, 11:29am
  • #BlackLivesMatter Condemns NYPD Cop Killings: 'Not Our Vision Of Justice'
    #BlackLivesMatter, a social movement founded in opposition to the violence and oppression black people in the U.S. face at the hands of law enforcement, officially condemned the "senseless" killing of two NYPD officers Saturday. “An eye for an e…
    17 hours ago 21 Dec 14, 10:51am
  • Obama Condemns Killings Of New York City Police Officers
    President Barack Obama strongly condemned the killing of two New York City police officers, calling on Americans to "reject violence." "I unconditionally condemn today's murder of two police officers in New York City," Obama said in a statement. "Tw…
    18 hours ago 21 Dec 14, 9:50am
  • Boko Haram Slaughters Mass Of Captives In Horrific New Video
    MAIDUGURI, Nigeria (AP) — A new video from Nigeria's home-grown Boko Haram extremists shows gunmen mowing down civilians lying face down in a dorm, and a leader saying they are being killed because they are "infidels" or non-believers.There are so…
    20 hours ago 21 Dec 14, 7:19am
  • 14 Hair & Makeup Looks We'll Never Forget From 2014
    We can all agree that when it comes to the best and worst beauty looks of 2014, celebrities definitely took more risks. Whether it was the necessary shedding of layers (ahem, Kim Kardashian's "natural" hair and makeup) or experimenting with wacky ha…
    21 hours ago 21 Dec 14, 7:00am

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Kericho, Kenya 1Kericho, Kenya 1
8 days ago 14 Dec 14, 2:45pm
Kericho, Kenya 2Kericho, Kenya 2
8 days ago 14 Dec 14, 2:45pm
Kericho, Kenya 3Kericho, Kenya 3
8 days ago 14 Dec 14, 2:45pm
Kericho, Kenya 4Kericho, Kenya 4
8 days ago 14 Dec 14, 2:45pm
Kericho, Kenya 6Kericho, Kenya 6
8 days ago 14 Dec 14, 2:45pm
Kericho, Kenya 5Kericho, Kenya 5
8 days ago 14 Dec 14, 2:45pm

Leo Tunapika?

  • Bacon and Broccoli Frittata
    Happy new month! As I was catching up on Pioneer Woman‘s food posts, I saw a frittata recipe which inspired me to make one. As soon as I thought of making the frittata, I figured the perfect combination would be to use bacon and broccoli. Any excu…
    17 days ago 5 Dec 14, 3:49am
  • Cheese and Onion Meatballs
    Every once in a while I enjoy snacking on potato crisps and corn puffs. I mostly get the plain salted ones and for when I am feeling a bit adventurous I go for the cheese and onion flavour. My inspiration for this recipe is cheese and onion potato c…
    38 days ago 14 Nov 14, 4:21am
  • GIVEAWAY: The Chill ‘N Grill (CLOSED)
    African Kaya presents The Chill ‘N Grill. This Sunday, 2nd November come over to the Wanderjoy gardens and exercise your marinating and grilling skills. Essentially for every group of 10 you get a jiko or grill upon entry to the event. If you are…
    56 days ago 27 Oct 14, 1:30am
  • Cream of Carrot Soup
    As I had earlier mentioned, I’ll be sharing simple recipes using organic produce from Organic foods. This is a simple heart warming recipe that will not only fill your kitchen with a lovely aroma but will also leave you yearning for more. Cream of…
    70 days ago 13 Oct 14, 2:09pm
    As I had mentioned earlier, this month we are collaborating with Organic Foods to inform you more about organically grown produce and to also giveaway some amazing goodies. Each week a lucky reader gets to win a basket full of organically grown prod…
    76 days ago 7 Oct 14, 1:20am
  • Organic Foods Kenya #GoOrganic
    Happy new month food enthusiasts. This month Leo tunapika? is collaborating with Organic foods Kenya. Look forward to weekly recipes using produce grown organically here in our lovely country Kenya. We will also engage in weekly giveaways where you…
    77 days ago 6 Oct 14, 9:43am
  • Banana and Tree Tomato Smoothie
    I enjoy smoothies, not only are they healthy but pretty easy to whip up. An additional benefit is that you can quickly make one for a quick breakfast. Sometime last week the hubs brought some tree tomatoes and turns out I had some frozen bananas and…
    96 days ago 17 Sep 14, 1:40am
  • Chicken and Potato Bake
    There are times I just want to put everything in a baking dish put it in the oven and proceed to do our things. This recipe fits the bill. It’s not your quick meal but can be great to prepare when you have guests and have several things to whip up…
    12 Sep 14, 12:23am
  • Samsung Blogger Challenge and AM Live
    I just want to say a big thank you for the support as I took part in Samsung Blogger Challenge throughout the month of August. It was definitely something new, learning to cook with a microwave. I hope you also learnt a few things. The challenge cli…
    11 Sep 14, 5:35am
  • Fish en Papillote
    French has a way of making anything sound delicious, just think about it. One would totally eat escargot just because it sounds all exotic and delicious only to realise it’s French for snails, yeah in some places it’s a delicacy. Meals in foreig…
    30 Aug 14, 2:57am

