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  • Meet city’s most loyal bar patron
    A city professor has for 25 years remained faithful not only to his glass of wine but also to one bar in Nairobi West. Not even a bullet through his eye could stop good old Professor Joseph Nyasani from going to the West End Bar and Butchery in Nair…
    42 mins ago 25 Apr 14, 12:55am
  • Bomb scare disrupts businesses in Pangani
    Business was halted for a few hours in Pangani area after a car suspected to have been carrying explosives was found parked near a secondary school. Police received a tip on Thursday morning that a suspicious station wagon was parked in the middle o…
    52 mins ago 25 Apr 14, 12:45am
  • How we escaped Pangani bombers
    Kamkunji MP Yusuf Hassan says the bombers were targeting a live TV recording that was to take place in EastleighRelated Stories:Pangani attack the work of a suicide bomber, policePolice net bomb-making material in EastleighPolice release photo…
    1 hour ago 25 Apr 14, 12:31am
  • Bodyguard loses gun, Sh2.5 million in robbery
    The bodyguard of Imenti Central Member of Parliament, Gideon Mwiti Irea was on Wednesday night robbed of his firearm and Sh2.5 million in Ngara, Nairobi. Nairobi County Deputy Police Commandant, Moses Ombati said the bodyguard, whose name he decline…
    17 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 9:00am
  • Vera Sidika responds to haters
    Video vixen/entrepreneur/ ‘farmer’, Vera Sidika is causing waves yet again and this time it is not about her voluptuous body but her skin. Apparently, Vera has decided to ‘bleach’ herself. Her transformation has been  met with a lot of ridi…
    17 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 8:53am
  • Kalekye Mumo releases new hit
    Radio personality Kalekye Mumo has released her second hit ‘I’m Okay’ The video that was shot at the Nairobi National Museums of Kenya is of high quality and has been well directed. Kalekye’s lyrics tell of how challenging life can be with r…
    17 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 8:10am
  • Alexandre’s sandwiches are to die for
    ALEXANDRE Yaya Centre, Ground floor If you read this column often enough (even as recently as last week), you know that I am constantly and consistently on the hunt for good old-fashioned moist well-made delicious cake. I had an unfortunate experien…
    19 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 6:43am
  • Eric Omondi’s Baltimore show ends in chaos
    Comedian Eric Omondi was in the US for a tour where he was to perform at a series of shows in the states. However, his fans in Baltimore never had the chance to laugh at his jokes as mayhem ensued when fans requested Eric to go on stage but he decli…
    19 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 6:33am
  • City journalists irked by Kalonzo’s slur
    City journalists on Thursday took on Cord Principal Kalonzo Musyoka for ignoring a journalist during a press conference on the basis of his name.Related Stories:Raila and Kalonzo visit MP Daniel Maanzo in hospitalKamukunji MP: Day Mandela hosted…
    20 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 5:45am
  • Ethiopian immigrants on a hunger strike at police cells
    Six Ethiopian arrested in the ongoing crackdown on illegal immigrants have gone on a hunger strike at Makadara police station.Related Stories:83 Ethiopian illegal immigrants arrested in TassiaImmigrants in custody despite deportation orderWestga…
    22 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 3:30am
  • Pangani attack the work of a suicide bomber, police
    Police attribute bomb explosion at Pangani police station to a suicide bomber who was facing arrest for a traffic offense.Related Stories:Car explodes, killing four in Pangani attackPolice foil Citi Hoppa hijackingsPolice release photo of Panga…
    24 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 2:00am
  • Do you know these children?
    Rescue centre appeals to parents who have lost their children to visit it and establish if they could be part of a group currently in its custody.Related Stories:Life at Nairobi Children’s Remand CentreScandal of children hired as beggars and…
    1 day ago 24 Apr 14, 1:26am
  • Two police officers killed after car bomb explosion in Pangani
    Related Stories:Car explodes, killing four in Pangani attackBomb disposal experts conduct controlled detonation in…Panic as children find bomb next to Kiserian churchBomb squad detonate explosive in Mlango KubwaPangani survivors talk of huge…
    1 day ago 24 Apr 14, 1:07am
  • Children can teach you life lessons, too
    Parents were designed to have opinions and try to force them on their children. Related Stories:Life at Nairobi Children’s Remand CentreSibling rivalry can be good for your childrenNever be too busy to play with your childrenI’ll celebrate…
    1 day ago 23 Apr 14, 11:00pm
  • Nairobi at bottom of county cash list
    Nairobi is among counties that will get the lowest amount from devolved funds in proportion to their populationsRelated Stories:Nairobi county to get more devolution cashCounty wards to benefit from new lawWards Fund Bill signed into lawCounty…
    1 day ago 23 Apr 14, 11:00pm

