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  • #Travel: Is Air New Zealand’s Hobbit safety video the most epic?
    Airplane safety videos often are repetitive and boring to watch, especially if you’re a frequent flyer or the airline is still recycling the same dated footage from decades back that sometimes include animated characters...
    11 hours ago 30 Oct 14, 6:28am
  • First test-tube penguin born
    The world’s first test-tube penguin has been born in San Diego. The chick, who has been named 184, hatched at the SeaWorld theme park in the Californian city 12 weeks ago and is the...
    13 hours ago 30 Oct 14, 5:01am
  • World’s most prestigious event dedicated to chocolate kicks-off
    The Salon du Chocolat, the world’s most prestigious event dedicated to chocolate kicked-off in Paris on Wednesday. Celebrating its 20th Anniversary, the Salon du Chocolat will feature a 20,000 sqm exhibition space over two...
    14 hours ago 30 Oct 14, 3:49am
  • #NewTrend: Single ladies can get married without a groom
    Single women longing for the thrill of a wedding without a groom have a chance to do so after a Japanese travel company launched a “Solo Weddings” service. Cera Travel of Kyoto is offering...
    15 hours ago 30 Oct 14, 2:47am
  • 7 Ways to boost your brain
    When it comes to mental endurance, there are a few ways to ensure a sharp mind and excellent concentration. Peter Jordan, Principal Officer of Fedhealth, explains that nutritionists emphasise the importance of healthy eating...
    15 hours ago 30 Oct 14, 2:45am
  • #Decoded: Ladies, here’s what you wear to bed says about you
    (By Dayan Masinde) 1. “Lady in a long vest” This lady loves her sleep, the long vest allows her to wear no panty thus giving her fresh air. She allows the beautiful area between...
    15 hours ago 30 Oct 14, 2:25am
  • What is the world coming to? Harry Style’s vomit on eBay
    Harry Styles thinks “it’s worrying” his vomit is being sold on eBay. The ‘Steal My Girl’ hitmaker was surprised when fans erected a heartfelt shrine on the side of a busy Los Angeles freeway...
    16 hours ago 30 Oct 14, 1:41am
  • Suge Knight arrested in row over photographer’s camera
    Notorious rap mogul Marion “Suge” Knight and comedian Micah “Katt” Williams were arrested Wednesday for allegedly stealing a camera from a photographer, authorities said. Knight, 49, and Williams, 43, have been charged with robbery,...
    17 hours ago 30 Oct 14, 1:21am
  • Google seeks way to search bodies for disease
    , google Google is exploring a way to search inside people’s bodies for early signs of deadly illnesses such as cancer or heart disease. A Life Sciences team at the special projects Google X...
    17 hours ago 30 Oct 14, 12:30am
  • Prostate cancer risk reduced by sleeping with many women: study
    Sleeping with many women may reduce your risk of Prostate cancer. In a new study published in the journal Cancer Epidermiology, researchers from the Universite de Montreal found that compared to men who have...
    1 day ago 29 Oct 14, 8:40am