Healthy Living Kenya

  • How To Not Get Fat During Festive Season
    I was just watching this amazing nutritionist on KTN who immediately had my undivided attention after she insisted on drinking water after being offered milk off the set. The topic on anyone in the health community is how to eat sanely during this De…
    6 days ago 16 Dec 14, 2:43am
  • How To Cook Lamb Like an Iron Chef
    No doubt Lamb is my favorite healthiest meat, Ok I love me some pork but I eat lamb more frequently due to the flavor, the sustainability of lamb (not easy to raise sheep in a factory). Light, decadent, elegant, the best meat out there as long as you…
    11 days ago 11 Dec 14, 6:52am
  • Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownie Recipe
    By now you already know that anything gluten is not a good idea. Personally I keep reducing gluten (wheat/rye products) and I keep feeling more energetic and I also get to explore other nutritious options like finger millet which is just awesome. Ok,…
    13 days ago 9 Dec 14, 2:41am
  • My Daily Raw Beetroot Smoothie
    Since I embraced a partially raw diet, smoothies have become my everyday breakfast because they just give you that shot of nutrition you need to wake up the entire body’s functions. After many trials and errors, I finally came up with a technique t…
    25 days ago 27 Nov 14, 9:18am
  • You Are What You Eat
    As I was evangelizing health amongst peers over the weekends I met someone who had not had a single headache since 2007, and I thought I was gangtsa, my last one was in 2010. Of course I was fascinated by this and immediately inquired on his day to d…
    35 days ago 17 Nov 14, 8:04am
  • My Mum’s Mukimo Recipe
    I love my mum’s Mukimo, not only is she an incredible cook, the food itself is simple, delicious and anybody can make this, I mean anyone. Over the last few moths I have been training myself on authentic traditional recipes, I mean, there is a good…
    60 days ago 23 Oct 14, 2:19am
  • Brown Rice Chicken Pilau
    Brown rice is perfect for pilau since it has a long cooking time like the traditional Coastal dish that we all love. Plus the brown rice has more flavor than white rice so your pilau will have more depth in taste and it will be very filling as well.…
    61 days ago 22 Oct 14, 5:33am
  • Why I am Not Big On Salad
    You would easily assume I eat salad all day haha actually I do not like salads at all. If you enjoy eating raw vegetables the please rock on. Consuming raw vegetation is critical to good health, but like most Kenyans, I was not raised on a Nicoise an…
    69 days ago 14 Oct 14, 6:31am
  • Self Education is The Solution
    It is very sad that we live in a employee-minded mentality. Many people often tell me to get a job in a big hotel or a fancy restaurant, why don’t you go work at the Hilton or Tribe and earn Ksh 100k+? Sigh. I always tell them that I am infopreneur…
    76 days ago 6 Oct 14, 10:53pm
  • All You Need To Know About The Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen
    The dirty dozen are the foods that have been proven to have more chemical pesticides/herbicides/fungicide << suicide and the clean 15 are those that have little or no chemicals in them. It is always advisable to buy organic when it comes to the dirty…
    77 days ago 6 Oct 14, 8:13am

Yummy | Eat Out Kenya

  • Amazing Festive Offers At dusitD2
    Santa’s sleigh will be flying low over dusitD2 in Riverside Drive  in Nairobi, because they have some absolutely fabulous festive offers just for you. This holiday season, all your favourite restaurants and bar at dusitD2 – SOI, SOKO, and Zin…
    22 hours ago 21 Dec 14, 5:10am
  • The Wine Shop Holiday Schedule
    The Wine Shop at Brew Bistro has become one of Nairobi’s dominant wine sellers with premium quality wines from all over the world. However, the shop will be closed on select dates over the holiday period as listed below. Wine Selecting Tips At The…
    2 days ago 20 Dec 14, 5:02am
  • KFC Comes To Limuru Road
    KFC is opening a hot new branch on Limuru Road  this weekend! Your favorite fried chicken made with Colonel Sanders’s amazing herbs and spices recipe is coming closer to you. KFC Opens Kenya’s First Drive-Thru Restaurant Putting The KFC Drive-T…
    2 days ago 20 Dec 14, 3:30am
  • Christmas Eve Menu At Ambiance Restaurant
    Ambience Restaurant services delicious French Fusion cuisine with dishes creatively designed and interpreted by their chefs. You will enjoy an absolutely unique dining experience with a wide variety of wines & liquors from all over the world. This C…
    3 days ago 19 Dec 14, 9:59am
  • Giddy For Ginger Bread
      Over centuries, holiday baking has evolved into many shapes and figures other than circular, disc shaped biscuits, cakes, or breads. More specifically, many baked goods made for the Christmas season take our intrinsic David Shape (head, torso, ar…
    3 days ago 19 Dec 14, 9:05am
  • Susan Wong Takes On A Cult Classic
    It’s really good! The sort of good that makes you gasp after your first morsel and nibble on your bottom lip before an imaginary light bulb goes off and you realize foodgasms do exist. Classic, unpretentious and dizzyingly good, Talisman is a shri…
    3 days ago 19 Dec 14, 8:39am
  • Jackson Biko Meets Happy Bubbles
    They must be celebrating something. Hell, someone is always celebrating something somewhere. That’s how precious life is. The man – the one with a monstrous timepiece the size of my one-year old son’s skull – gleams as he holds a bottle of c…
    3 days ago 19 Dec 14, 8:19am
  • Mud Sunday At CakeVille
    DJ SAK and Kenya’s Cake Boss recently brought something new to Amani Plaza on 3rd Parklands in High Ridge, dubbed CakeVille offering a wide range of yummy cakes bringing something new in the market. This coming Sunday 21st, CakeVille have an ama…
    3 days ago 19 Dec 14, 7:41am
  • Kahawa Diaries with Marek Fuchs
    Marek Fuchs is the manager of the award winning local band, Sauti Sol. The way he takes his coffee tells us that he’s a no nonsense person who likes to keep good balance in all the things he does. How do you take your morning coffee? 50/50 milk an…
    3 days ago 19 Dec 14, 7:19am
  • Christmas At The Tamarind In Mombasa
    Down at the coast with your family and/or loved ones and looking for a good Christmas and New Year plan coupled with good entertainment and delicious food? Then Tamarind have you covered with their special Christmas menu for both the Tamarind Mombas…
    3 days ago 19 Dec 14, 6:55am

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