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Comedy Club Kenya

konnect Cooking Showkonnect Cooking ShowThe Konect ladies show us how to make stuffed chick. Enjoy Coutersy of century Production inComedy
2 days ago 23 Apr 14, 8:58am
My spoken esther WahomeMy spoken esther WahomeMy spoken, Hosted by esther wahome. Courtesy Of century Production.From:comedyclubkenyaViews:1385448ratingsTime:06:34More inComedy
5 days ago 20 Apr 14, 2:02am
Avril On TujijueAvril On TujijueAvril Featured on an episode of tujijue. Check this out. Courtersy of Century Productins inComedy
8 days ago 17 Apr 14, 8:09am
Shaffie On talk showShaffie On talk showCourtesy Of Century Productions.From:comedyclubkenyaViews:466217ratingsTime:05:28More inComedy
10 days ago 14 Apr 14, 6:42pm
Kataa Budaaa.SketchKataa Budaaa.SketchBamboo gets hustled but fights back. Courtesy Of century productions.From:comedyclubkenyaViews:757930ratingsTime:02:49More inComedy
10 days ago 14 Apr 14, 6:38pm
My spoken Talk show sketchMy spoken Talk show sketchAn amazing talk show for women with unique issues, courtesy of century productions. inComedy
13 days ago 12 Apr 14, 10:57am

Capital Lifestyle

  • Jurassic Park 4 (Jurassic World) begins production in Hawaii

    20 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 5:52am
  • Aspirin halves colon cancer risk, if you have certain gene
    Aspirin can reduce the risk of colon cancer by half, but only in people who carry high levels of a specific type of gene, a study released Wednesday found. Researchers previously were aware that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as…
    21 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 4:30am
  • New commercial inspires us all to take the leap and love
    Life is all about risk, especially when it comes to love. The fear of rejection always sits in the back of our minds, subconsciously. Will she or he reciprocate? Do they feel the same way about you? Will our first … More →
    22 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 3:36am
  • World’s 50 Best Restaurants to be revealed next week
    On Monday 28th  April, London’s Guildhall will play host to the elite of the gastronomic world with a glittering ceremony held to announce and celebrate The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2014, sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna. The industr…
    1 day ago 24 Apr 14, 1:00am
  • Echoes of 2pac and Biggie? French rap feud turns violent
    A French rap star was placed in custody on Tuesday after a brawl at a Paris shop owned by a rival rapper left a young man fighting for his life in the latest chapter of an ongoing feud between two … More →
    2 days ago 23 Apr 14, 11:00am
  • WhatsApp says it now has half billion users
    WhatsApp now has 500 million regular, active users around the world, the free mobile messaging service being acquired by Facebook said. That is up from an estimated 450 million as of late February, as the service’s reach expanded rapidly in … Mor…
    2 days ago 23 Apr 14, 7:33am
  • Just add water: Would you try powered alcohol?
    Just add water and stir. A US company says its new powdered alcohol product has been approved by US regulators and is poised to hit stores in the coming months. Palcohol is made by an Arizona company called Lipsmark and … More →
    2 days ago 23 Apr 14, 7:07am
  • The Truth Behind Beauty Myths
    When we were struggling through those awkward teenage years, when our hormones were wreaking havoc on our bodies and our skin, we were most likely inundated by advice from our mothers and even our girlfriends, on what we should do … More →
    2 days ago 23 Apr 14, 5:02am
  • 8 vegetables that make you look beautiful
    You can actually improve your appearance by eating right. Forget about those expensive beauty products and surgical procedures, you can eat your way to an attractive and youthful skin with these anti-ageing and beauty-enhancing vegetables. With these…
    2 days ago 23 Apr 14, 4:56am
  • Wyre, P-unit among star artists slated for the Safaricom relay series finale
    Safaricom has assembled some of the big names in the music industry to crown the first edition of Safaricom Relay Series to be held on Saturday 26th April at the Nyayo National Stadium King of Kamba music Ken Wa Maria … More →
    2 days ago 23 Apr 14, 3:10am