Case Files

Case files: Money stolen at Yaya Centre (27th October 2014)On your weekly crime series Casefiles, is a story of a bank heist six years ago. A senior police officer tasked with the investigation of the theft of 34 million shillings while on transit...
2 days ago 28 Oct 14, 6:06am
Case Files:A man jailed for staging a robbery that targeted his own kin Part 2It is Monday and definitely a day for your weekly crime investigation series casefiles. Tonight ktn's Dennis Onsarigo speaks to a man jailed for staging a ro...
10 days ago 20 Oct 14, 5:10pm
Case Files:A man jailed for staging a robbery that targeted his own kin Part 1It is Monday and definitely a day for your weekly crime investigation series casefiles. Tonight ktn's Dennis Onsarigo speaks to a man jailed for staging a ro...
10 days ago 20 Oct 14, 5:07pm
Case Files: Gilbert Deya and his wife Mary Deya believed to have stolen babies (part B)Dennis Onsarigo delves into the saga that was the miracle babies nine years ago. The actors at the centre of the saga, televangelist Gilbert Deya and his wif...
17 days ago 13 Oct 14, 7:53pm
Case Files: Gilbert Deya and his wife Mary Deya believed to have stolen babies (part A)Dennis Onsarigo delves into the saga that was the miracle babies nine years ago. The actors at the centre of the saga, televangelist Gilbert Deya and his wif...
17 days ago 13 Oct 14, 7:16pm
Case files: Who killed University student Mercy Keino? (Part 2)Case files: Who killed University student Mercy Keino at Waiyaki way? Watch KTN Live Follow us on
38 days ago 22 Sep 14, 9:17pm
Case files: Who killed University student Mercy Keino? (Part 1)Case files: Who killed University student Mercy Keino on Waiyaki way? [part A] Watch KTN Live Follow us on
38 days ago 22 Sep 14, 9:12pm
Case Files: The mysterious killing of a Masters in Journalism Student Mercy Keino part 2KTN's Dennis Onsarigo revisits the mysterious killing of a Master in Journalism student at the University of Nairobi Mercy Keino. Mercy was discovered dead o...
45 days ago 16 Sep 14, 4:04am
Case Files: The mysterious killing of a Masters in Journalism Student Mercy Keino Part 1KTN's Dennis Onsarigo revisits the mysterious killing of a master' in journalism student at the university of Nairobi Mercy Keino. Mercy was discovered dead ...
45 days ago 15 Sep 14, 3:45pm
Casefiles: Careen Kili's Killers - Witness Accounts (Part 3)Who killed Careen Kili? Here are some witness accounts Watch KTN Live Follow us on Like us on htt...
51 days ago 9 Sep 14, 8:04am
Casefiles: Careen Kili's Killers - Witness Accounts (Part 4)Who killed Careen Kili? Here are some witness accounts Watch KTN Live Follow us on Like us on htt...
51 days ago 9 Sep 14, 7:31am
Case Files: Louis Otieno's account of Careen Chepchumba's mysterious death (part 1)"I knew Careen". A story of the TV anchor Louis Otieno's and unexplained killing of his friend and neighbor Careen Chepchumba Watch KTN Live http://www.ktnke...
59 days ago 2 Sep 14, 5:49am

Daily Post


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XYZ Show - Kiss TV

Testimony Remix | The XYZ ShowTestimony Remix | The XYZ ShowCatch the full episode here XYZ ShowViews:19519ratingsTime:02:54More inComedy
2 days ago 29 Oct 14, 4:45am
Kofi Mbili Challenge #SkitKofi Mbili Challenge #SkitWatch the full episode here: The Honorable Moses Kuria is challenged in the Kofi mbili challenge to donate Ksh. 50...From:The XYZ ShowViews:14838ratings…
2 days ago 28 Oct 14, 6:45pm
Jubilee Government's 'Happy' song #Political HitJubilee Government's 'Happy' song #Political HitWatch the full episode here: XYZ ShowViews:1139248ratingsTime:03:32More inComedy
4 days ago 26 Oct 14, 2:51pm
Loyal Remix | The XYZ ShowLoyal Remix | The XYZ ShowCatch the full episode here XYZ ShowViews:4269ratingsTime:01:51More inComedy
5 days ago 25 Oct 14, 12:42pm
Thrift Shop - Raila Remix #Political HitThrift Shop - Raila Remix #Political HitFrom:The XYZ ShowViews:466329ratingsTime:03:34More inComedy
6 days ago 25 Oct 14, 4:27am
Pesa Ya Mama Yako #politicalHitPesa Ya Mama Yako #politicalHitWatch the full episode here: Aden Duale's controversial words "Pesa si mama yako" are directed to Bomet Governor Isaa...From:The XYZ ShowViews:17029ratings…
7 days ago 23 Oct 14, 11:36am