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XYZ Show - Kiss TV

Its all about the shillings-Governor Style #PoliticalHitsIts all about the shillings-Governor Style #PoliticalHitsWatch the full episode here: XYZ ShowViews:00ratingsTime:03:44More inComedy
17 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 8:38am
Sonko Informer #PoliticalHitSonko Informer #PoliticalHitCatch the full episode here . Enjoy!From:The XYZ ShowViews:369717ratingsTime:03:10More inComedy
1 day ago 24 Apr 14, 1:31am
Another wifey for anyone? #Political HitsAnother wifey for anyone? #Political HitsWatch the full episode here: XYZ ShowViews:3767ratingsTime:02:24More inComedy
1 day ago 23 Apr 14, 1:48pm
UhuRuto court Ocampo to be their witness at ICC | The XYZ ShowUhuRuto court Ocampo to be their witness at ICC | The XYZ ShowCatch the full episode here XYZ ShowViews:28328ratingsTime:02:56More inComedy
2 days ago 23 Apr 14, 10:05am
Kenya National Anthem #XYZRenditionKenya National Anthem #XYZRenditionCatch the full episode here XYZ ShowViews:637034ratingsTime:02:40More inComedy
2 days ago 22 Apr 14, 7:34pm
Niku'Tender' #PoliticalHitNiku'Tender' #PoliticalHitCatch the full episode here: XYZ ShowViews:99210ratingsTime:05:16More inComedy
3 days ago 21 Apr 14, 10:59pm

HuffPost BlackVoices

  • Millennials and Retirement Readiness: Reframing the Conversation
    Famed investor Warren Buffett once said, "The best investment you can make is in yourself." This statement holds great promise in helping to advance the state of retirement readiness for many Americans, especially today's 77 million millennials born…
    5 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 8:27pm
  • Derek Luke Talks 'Alex Of Venice'
    Currently playing at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival is actor Chris Messina‘s directorial debut, ‘Alex of Venice,’ starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Don Johnson, Derek Luke, Katie Nehra, Chris Messina, and Skylar Gaertner.
    7 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 6:45pm
  • Arkansas Judge Strikes Down State's Voter ID Law
    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — An Arkansas judge struck down the state's new voter ID law on Thursday, saying it violates the state constitution by adding a requirement that voters must meet before casting a ballot.Pulaski County Circuit Judge Tim Fox…
    7 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 6:20pm
  • Break In At National Civil Rights Museum Less Than One Month After Reopening
    Almost every day is a busy day at the National Civil Rights Museum, but things got a bit hectic at the historic site on Wednesday morning. Police reportedly found smashed windows at the Lorraine Motel after security officers contacted them reporting…
    7 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 6:17pm
  • Beyonce's Half Brother, Nixon Alexander Knowles, Moves To A Trailer Park (VIDEO)
    As previously reported, earlier this month Alexsandra Wright, the mother of Mathew Knowles' 4-year-old son, Nixon Alexander Knowles, revealed that she and Beyonce’s half-brother were still struggling financially. Wright cited lack of support from…
    7 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 6:14pm
  • Lupita Nyong'o and America's Complicated Relationship With Beauty
    The Oscar Award winning actress Lupita Nyong'o has been named People Magazine's most beautiful person of 2014. She joins the ranks of other Hollywood elites including Julia Roberts, Cindy Crawford and Beyoncé. The 12 Years a Slave actress shot to t…
    8 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 5:47pm
  • Cliven Bundy Stands By Pro-Slavery Comments In Rambling Press Conference
    WASHINGTON -- Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy doubled down on his controversial remarks about slavery Thursday, insisting that perhaps the "Negro people" were better off as the property of white owners because then, at least, they had gardens and chicken…
    8 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 5:36pm
  • Michael B. Jordan Talks Sprite Films Partnership, 'Fantastic Four' Update, & 'Boondocks'
    With a slew of films under his belt, Michael B. Jordan is bringing his benevolence to the forefront for his latest initiative. The "Fruitvale Station" star has signed on as a mentor and program ambassador for Sprite Films' national short film competi…
    9 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 5:01pm
  • Fox News Host Sean Hannity Calls Cliven Bundy's Remarks ‘Racist' And ‘Beyond Repugnant'
    NEW YORK -- Fox News host Sean Hannity said Thursday that Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy's racist remarks are “beyond repugnant” and “beyond despicable.” For the past several weeks, the conservative Fox News network has given a major platform t…
    9 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 5:01pm
  • Sugar-Sweetened Drinks Linked With High Blood Pressure
    By Sheryl WoodConsuming lots of sugary drinks can expand your waistline, but you may not be aware of what it also might do to your blood pressure.Sugar is added to many food products, but the largest source of added sugar we consume is in sugar-sw…
    9 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 4:57pm
  • Back to the Future: Why Is the Diversity of University Leadership Stuck in the '80s?
    In the 1980s, we communicated via landlines and snail mail, we enjoyed our music on Walkmans and boomboxes, and we read books using... well, books. Much has changed in the past 30 years.Yet if you put a university president from 1986 next to a unive…
    9 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 4:56pm
  • Michelle Obama Teaches Some Lucky Kids How To Colorblock
    It's times like these we seriously wish our parents worked at the White House.In honor of "Take Your Children To Work Day," Michelle Obama greeted and spoke with employees of the White House and their families Thursday. She looked gorgeous as ever in…
    9 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 4:24pm
  • Feds Can Undo Even More of the Damage They Did in the Drug War
    Attorney General Eric Holder has said and moved to do what has long needed to be done in the hopelessly flawed, failed drug war: That is to expand the criteria that the Justice Department will use to release hundreds of prisoners that are serving or…
    9 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 4:19pm
  • The One Design Rule Everyone Should Break, Regardless Of Style
    Call it what you will -- eclectic, colorful, boho chic -- there's a good chance you've been thinking about mismatched décor all wrong. Where some see it as a reason to hang up your decorator hat and call in a pro, it's some of the design experts we…
    10 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 3:43pm
  • An Open Letter to Rap Music (For My Daughters)
    Dear Rap Music, I've been known to "throw my hands in the air and wave 'em like I just don't care." I used to hit up your shows and you could often "find me in the club, bottle full of bub," where, if your beat thumped enough and your hook looped ju…
    10 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 3:32pm