HuffPost BlackVoices

  • 23 Things Any 'Scandal' Fan Knows To Be True
    1. A glance between Olivia and Fitz is equal to another couple's 1000 kissesGIF: scandalmoments.tumblr.comRoss and Rachel who?2. And you know their relationship is toxicGIF: BuzzFeedUgh, Fitz.3. But you want them to be together in spite of yoursel…
    26 mins ago 30 Oct 14, 5:28pm
  • Man Convicted Of Double Murder In Landmark Case Released From Prison
    CHICAGO (AP) -- A prisoner whose confession helped free a death row inmate in a case that was instrumental to ending capital punishment in Illinois was released Thursday after he recanted, and a prosecutor said there was powerful evidence that the ot…
    26 mins ago 30 Oct 14, 5:28pm
  • What Nelly Tries To Remember About Raising Kids Today
    These days, rapper Nelly has parenting issues like cyber-bullying on his mind. The dad of four (two children are biological, two are his late sister's) joined HuffPost Live on Thursday to chat about his upcoming BET series, titled "Nellyville," but…
    31 mins ago 30 Oct 14, 5:23pm
  • SonReal And What It's Like Being A White Rapper In A Post-Macklemore Hip-Hop Scene
    It isn’t very often that weird humor and hip-hop mix. The Beasties Boys and The Fat Boys were two of the first to embrace comedy hip-hop in the 1980s, a conceit that was picked up by Eminem in the '90s, and current acts like Childish Gambino, Mackl…
    1 hour ago 30 Oct 14, 4:28pm
  • A Reign of 90 Years, Crown Creates an Unforgettable Howard Homecoming
    Each year, the Howard University Homecoming continues to reach higher heights. From its creative direction, to the implementation of new events, such as the 5K Race for Cancer Research, Howard's homecoming is one that draws millions from across th…
    2 hours ago 30 Oct 14, 4:15pm
  • Advocates Demand The NYPD Stop Handcuffing 5-Year-Olds
    NEW YORK -- Alecia Cabral says her 5-year-old son, a child with special needs, still has “faint marks” on his wrists from when school safety officers tied him to a chair with Velcro straps. “My son has trauma, he can’t sleep by himself anymo…
    2 hours ago 30 Oct 14, 3:57pm
  • There's History Behind Those Halloween Blackface Fails
    With Halloween approaching, we’ll soon see a rash of stories about young white college students who feel compelled to apologize for an unfortunate Instagram photo that depicts them in blackface at a campus party. The kind of real-life incidents tha…
    2 hours ago 30 Oct 14, 3:56pm
  • 3 Crucial Money To-Dos for Every Decade of Life
    You know the saying, "Life is a marathon, not a sprint"? Well, it's actually a good money mantra, too.Translation: All too often, we race through the nitty-gritty details of our finances and neglect to focus on crucial to-dos in the process -- like…
    2 hours ago 30 Oct 14, 3:47pm
  • When Death Happens
    On the evening of April 26 I received a phone call that one never wants to get. My younger sister, Keisha told me in a very soft, calm demeanor that our mother passed out. After much anxious questioning, I soon found out that my mother passed away fr…
    3 hours ago 30 Oct 14, 2:55pm
  • Mitt Romney: Obama Hasn't Given The Poor And Minorities Enough Gifts
    Mitt Romney accused President Barack Obama and his administration of failing low-income and minority Americans at a rally in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on Thursday, alongside South Dakota Senate candidate Mike Rounds, who appears to be coasting toward…
    4 hours ago 30 Oct 14, 2:09pm
  • Rinkins Report: Black Professional Group Extends Resources and Tips for College Success
    For generations in Black America, a college education was thought to be the silver bullet against poverty and a sure entryway to upward mobility and middle-class life. Rising college-associated costs coupled with falling incomes create a challengin…
    4 hours ago 30 Oct 14, 1:51pm
  • Halloween: The Season for Culturally-Insensitive Fashion
    Halloween: the season of candy corn, pumpkins and culturally-insensitive costumes. Over the last few years, images of these costumes and the people wearing them have spread through social media, sparking heated debates about cultural appropriation a…
    4 hours ago 30 Oct 14, 1:43pm
  • Deion Sanders' Funky Toe Is Why He Will Never Be On 'Dancing With The Stars'
    After his Hall-of-Fame, often polarizing and downright entertaining football career ended, Deion Sanders — who gave himself the nickname "Prime Time" — never really left the spotlight. Since his playing days ended, Sanders has been an analyst fo…
    4 hours ago 30 Oct 14, 1:28pm
  • Survey: Black Parents Embrace Higher Educational Standards
    Black families want more for their kids and would embrace more challenging PK-12 paths to achieve it.This is evidenced in the latest Education Post poll on how parents and grandparents feel about educational standards for their kids. Some of the h…
    5 hours ago 30 Oct 14, 12:57pm
  • What's Expiring On Netflix In November 2014?
    November is bringing some great new titles to Netflix. But unfortunately, that means we also have to say goodbye to some of our favorite movies and TV shows currently on the site. With only a couple days left before the end of the month, start planni…
    5 hours ago 30 Oct 14, 12:45pm