  • PHOTO: Citizen TV’s Lulu Hassan With Her Husband Rashid Abdalla And Son Back In The Day
    Their command of the Swahili language is enviable. Whether you listen to Q FM’s Rashid Abdalla or watch his beautiful wife, Citizen News anchor Lulu Hassan you end feeling like your Swahili teacher did a poor job. The two lovebirds managed to keep…
    2 mins ago 25 Apr 14, 1:35am
  • Is Kalekye Mumo Engaged?
    So word has it that the beautiful Kalekye Mumo might be walking down the aisle soon. Well its not confirmed, but after watching her new video I’m Okay, am guessing that this Miss is doing quite fine and she is not keeping quiet about it either. Acc…
    7 mins ago 25 Apr 14, 1:30am
  • Check Out Vera Sidia’s Designer Shoes That Apparently Cost Sh 240,000 (PHOTO)
    She’s now being labeled as Kenya’s bleaching queen. Her skin has gone from dark skin to light skin before we could say aaaah. The socialite isn’t applying any breaks in her efforts to live life on the fast lane. Vera Sidika, who once shocked Ke…
    17 mins ago 25 Apr 14, 1:20am
  • Blast From The Past : Maina Kageni And Jimmy Gathu Back In The Day
    We know them from what they currently do, Maina with his morning gig at Classic 105. Jimmy  and his K24  TV show and “mpango wa kando”  ads. Well, they did not just land there by default. Starting out bat Capital FM which happens to be the spr…
    28 mins ago 25 Apr 14, 1:09am
  • Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko Pays Bills For All Tuskys Shoppers That He Found In Queue (PHOTOS)
    During the past Easter holiday’s Nairobi senator Mike Sonko once again displayed his generosity as he paid bills for shoppers he found at a queue in Tuskys Supermarket Moi Avenue. The senator also took time to visit cancer patients at Kenyatta Nati…
    30 mins ago 25 Apr 14, 1:07am
  • Furifuri, Sarisari, Asusu And Now DK Kwenye Beat Is Back With Kereka!
    Multi-award winning Gospel star David Kilonzo mostly popular by his stage name DK Kwenye Beat has not only come up with a different way of doing music but has also invented the art of using catchy phrases for his equally catchy tunes. He is the guy w…
    16 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 9:40am
  • President Uhuru Kenyatta Sponsors A 6year Old Girl Through Her Full Education
    President Uhuru Kenyatta has been doing wonders to many since he got elected as the 3rd president of Kenya. Although many might be looking at the negative part and what he has not yet achieved. I choose to look and observe at the different things and…
    16 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 9:27am
  • Ray C Steps Back Into The Lime Light As A TV Host
    If you thought that Ray C’s struggle with drugs was going to drag her down, then you thought wrong. Just few months ago Ray C came out clean that she was in an addict who was slowly recovering from her addiction that had contributed to her down fal…
    17 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 8:42am
  • Lupita Nyong’o Named Most Beautiful Person In The World. Here Is Her Reaction (Photos)
    Kenya’s golden girl and Oscar award winning actress Lupita Nyong’o is making headlines once again after being named the most beautiful person of the year 2014 by People’s Magazine. Lupita clinched the coveted title after beating some of the mos…
    17 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 8:42am
  • President Uhuru Kenyatta On Official Visit To Qatar (Photos)
    It’s quite encouraging to see how the president is finding ways of improving the country’s economy. In the past few months we have seen the president making various trips to different countries to see how he can improve and support the country’…
    17 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 8:10am
  • PICTURES: It Was An All White Affair In Kisumu Over The Easter Weekend
    While everyone else was busy with their preferred party mode, Kisumu decided to go all white and do it differently in a one of a kind themed party at the Kisumu City Mall. The event dubbed ALL WHITE PARTY, ALL WHITE AFFAIR 2014 saw people tra…
    20 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 5:59am
  • Hot, Crazy & Totally Ratchet Photos From The NaxVegas 2014- Easter Edition!
    The Easter holidays were abuzz with activities and Kenyans all over the country celebrated in many different ways. Many opted for the partying way and the number of parties and festivals held in different regions was crazy and the turn up was amazing…
    20 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 5:22am
  • Beautiful Photos Of Shakira, Footballer Hubby Gerard Pique And Their Adorable Son
    Renowned Columbia Singer Shakira and her FC Barcelona soccer player  hubby  Gerard Pique are a beautiful couple and the proud parents of an adorable baby boy Milan Pique Mebarak. The two lovebirds are both successful in their careers with Shakira…
    21 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 4:28am
  • Shuga’s Play Boy Ikubese Enters The 2014 Mr. Nigeria
    Ikubeses Emmanuel popularly known as Femi from his role in Shuga, has gained a lot of popularity in Kenya in the past few years. He has also been featured on Mali and was recently featured In Victoria Kimani’s song. With his built body, dark skin a…
    22 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 3:31am
  • 2013-2014: 5 Top Kenyan Love Songs You Ought To Know!
    Kenyan artistes are talented and I love how they have  learnt to be diverse in terms of what they sing about. Kenyan music is no longer just ‘Kapuka’ and party songs but we now have a fresh breed of Kenyan artistes that belt out classy tunes and…
    23 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 2:49am


Trip Advisor

Grilled chicken, Rice and salad.        side view.Grilled chicken, Rice and salad. side view.
2 days ago 23 Apr 14, 5:10am
Camping in Magadi Kenya with a Cookswell Energy Saving charcoal ovenCamping in Magadi Kenya with a Cookswell Energy Saving charcoal oven
3 days ago 21 Apr 14, 1:40pm
Camping in Magadi Kenya with a Cookswell Energy Saving charcoal ovenCamping in Magadi Kenya with a Cookswell Energy Saving charcoal oven
3 days ago 21 Apr 14, 1:40pm
Camping in Magadi Kenya with a Cookswell Energy Saving charcoal ovenCamping in Magadi Kenya with a Cookswell Energy Saving charcoal oven
3 days ago 21 Apr 14, 1:40pm
Camping in Magadi Kenya with a Cookswell Energy Saving charcoal ovenCamping in Magadi Kenya with a Cookswell Energy Saving charcoal oven
3 days ago 21 Apr 14, 1:39pm
Camping in Magadi Kenya with a Cookswell Energy Saving charcoal ovenCamping in Magadi Kenya with a Cookswell Energy Saving charcoal oven
3 days ago 21 Apr 14, 1:39pm

Leo Tunapika?

  • Honey Glazed Chicken Drumsticks
    I believe I have said this on several occasions, I love chicken. Some weeks back, I was craving chicken as usual :p and I just had to make some. After googling for simple recipes I landed on this you tube video and I decided to try it out with some…
    22 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 3:29am
  • Banana and Chocolate Muffins
    Hey foodies? It’s been ages since I lasted posted Totally unintentional. All in all, I have been busy cooking and baking which can only mean more easy recipes for you guys to try out. A while back, I got an opportunity to bake my first wedding cak…
    2 days ago 23 Apr 14, 6:18am
  • Quail Eggs Frenzy
    If you are in Kenya and are yet to hear of quail eggs then you must be living under a rock :-D. Anyway so I decided to get on the quail egg bandwagon and I’m sure most of you must be curious to see what is inside those speckled tiny egg shells. I…
    25 days ago 31 Mar 14, 2:00am
  • Frittata
    According to Wikipedia a frittata is an egg based Italian dish with additional ingredients such as meats, and vegetables. Well, if you ask me a frittata is an omelette on steroids. The first time I heard of this dish, I was busy watching one of my f…
    28 days ago 28 Mar 14, 2:00am
  • Brawn and Onion Sandwich
    I have had some beef brawn in the freezer for quite a while and to be honest I’d gotten tired of the usual brawn sandwich. A few Fridays ago, I woke up pretty psyched to make breakfast and all I had was some bread, honey, the brawn and onions. Aft…
    43 days ago 13 Mar 14, 3:08am
  • Baked Chicken Drumsticks
    In case you haven’t guessed by now, we love white meat hence the reason the blog is filled with chicken and fish recipes. Some time last I was craving some chicken and I thought of preparing this to serve with ugali and sukuma wiki. Sadly the sup…
    44 days ago 12 Mar 14, 2:00am
  • Baking 101: Equipment
    I have received various queries on baking and also requests to post a basic cake recipe. In light of the various requests, I have decided to do a two part series on basic baking. For part one, I’ll tackle the various equipment necessary for baking…
    45 days ago 11 Mar 14, 2:00am
  • Baked Sweet Potatoes
    Hey foodies? This is a pretty easy recipe. In Kenya, sweet potatoes are majorly served as an accompaniment for tea. There are easy to prepare seeing that you only have to boil them and voila breakfast. I am not a big fan of sweet potatoes but after…
    46 days ago 10 Mar 14, 3:04am
  • Mad about Oats
    Quick breakfast fix for those mornings that you just want to rush out of the house. 1 cup instant oats A handful of sultanas 1 ripe banana sliced 1 cup warm milk In a bowl, pour in the instant oats and add the sliced bananas. Add the sultanas. Final…
    56 days ago 28 Feb 14, 12:28am
  • Nairobi Restaurant Week: Sikia Fine Dining at the Crowne Plaza Hotel
    As promised a review of the restaurant I managed to visit during the Nairobi Restaurant Week. To say I was excited about the inaugural restaurant week in Nairobi would be an understatement. I ensured that I told anyone who cared to listen about it.…
    58 days ago 26 Feb 14, 5:09am