Stories & Poems from Kenyans

  • Johnie up up” by wanjohi Kigogoine
    Two weeks ago, I promised to beat you a story of how I lifted a “Johnie” up up” at Sportsman’s Arm in Nanyuki. Well,I didnt beat you the story because of some reasons related to Alshabaab. But today I will. Majonie, for those who dont know,…
    11 hours ago 30 Oct 14, 7:19am
  • Premature Pouring: Why They Think I am a Kuku To Pour Fastest By Dagitari Wanjohi Kigogoine
    There are two girls in this beloved country that thinks i am either the most prematurest ejaculator alive or that my bladder is just but too loose. After finishing reading for my degree in Ms Word and Dos, i took time before i was written in any job…
    13 hours ago 30 Oct 14, 5:06am
    What kind of joke is that I thought? Are those thieves really? As civilized as Maitama is, armed robbers? It was the second bang that quickened me back to reality. All the prophetic declarations of Pastor Jerry came back into my head as I started de…
    13 hours ago 30 Oct 14, 5:00am
    The service was stretched a little longer than the normal two hours. And when we left it was time to socialize. I had built my confidence thus asking for her number wouldn’t be a problem. There was no room for favours as she drove to church also.…
    14 hours ago 30 Oct 14, 4:18am
  • Zambia’s President Michael Sata dies
    Zambian President Michael Sata has died in London, where he had been receiving treatment for an undisclosed illness, the government said. Roland Msiska, secretary to the Zambian cabinet, said in a statement on Wednesday that Sata died late on Tuesda…
    2 days ago 29 Oct 14, 4:58am
    It all started in church when Pastor Jerry said look at your neighbour from head to toe and tell them how wonderful they are. Beside me is a wonderfully made sister in the Lord. It seems the material she used in making the dress wasn’t enough, thu…
    2 days ago 29 Oct 14, 3:16am
    I only woke up to my day to hustle, having left the young woman at my place (she asked to stay a few days) I reflected on the Old Italian saying ‘when you think you’re doing them, they actually are doing you’. The sexual connotations aside, th…
    2 days ago 29 Oct 14, 2:00am
    Some know him for polygamy, others for cobra squad but yesterday the flamboyant Governor from Machakos did the odd; he banned all Gor fans from his county. In a press conference he threatened to personally spank, castigate and fine any Gor Mahia fan…
    2 days ago 28 Oct 14, 7:35am
    A woman in love has no worries. She will live for the present and let the future fend for itself. She is filled with generosity and warmth, which she spreads to all and sundry. A woman in love has no time to hate or nag. All her work sparks like a t…
    4 days ago 27 Oct 14, 5:49am
  • Kenyan Women Declassified By Eric Mwenda
    There are people who work in your favorite holiday destination, obvious? They hate their workplace just like you hate yours.They overdo expensive drinks when partying at the company end of years.They have kids who pester them for a holiday, they hav…
    4 days ago 27 Oct 14, 2:49am


Trip Advisor

JHG_1859-b Leopard, Lake Nakuru, Kenya.JHG_1859-b Leopard, Lake Nakuru, Kenya.
6 days ago 24 Oct 14, 9:18pm
69 days ago 22 Aug 14, 4:04pm
Puesta de solPuesta de sol
88 days ago 3 Aug 14, 12:44pm
89 days ago 2 Aug 14, 3:33pm
89 days ago 2 Aug 14, 3:33pm
89 days ago 2 Aug 14, 3:33pm

Leo Tunapika?