Healthy Living Kenya

  • Why You Need Coconut Oil in Your Life
    Virgin coconut oil is very rich in Lauric acid, which is found in mothers’ milk, just imagine how healthy that is…On top of that, the oil can be used in any recipe you can think of, used with a deft hand, makes food very delicious. Coconut oil al…
    23 hours ago 24 Apr 14, 2:25am
  • 9 Things Happy People Do
    According to scientific research from Harvard, happier people live longer and with better standards of living regardless of income group, race, religion or ethnicity. From, heart disease and alzheimer’s, to cancer and diabetes, happier people just…
    10 days ago 15 Apr 14, 8:11am
  • What Type of Water Are You Drinking?
    The type of water you drink is very important. I recommend spring water as much as possible, this Ksh 220 bottle contains fresh clean and ‘delicious’ water that is legitimate. 10 liters for that price is one of the cheapest ways you can start bei…
    16 days ago 9 Apr 14, 12:52pm
  • Super Delicious Fall-Off-The Bone Pork Spare Ribs
    I love me some pig. One controversial animal but all the same delicious. Some say it is one dirty animal, some say bla but if fed a natural clean diet, pork can be somewhat healthy and a fun way to celebrate something, or just party out, in fact this…
    17 days ago 8 Apr 14, 4:39am
  • A Healthier Sex Life
    Most of my clients are women, who are generally more interested in living healthy and selling my services to them is not that hard, given their natural instinct as mothers, to nurture. This got me concerned about my male counterparts, who are not tha…
    18 days ago 7 Apr 14, 4:02am
  • Mind Over Medicine
    I do not believe in getting sick. I strongly believe that with a healthy lifestyle, we humans are near-perfect, in terms of functionality, performance and longevity. This is called the placebo effect in science and it works all the time. The human mi…
    23 days ago 2 Apr 14, 2:03am
  • Beginning The Health Journey Smoothly in 2 Steps
    Every day, I meet or interact with a people who want to start living healthier. After working for over 2 years with clients, I now understand better how to help them start this exciting and rewarding trip. Being on the journey myself or almost 8 year…
    25 days ago 31 Mar 14, 7:17am
  • 6 Ways To Boost Your Immune System Naturally
    Naturally, I am a strong proponent of prevention rather than cure and therefore I have equipped my healthy foods arsenal with foods that improve my immune system, which is the front-line defense against disease. I have read widely of the foods that d…
    28 days ago 28 Mar 14, 2:40am
  • Sauteed Kale with Caramelized Onion Recipe
    I know it sounds fancy, a bit complicated and cheffy, but after reading this blog post you will understand how to cook vegetables perfectly and subsequently, you and yours will consume more healthy green vegetables which we all know we have not been…
    29 days ago 27 Mar 14, 1:57am
  • Health Benefits of Singing
    I love singing in the shower. It is the best way to end my morning and/or evening work out with a heavy dose of feel good hormone (endophins) release. It helps me relax, unwind, ‘wake up’ and did I say feel good? Singing To Lower Stress Any kind…
    30 days ago 26 Mar 14, 5:57am