  • GIVEAWAY: The Chill ‘N Grill
    African Kaya presents The Chill ‘N Grill. This Sunday, 2nd November come over to the Wanderjoy gardens and exercise your marinating and grilling skills. Essentially for every group of 10 you get a jiko or grill upon entry to the event. If you are…
    4 days ago 27 Oct 14, 1:30am
  • Cream of Carrot Soup
    As I had earlier mentioned, I’ll be sharing simple recipes using organic produce from Organic foods. This is a simple heart warming recipe that will not only fill your kitchen with a lovely aroma but will also leave you yearning for more. Cream of…
    17 days ago 13 Oct 14, 2:09pm
    As I had mentioned earlier, this month we are collaborating with Organic Foods to inform you more about organically grown produce and to also giveaway some amazing goodies. Each week a lucky reader gets to win a basket full of organically grown prod…
    24 days ago 7 Oct 14, 1:20am
  • Organic Foods Kenya #GoOrganic
    Happy new month food enthusiasts. This month Leo tunapika? is collaborating with Organic foods Kenya. Look forward to weekly recipes using produce grown organically here in our lovely country Kenya. We will also engage in weekly giveaways where you…
    24 days ago 6 Oct 14, 9:43am
  • Banana and Tree Tomato Smoothie
    I enjoy smoothies, not only are they healthy but pretty easy to whip up. An additional benefit is that you can quickly make one for a quick breakfast. Sometime last week the hubs brought some tree tomatoes and turns out I had some frozen bananas and…
    44 days ago 17 Sep 14, 1:40am
  • Chicken and Potato Bake
    There are times I just want to put everything in a baking dish put it in the oven and proceed to do our things. This recipe fits the bill. It’s not your quick meal but can be great to prepare when you have guests and have several things to whip up…
    49 days ago 12 Sep 14, 12:23am
  • Samsung Blogger Challenge and AM Live
    I just want to say a big thank you for the support as I took part in Samsung Blogger Challenge throughout the month of August. It was definitely something new, learning to cook with a microwave. I hope you also learnt a few things. The challenge cli…
    50 days ago 11 Sep 14, 5:35am
  • Fish en Papillote
    French has a way of making anything sound delicious, just think about it. One would totally eat escargot just because it sounds all exotic and delicious only to realise it’s French for snails, yeah in some places it’s a delicacy. Meals in foreig…
    62 days ago 30 Aug 14, 2:57am
  • Microwave Brown Rice
    The final week of the Samsung blogger challenge is finally here. It’s been a wonderful month full of awesome challenges and for sure I have learnt a  thing or two about microwave cooking. I sure hope you have found the recipes to be not only easy…
    62 days ago 29 Aug 14, 9:41am
  • Chocolate Mug Cake
    I believe I have mentioned before that I am a serious chocolate lover. Whenever I feel like snacking on something sneaky I get myself a chocolate bar. Keeping with theme for this week’s Samsung blogger challenge, I felt it was best to make a choco…
    67 days ago 24 Aug 14, 3:38pm

Healthy Living Kenya

  • My Mum’s Mukimo Recipe
    I love my mum’s Mukimo, not only is she an incredible cook, the food itself is simple, delicious and anybody can make this, I mean anyone. Over the last few moths I have been training myself on authentic traditional recipes, I mean, there is a good…
    8 days ago 23 Oct 14, 2:19am
  • Brown Rice Chicken Pilau
    Brown rice is perfect for pilau since it has a long cooking time like the traditional Coastal dish that we all love. Plus the brown rice has more flavor than white rice so your pilau will have more depth in taste and it will be very filling as well.…
    9 days ago 22 Oct 14, 5:33am
  • Why I am Not Big On Salad
    You would easily assume I eat salad all day haha actually I do not like salads at all. If you enjoy eating raw vegetables the please rock on. Consuming raw vegetation is critical to good health, but like most Kenyans, I was not raised on a Nicoise an…
    16 days ago 14 Oct 14, 6:31am
  • Self Education is The Solution
    It is very sad that we live in a employee-minded mentality. Many people often tell me to get a job in a big hotel or a fancy restaurant, why don’t you go work at the Hilton or Tribe and earn Ksh 100k+? Sigh. I always tell them that I am infopreneur…
    24 days ago 6 Oct 14, 10:53pm
  • All You Need To Know About The Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen
    The dirty dozen are the foods that have been proven to have more chemical pesticides/herbicides/fungicide << suicide and the clean 15 are those that have little or no chemicals in them. It is always advisable to buy organic when it comes to the dirty…
    24 days ago 6 Oct 14, 8:13am
  • Toasted Polenta Recipe
    Polenta is a very traditional variety of corn/maize that has superior flavor and contains more nutrition than the modern genetically modified maize or modern hybrids. In fact GMOs have been proven to cause cancer in mice fed solely on GMOs so I would…
    30 days ago 1 Oct 14, 12:52am
  • Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead Review
    If you ever needed inspiration to start juicing or start using that dusty juice extractor in your kitchen then this is the movie to watch. As the title suggests, Joe Cross was overweight, unhealthy and he felt that his time on this beautiful planet m…
    35 days ago 25 Sep 14, 7:45am
  • Fall-Off-The-Bone Kienyeji Chicken Recipe
    Modern GMO chickens have made kienyeji (free-range) look bad. That is because they have been basically designed to be bigger and cook faster while being more moist, than the free range counterpart, cooked in the same conditions. One thing you cannot…
    50 days ago 11 Sep 14, 5:48am
  • The Virginity of Oils
    As the word suggests, virginity of an oil refers to the way of processing the oil has undergone but since there is ideally no international standards of labeling oils, you might find some dubious oil and products purpoting to be healthy but they just…
    56 days ago 4 Sep 14, 10:56pm
  • Why It is Vital to Learn How To Cook: Here Are 3 Tips To Get You Started
    It worries me how much the “modern” people are too busy to find time to cook, leave alone cook something healthy. You see there is a food joint in my hood where I go once or twice a week to get some brown chapati or bean stew and there are always…
    59 days ago 1 Sep 14, 12:43pm

Yummy | Eat Out Kenya

  • Win 1 Night’s Accomodation at Windsor Hotel This Halloween
    Nairobi seems to be alive with Halloween festivities. If you still haven’t decided on a place to go, head over to the Windsor Hotel’s Country Room for their tasty Halloween Party. On Friday, October 31st, get your craziest, creepiest outfit toge…
    10 hours ago 30 Oct 14, 7:49am
  • Chef Kiran Stays Winning
    Celebrity chef and owner of Kenya’s premier seafood restaurant, Seven Seafood and Grill, has managed to gunner yet another accolade to his name. He’s been nominated by the Association of International Broadcasters (AIB) for International TV Pers…
    14 hours ago 30 Oct 14, 4:02am
  • Win cool gear with EatOut’s ‘Happy Hallowine’ giveaway
    EatOut has teamed up with Viva Global and Casillero Del Diablo (the official wine sponsor of Manchester United) to give all wine lovers a special treat this Halloween.  For your chance to win your very own Casillero Del Diablo wine hamper simply v…
    19 hours ago 29 Oct 14, 11:19pm
  • Hilarious Pepsi VS Coke Halloween Ad War
    Whether you are a fan of Pepsi or Coke, you will love this hilarious ad campaign war between Pepsi and Coca Cola. The first ad was created by Pepsi as a spoof on their competitor CocaCola, perhaps depicting that Coke is just secretly Pepsi in a cape…
    1 day ago 29 Oct 14, 10:33am
  • Pull Apart Graveyard Cupcakes
    This Graveyard almost looks like a cake, however it is made up of individual cupcakes, therefore making it a self-serve option for your halloween party. Just grab your cupcake and go–no knives necessary. Ingredients Cupcakes: 3 cups all-purpose fl…
    1 day ago 29 Oct 14, 10:17am
  • 10 Reasons To Go To The Yelloween Party at Seven
    The Seven Grill and Lounge at Village Market is hosting their annual Yelloween party on the 31st, of October, 2014 from 8PM. Following the success of last year’s Halloween party held at the same venue, hosted by Akinyi Adongo, Seven is doing it a…
    1 day ago 29 Oct 14, 10:12am
  • Spooklicious Spider Cupcakes Recipe
    Halloween is a great time for kids and adults alike to get creative with as many celebratory customs as possible. Baking, is high on that list. The cake kings and queens of the world constantly prove their unique talents when it comes to telling sto…
    1 day ago 29 Oct 14, 6:37am
  • Have a Trouble-free Halloween in Nairobi
    Very many Kenyans in urban areas know what Halloween is, and partake of the festivities. But a large chunk of the population in the same urban areas may not know of or understand the holiday. For this reason, we’ve decided to build off our Do’s…
    2 days ago 29 Oct 14, 4:53am
  • Tips For Hosting A Halloween Party
    Don’t be scared. If you do not have an invite to a cool Halloween party or you just feel like staying home and hosting a bunch of goblins and ghouls, then we have compiled a comprehensive list on how to host the perfect Halloween Party. Do’s an…
    2 days ago 29 Oct 14, 4:52am
  • Sikia Beer and Food Pairing
    Ever wondered what beer goes best with what food? Here is a chance for you to enjoy a food and beer pairing special. Sikia at Crowne Plaza is having a fantastic Beer and Food pairing on the 29th October and 31st October. You can enjoy this fabulous…
    2 days ago 28 Oct 14, 8:49am

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