Yummy | Eat Out Kenya

  • CÎROC To Reward Three Loyal Customers With A Trip To Glamorous Spanish Island Ibiza In July
    Nairobi was elevated into an elite club and a global party capital when the CÎROC Blue Stone Spectacular Series launched on Friday at an exclusive private party at the Sankara Nairobi Hotel. “Events like the CÎROC Blue Stone Spectacular put…
    17 days ago 8 Apr 14, 4:16am
  • How To Make Jack Daniels Beef Skewers
    JD Beef Skewers Serves 20 Ingredients 2000g Beef Fillet Cubes JACK DANIELS GLAZE 3 cloves Garlic 1¼-Cup Dark Brown Sugar 1-Cup Pineapple Juice ½ Cup Teriyaki Sauce 4 tbsp Jack Daniels 2 tbsp Soy Sauce 1 tbsp Olive Oil 1 tbsp Crushed Pineapple ½ T…
    18 days ago 7 Apr 14, 4:00am
  • Wendy Wahito’s Chicken Wrapped In Bacon
    Wendy Wahito Chicken  Ingredients: Chicken breasts 6-8 pieces 1 large red onion 250g of collar bone or streaky bacon Salt Pepper 2 TBS of Worchester sauce 3 TBS of Teriyaki/ Soy sauce 1 TBS of Lemon squeeze Crushed Oregano Crushed ParsleyWendy Wahi…
    21 days ago 4 Apr 14, 6:08am
  • Ladies! Yoga And Wine Can Help You Get Pregnant
    A recent study has shown that there might be a bigger connection between stress and conception than we once thought. Having a relaxed tipple might in fact be the key. Although the accurate reason isn’t well known, it seems logical that stress and…
    22 days ago 3 Apr 14, 9:19am
  • World’s Most Expensive Pizza Costs Around 360,000Kshs!
    Wondering what’s the World’s Most Expensive Pizza? Well you’re in the right place! The World’s Most Expensive Pizza is: Pizza Royale 007 sold for $4,200. (a whooping 360,000Kshs!) Pizza in the second most popular dish world-wide surpassed o…
    23 days ago 2 Apr 14, 11:23am
  • The World’s Largest Pizza!
    Five Italian chefs came together to create the World’s Biggest Pizza. The delicious monstrosity measured 131-feet in diameter, tipped the scales at over 51,000 pounds, and contained 1,488 pounds of margarine, 19,800 pounds of flour, 10,000 pounds…
    23 days ago 2 Apr 14, 11:05am
  • The Art Of Making Good Pizza
    360 Artisans Pizza is not just a clever name. These are people who take the Artisan in their brand very seriously; to such an extent that they sent two of their chefs to Napoli to learn at the feet of the master himself, EnzoCoccia. Just hearing his…
    23 days ago 2 Apr 14, 4:40am
  • Recipe: Baked Avocado “Fries”
    Super simple to make, baked avocado “fries” could be the ultimate snack! The crispy-smooth texture is a great combo, and the flavour can’t be beat! Enjoy them with salsa or your favourite dip. Ingredients: 2 large avocados, sliced into wedges…
    23 days ago 2 Apr 14, 4:23am
  • Phillip Morris Introduces Marlboro Marijuana Cigarettes
      Phillip Morris, the world’s biggest cigarette producer, announced today that they will join the marijuana legalization bandwagon and start producing marijuana cigarettes. Marketed under the brand “Marlboro M”, the cigarettes will be made av…
    24 days ago 1 Apr 14, 5:45am
  • Helena Rizzo wins Veuve Clicquot World’s Best Female Chef 2014
    Helena Rizzo, Best Female Chef 2013 at the inaugural Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants, has done it again; but this time, on a global scale. The Brazilian-born Rizzo is the newly crowned Veuve Clicquot World’s Best Female Chef 2014. Rizzo is…
    25 days ago 31 Mar 14, 11:24am

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